By Sean Adams

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Officials in Mamaroneck want to lower the speed limit in a school zone, but the New York Department of Transportation believes the lights, cross walks and signage are sufficient for the zone and its students’ safety.

 LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

It’s not enough though, Mamaroneck Councilman Ernest Odierna said. He believes the limit should be lowered from 30 mph to 20 mph along Post Road near the night school and Hommacks Middle School.

“We’re trying to make it safer for kids to walk back and forth,” Odierna said.

The Post Road is a four-lane straight away and cars tend to go faster than the speed limit, which is why Odierna is asking state lawmakers to intervene with a special speed designation before someone gets hurt.

“When I see a school zone—especially if there are lights flashing or things happening I slow down,” he said. “This is a long, straight route and cars go faster. They probably do 40… 45.”

Drivers aren’t the only ones to be watched, he said. Students also need to pay attention.

“The kids have to take some responsibility themselves,” he said. “You can’t run out across Post Road with a cell phone in your hand or texting.”


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