NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan might get dragged back to his days in the Milwaukee diocese, where he was in charge from 2002 to 2009.

A lawyer representing people who claim priest sex abuse said he wants to question Dolan about missing assets in the sex scandal, charging that the diocese could be hiding as much as $130 million in assets to protect against lawsuits.

Joe Zwilling with the New York Archdiocese told WCBS 880 said he believes it’s just something the lawyer said to a reporter.

A spokesman for the archdiocese issued the following statement to CBS 2: “Archbishop Dolan would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with any law enforcement people who are investigating the matter. Any allegation that there was an attempt to shield money is preposterous. It is simply not true.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the lawyer, Jeffrey Anderson, claimed the church in Milwaukee moved $75 million off its books in 2004, and moved $55 million more to a cemetery trust, just after a court gave victims the right to sue.

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  1. ,Robie McMann says:

    The sexual abuse victims ought to sue the Vatican State
    Just think ! one half of just one Michaelangelo painting in the auction
    market that the Catholic church owns would pay off all those victims
    past and sadly those in the future..
    This Church knows well how to separate their income and holdings so
    Hospital’s close over $700.million dollars in debt in NYC like ST.Vincent’s
    and no one is looking into their books,either.
    Nice game they have.

  2. Grady O'Brien Karautler says:

    Joe Zwilling is the perfect apologizing mouthpeice for
    the RC church especially when he is off his

  3. Magnum57 says:

    The RC church does not want you to use
    your hand ,you go to hell for touching the thingie
    with anything other than soap.

  4. Magnum57 says:

    Hey Konrad ,The Nazi’s lost the war Hitler is dead
    I guess it’s time for you to quit?

  5. abner says:

    re: KONRAD (with a K)
    Why not screen out psychotic psychopaths

  6. MUDD says:

    Religion, BAD

  7. fatalflaw says:

    just look at that pudgy dough-boy in his halloween costume and tell me why the catholic church is full of pedophile priests!

    1. DUDLEY says:

      Love it!! The ceremonies at the Vatical look like a Klan meeting.

  8. Konrad says:

    John Paull II was a Jew. Ratzinger is a Jew. The catholic church was invented by them to further their agenda. Is anyone still wondering why the child-sacrificing Talmudists don’t stop when they’re in disguise? They don’t have to because the media are all controlled by them. Once you catch up to it it’s quite obvious what is going on. But once you have been coerced into believing ”religion” you’re sold…

  9. Jeffrella says:

    Wisconsin is where Jeffrey Dahmer comes from. So why to blame others.

  10. WR says:

    The lies and corruption of the church just will just not end till it’s totally destroyed……

  11. Jackamo James says:

    Linda, are you nuts or just ignorant . . . However, I thank you as I’m going to show my wife what you wrote and hope she doesn’t realize there is no basis for your statements. She has a masters degree but not in area of health or science so hopefully I can convince her what you say is true.

  12. Linda says:

    Priests have it tough , if you dont have regular sex you get prostatis and then maybe prostate cancer..

    This is why professional women who go to Africa to teach english come back get a graduate degree , get married and stop having sex the husband gets prostate cancer

    Those brothers are ensuring you dont get sex and do get prostate cancer.

    With women getting jobs 4 times as much as men they dont need to have sex to keep a home.

    No these New York ladies steal our jobs burn out on kinky sex give us prostat cancer and take our homes…Like Lions in the savannah they Liones kill the offspring while the mother watches and the Lions take all the money and power.

    1. Trishe says:

      I really do not understand this comment. I think it says that prostate cancer is cause by the lack of sex? If that’s the case, what happened to the hand??

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