NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Teacher jobs on Long Island may be in jeopardy after a new study estimated more than 3,300 layoffs over the next two years.

The study, done by the New York State School Board Association, estimates that Nassau County will have to lose more than 1,500 teacher positions while Suffolk County will need to cut more than 1,800.

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The study credits the governor’s proposed cap on property taxes and a reduction in school aid for the probable cause of the layoffs.

One union leader told Newsday that the estimated job losses would be the most ever.

School officials, meanwhile, have warned teacher union leaders of the likely layoffs, unless the teachers agree to contract concessions.

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  1. Nicole says:

    If you don’t want to pay teachers then don’t require them to hold master degree’s and Phd’s. That type of education should pay nicely. I know teachers with 90 thousand dollar loans. How would you you like them to pay that back? What should a teacher make after 30 years of service, fifty thousand? Give me a break, you can’t even live in NY state without making at least six figures. If you had the same benefits as teacher’s you would not be complaining. Vote for a flat tax this way it takes the burden off the homeowner. Everyone needs to pay for education, it affects everybody.

  2. Kim says:

    In New York, teachers have to earn their masters degree which costs money, and continually take classes and go to conferences, etc. Teachers are paid a salary for 9 months, no more. What is your child’s teacher worth? Should a professional with a master’s degree not be able to afford to buy a middle class home? I would love the people who judge the teaching profession try teaching for a couple of years. It is not an easy job and teachers work before and after school. Many schools on Long Island are top in the state and in the nation. You get what you pay for. If you pay them crappy salaries, you will get crappy teachers. And for the people complaining about poor teachers, blame the administration. It is their job to oversee the quality of a teacher’s work. And guess what, tenured teachers can and are fired!

  3. ss says:

    Taxes cannot continue to increase. My taxes have almost doubled in 7 years since I bought my house. If they double in another 7 years who can afford $24K a year in taxes and what business are going to want to stay. It is not just the teachers and their pensions etc. It is the administrators and there are just too many of them. I don’t want the class size to increase I want to have less administrators…..

  4. Johnny Handsome says:

    Lets just close all the schools down. These dumb little gumbas aren’t learning anything.

  5. JB says:

    A good school district directly reflects in the value of your home. There is a reason that Scarsdale or Garden City homes start at 800,000. It’s the school system. We want the quality and we sure as heck want the payout when we sell . There is no such thing as a school lunch. Look at who is funding this war between the middle class…the rich. Divide and conquer…classic. We should support our working class unions…they are us. Not the wealthy. Let’s not be fools and fall for their divesive hate. Stay together. Tax the rich…save the middle class.

  6. Jerry says:

    It’s no surprise impending layoffs of municipal workers. For to to long they have sucked the life out of property owners while grotesquely under performing.Still they are in denial as they selfishly try to defend their unconscionable salaries and perks. It is no secret these workers receive loaded rate salaries between 30 and 60 dollars an hour while the taxpayer foots the bill with very little in return, particularly in education. Here our children are closing in on a third world level recently rated #24 worldwide in developed countries?
    In municipal services many work far less than 40 hours a week while being paid fully.
    Overtime is grossly out of control as well as contractual policy.
    In the public works arena ……..If we take a look around our once fine county we now see broken down roads and bridges, antiquated traffic safety systems, lighting on our highways and roadways& non working.
    In the vicinity of where we lost officer Police officer Michael Califano in a horrendous crash,last week near exit 39 (GCR) of the LIE , all destination signs on Glen Cove rd as well as most lighting are nonfunctional and extremely dangerous as drivers can’t see the exit and entrance ramps as they travel at high speeds which forces them to make dangerous sudden maneuvers.
    Foreclosures too continue to be rampant due to the property tax burden often much higher than their mortgages. Everywhere are abandoned homes and storefronts while our young and old residents are leaving in droves.
    Just this week we lost over 500 employees as Estee Lauder moved to Pa for this reason as so many other s already have and intend to?
    It’s about time for these unions to wake up and smell the coffee and get real with contract reform, whereas, all layoffs can be avoided and we can finally get down to the business of repairing our county infrastructure and educating our children on par with the rest of the world.

    Governor Cuomos actions here are long overdue, hopefully, will spill over to all fraud and wasteful spending .

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Another blinded fool. Do you really think the reason your child couldn’t pass the moron test is because of unions? No, your child is dumb as the dirt on a morons boot is because the rich want them dumb. Dumb people can only ask dumb questions. Look beyond the rich folk propaganda and see just how long this country has be under funding schools. Has nothing to do with unions. Has everything to keep you looking the other way.

  7. Anonymous1 says:

    Property taxes are killing us, killing jobs, corporations are moving away from NY state. Even when you have no kids you have to $600-$700/MONTH on a average single house just for school taxes, this is no different than stealing, charging for no services received.

  8. Anonymous1 says:

    In some school districts teachers earn up to $135,000/6-9 months of work, and they can all retire by early 50s, with life time pensions $100,000+, full health benefits, and even spouses get pension after they pass away, there is no end to this. Administrators, superintendents make up to $300K. Police have the same luxury; chiefs are making up to $500K, police are making well into 6 digits and can retire during early 50s. Those who work for corporations are told they can’t retire till age 70, Soc sec retirement age will be increased to 70. Private corporation white collar workers do not have pensions, they will have to work till they die or up to age 70 to support public employees who can retire during their early 50s with 6 digit pensions per year.

    1. renee says:

      Personally I love that people can comment to articles but my pet peeve is when people comment without having their facts correct.
      As far as private corporation, I have friends that work for Bank of America who received a $100,000+ BONUS this year and goes out to company paid dinners, stays in a hotel, paid for by the bank, when the weather is bad. Yes, I still have to pay ATM fees everytime I go to the bank plus a slew of other fees. With that kind of bonus, she could be living on her salary and banking her bonuses for retirement. Oh, and she gets 6 weeks vacation a year.

      A teacher gets a % of their salary as their pension and that sure as hell is not 6-digits which is why many teachers do work well into their 60’s because they can’t afford otherwise on Long Island.

  9. maasa says:

    Long Island teachers union = biggest taxpayer burden/scam in United States History!!…..Brought to you by “Guess Who”!

  10. steve wu says:

    welcome to the real world

  11. dash says:

    More layoffs = more home foreclosure = lower property values and all around poor LI economy …it ultimately affects all of us. Get it?

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