Say Maksim Gelman Had Shrine To 1 Victim Under LIRR Tracks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The man being blamed for the deaths of four people in Brooklyn was a no show in court Monday as a new lawyer was assigned to his case.

His bloody clothing seized as evidence, Maksim Gelman wore a white jumpsuit during his Sunday night arraignment. While being escorted into a police car, Gelman yelled an obscenity and claimed he was the victim of a “set-up.”

Attorney Edward Friedman tells 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg that he has not yet met Maksim Gelman

PHOTO GALLERY: New York City Stabbing Spree

None of his comments offered any real insight into the motivation of what police said was a 28-hour crime spree that included seven stabbings, three of them fatal, two carjackings, and one motor vehicle homicide.

A police vehicle is parked outside the house in the Brooklyn where Maksim Gelman lived. (AP Photo/David Karp)

Detectives believe his obsession with a woman from his neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay may have played a role — something his current public defender did not discuss.

“He seemed calm and rational. I don’t want to get into his mental state at the time of the incident,” said attorney Michael Baum.

Could anyone have seen this coming?  What do you make of his claim that he was “set-up?” Sound off in our comments section below.

Gelman is being held without bail. He was assigned a new lawyer, Edward Friedman, who had no comment about the case. Friedman told he was hoping to meet with Gelman in the very near future. Friedman succeeds Baum, who had served as his public defender.

As for charges, Gelman faces 4 counts of murder, 1 count of attempted murder, 1 count of assault, 2 counts of robbery and 2 counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Friedman said he expects Gelman will be indicted as early as Friday.

On Monday, investigators told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello they found what they are calling a drug den under the Long Island Rail Road tracks along Ocean Avenue. They said it’s the very spot where Gelman spent much of his time in the weeks leading up to the rampage.

And it’s also the place where you’ll find what looks like a sign of his obsession — a graffiti heart and the spray-painted name “Yelena.”

“I don’t know how this could have happened. One day she’s there, next day she’s gone, for no reason,” said Dave Kuras, a friend of murder victim Yelena Bulchenko.

Kuras visited the shrine outside the Sheepshead Bay home where she and her mother were murdered. He said he also knows suspect Gelman from their days at Lincoln High School.

Gelman attended but apparently never graduated from Lincoln, and he doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression. People who knew him said he was more interested in skateboarding than scholastics.

Acquaintances said Gelman smoked a lot of pot in high school and later drifted on to more dangerous drugs.

“Smoking dust, and um, anybody in their right mind wouldn’t do this, had to be drug related,” Kuras said.

The violence began before dawn Friday when, investigators said the 23-year old Ukrainian immigrant stabbed his stepfather to death after he refused to give up the keys to his Lexus.

Gelman then allegedly took the car and drove to Bulchenko’s house. Police said he stabbed her mother to death, then waited for the 20-year-old to come home.

When she did several hours later, police said Gelman chased her into the street and stabbed her to death.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell on the crime beat

“He was obsessed with her but she wanted nothing to do with him,” said Aleksandra Ilyayeva, Bulchenko’s friend.

After Gelman allegedly slashed and carjacked a man in Brooklyn, police said, he then ran down a 62-year-old pedestrian who died of his injuries.

“People were running out for their lives,” said witness Michael Rogers.

Gelman then allegedly carjacked a livery cab driver early Saturday morning and disappeared into the mass transit system. He was finally tackled by two police officers and arrested around eight hours later in a subway tunnel under Times Square.

Police said Gelman attacked and unsuccessfully tried to kill a passenger on the number 3 train Saturday before trying to force his way into a motorman’s car.

“He’s about two to three feet from me and he takes out a knife, and he looks at me and says ‘You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die’,” recounted victim Joe Lozito.

Lozito’s encounter with Gelman and that large knife took place inside a subway car back in the tunnel, between Penn and Times Square stations.”

It was close quarters. Lozito told CBS 2’s Jay Dow that he knew he wasn’t going down quietly.

“I decided to fight. I didn’t want to die. I have a family. They need me and I need them. And I knew if I didn’t do something he was going to carve me to pieces,” Lozito said. “He took the first swing at me and then when he brought his arm back I knew I had to get in there, so I went for his leg or his waist to try to take him down, and fortunately the police were there and they helped me.”

Lozito was headed home his wife and two young sons, a reluctant hero. His wife Andrea said she was not surprised by his actions.

“I know that what was going through his mind, as it was happening, that he wasn’t going to let this man take him away from his family,” she said.

“If anyone is married with kids, that’s why you do what you do,” he said. “I get a little emotional because I’m grateful to be alive. For sure, I mean, I didn’t think I was making it off that train alive.”

That Lozito was not enjoying the spotlight and gave credit to the police officers on board that train says something else altogether about his character.

“These guys right here, they put their life on the line. I am no hero,” he said.

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  1. Gene says:

    I want to be able to defend my life – give me back my const……al right to be@r arms!

  2. Gene says:

    Just to let everybody know – these comments get censored by the CBS. None of my comments regarding concealed carry of a firearm in NYC/NYS got through.

  3. Maxs Neighbr says:

    he is a product of a society created by free world crafted of our leaders. It don`t matter what background he comes from..While you people all argue here if he is a Jew or A Russian, some psycho American is plotting next Arizona shooting somewhere just to remind you all how our government forgets about young ones..wake up.

  4. Lisa F. says:

    The issue at hand is not his where he comes from or what relligion he is . He is a young guy who was has done severe damage to many people and has many many problems. First of all, as a parent I advise all parents to educate your kids and be involved in their lives. Thiese crimes were commited while high on PCP and Crack. Teach your children the damage drugs can do and know with who and where your children are going and doing. As far as the killer, he needs to be put into rehab for many years and then sentenced to jail. He must get clean and then put into jail. I just hope that his lawyer does not declare him insane because then he goes into a psychiatric ward, that drugs him up even more and then he gets out in a few years because the city has no money to keeep him in and then he is out on the street again. This man deserves life.

    1. Lisa F. is not too bright says:

      Lawyers don’t declare anyone insane.

      1. Lisa F. is really not too bright says:

        Rehab before jail. Right, wouldn’t want a drug addict in jail.

  5. Johnny says:

    Where are all of the anti-gun people on this one? Come on Chuck, we need to have kitchen knives registered and potential owners pass a background check!

    1. Chucky Brown says:

      You’re not a smart person.

  6. Compassion says:

    At one time in my life I would have had the reaction of just give him the death penalty. Today I think a bit different. Maybe, just mabe, some good can come from this and some tribute to the poor lost souls he took. His life is effectively over at age 23. He literally took the lives of 4 people, one as young as 20. There is nothing good that has come from this YET. Perhaps we could look at laws that may have helped prevent his stalking of the young woman. Perhaps we could advertise better where emotionally troubled people can get help. I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I just hope some good can come from such a senseless series of troubled acts.

  7. Jason white says:

    I live in south Mississippi, and I do not think of my self as a redneck BUT I think they should let people like that out back in the town that the crimes happened in and let the families carry out justice in the same way he dished it out. Save us the tax payers the large cost of making him comfortable and letting him keep his life living better than the people he killed and left behind. I’m sorry if this offends any one!

  8. Russian says:

    Why do you call him Russian?
    According to his name he is Jew
    And he is from Ukraine.

    1. DanTe says:

      Ukraine, Russian, same Slavic drunkards.

    2. CHARLIE says:


  9. DanTe says:

    To those of you who likes to claim that not all russians are drunken rampaging T ARDs, point one out that ISN’T. I certainly can’t see any in Coney Island nor Staten Island.

    1. NYPDRNAZIS says:

      I love this guy! Dan just continues to crack me up. Are you available for birthday parties or bachelor parties? Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk !!!!

    2. Brooklyner says:

      They are not Russian though.
      Those who live in Coney Island/Brighton Beach are JEWS, who emigrated from former USSR. They claimed that they where not treated friendly by local population over there, and probably there was some reason for that.

  10. Johnny Handsome says:

    Wow, who is the “mental defective” here. It amazes me when the lowest members of the food chain resort to calling other names. Your stupidity knows no limits. I’ll let you go know as I say see you can’t wipe your butt and think at the same time.

  11. yomomma says:

    he’s as crazy as a tea bagger

  12. candyland says:

    Your comments are very sad and uneducated. If you knew a little bit about the history of Russian Immigration from ex Soviet Union, you would not be saying this. Majority of Russian immigrants are hight educated professionals. You cannot be speaking about and judging any community based on the actions of one unfortunate person. Your comments are sad and uneducated. He was one sick person who took lives of 4 innocent people and him being Russian has nothing to do with his actions.

  13. frontier justice says:

    the vikings had the right idea. let’s just take him out to the rockaways or sheepshead bay marshes, dig a hole at low tide and just have his head & neck showing. let the tide take care of the rest. the vikings believed that if the transgressor was innocent, odin (the chief god of norse mythology) would send the wind to turn the tide away. don’t think that will happen in this lowlife’s case. justice for all his victims – those who can & can’t speak for themselves.

  14. Joshua says:

    I’d be obsessed too if I had a pretty girlfriend who ditched me….

    1. KPMc says:

      Someone please keep an eye on this moron.

    2. Johnny Handsome says:

      Obsession is not love.

  15. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    just give the meth head de go to dr. bendover..he will fix all up…

  16. brooklyn4ever says:

    Stick his sorry Russian Ass in the landing gear of an international flight clothed only in underwear headed for Siberia. If he survives great, if not, he’ll only die in the frozen tundra anyway, so it will be a win-win situation. On the pther hand, if this does not work at all, give him over to his own kind. There is a reason that there are no windows in Rasputin’s.

  17. Johnny Handsome says:

    You can’t blame the police. Blame yourselves for thinking the police are here to help you. The police can only help you AFTER the crime has been committed.

    1. Johnny Mastorakis says:

      well put

  18. ranger801 says:

    This is what happens in a liberal society. Everybody blames the police. They get blamed when they shoot somebody, which this guy should have been . You don’t like the police then take the test and do a better job. Don’t call 911. No one ever tells a con edison worker ,a mailman, doctor how to do their job. But everyone tells the police how to do theirs. People watch to much TV and believe everything they read.

  19. Uncle Kermit says:

    Hey, we need DanTe and The Good Samaritan to chime in on this article. I like to let those two geniuses do my thinking for me!

    1. Nick says:

      They did. You Freedom Of Speech hypocrites censored it. Freedom only applies when they agree with your asinine views, heh?

  20. Young Adult says:

    Addiction to Oxicodone can cause a young adult with a troubled past to do crazy things. Thats what happened to Max. Who do we really blame for this?? Partially his parents of crz,but on other part its the government who allows people like him to access and abuse drugs and medication on our streets,which became a trigger to his awful behavior. It took police 28 hours to find him…i respect NYPD,but this is ridiculous..they should have reacted faster and brought more effort,which would have saved lives and other victims. If our government really cared about its people they would eliminate the causes first, not to start looking for causes when it happens..the problem its out something about it,if they won`t then our communities are never safe from situations like this one. Help young adults or wait for next Columbine, Arizona shooting, mall shootings etc.

    1. Claude R says:

      Why are so many other people to blame for this man’s actions? Government allows easy access to drugs? Police are failures because it took 28 hours to find one man in a city of 8 million? Perhaps you’d prefer to live in a repressive, totalitarian state. Would that be safer? Guess again. Look at the stabbing attacks on school children in China.

    2. chigunok says:

      Stop blaming NYPD!!!
      They can not send their valuable time for saving lives.
      They are too busy issuing parking tickets.

  21. Sal says:

    Totally agree Johnny. Where were the cops from 5 AM to 10 AM when he killed the girls mother to amzingly 4 PM when this poor girl came home. What a disgrace.

    1. GaGa says:

      Bermuda MIke had them writing summonses to make up for the $$ lost from the snow storms.

  22. dd says:

    It is wrong to say “all russians…..”. I know many decent Russian people.

    This particular guy needs to be executed.

    1. Lord Kinbote says:

      Russians are being scrutinized similar to Italian Americans – due to the Mafia element. The Russian mafia is known to be far more brutal than their Italian counterparts and are moving higher up the crime food chain. Increased poverty in Russian neighborhoods are leading more of them down the dangerous path.

      Sure, there are a lot of good Russians. But those bad ones are really spoiling the whole bunch.

  23. Jason Brown says:

    He is not Russian!

  24. Johnny Mastorakis says:

    Still cant belive that two girls got killed on the streets on NY, when both of them asked for help from the PD and they did nothing.. The one in Brklyn coming home to find her motherhacked to death and call 911 to be told go outside help is on its way??? hey some help poor neighbor tried to help but too little too late.. freaking sad that when u need a cop they are no where to be found..

    im sure about 10 of them were hassling someone smoking a joint or in a coffee shop on break or something..

    As a dad my self of a growing beautiful woman this makes me sick, before you know it We will take matters into our own hands cause the Cops are useless…

  25. jay summers says:

    people are just nus. What the hell is wrong with poeple today. get a grip.
    I just don’t understand it.

  26. argyle says:

    He might be better off trying one of those “the voices in my head made me do it” types of defense. Yeah, good luck with that “I was set up” defense …

  27. a says:

    But mayor bllombutt told us that guns are what cause people to kill people. What happened here? I am confused.

    1. M says:

      One incident with a knife does not excuse countless deaths caused from gun violence.

      1. a says:

        ITs not an excuse, goes to show that a gun is just a tool like a knige. You can try to remove the tools but unless you can remove the crazy, this won’t stop.

      2. Gene says:

        correction – illegal gun violence

  28. Tiquert says:

    Crack addicted+Obsessed+Russian=Total Disaster

    1. a says:

      Is there such thing as legal gun violence? The violence will always be illegal and the people who commit it will always do it with illegal weapons of any kind. Try getting the people off the street and keeping them off. The gun problem will solve itself.

  29. TinaOrange says:

    I feel when someone reaching out to another evidently the young woman knew the guy liked her; you have to give in a little to try and help situations; you cannot totally tune out people; a neighborhood pastor’s son was obsessed with me I was not aware, he waited for my parents to leave one Sunday, showed up at back door with bat bigger than me, i successfully talked him out of harm, grabbed slammed door waited for help, he and 3 other brothers waited out in road threatening me, the World can be crazy you have to think fast, and pray a lot ..

  30. big moose says:

    the most clowinsh thing i ever heard..u should go put on the clothes and everything…and ill, invite u to a party with all druken russians..this kid should die..but how do you know all russian all druken…you dont…its your racial opinion no…so tell me when you rent your clown suit, unless you already own one..ill tell you where the partys at…..

  31. Alljez says:

    please stop that

  32. Tiger Eyes says:

    The obsession he had with this young woman who wanted nothing to do with him must have been making him crazy and when he didn’t get the car keys, he totally went off the deep end. Obsession can drive certain people to great lenghts and they will do anything to “get back” or lash out at the object of the obsession and anyone or anything that gets in the way. It is unfortunate that no one recognized anything was wrong and that he didn’t get the help he needed. It is up to the laws and the court to decide his future fate.It is a shame his victims didn’t get a second chance and survive.

  33. Marianne from NJ says:

    The good thing here is that there are several “Living” victims who can identify & testify against him. I highly doubt was set-up.

  34. zackdoc says:

    The real killer here was all the drugs he reportedly took. He looks like a meth freak. More Euro-trash left on our streets….

  35. Aleksandr Nemets says:

    He is a product of NYC public school.
    When teachers teach kids that they can do anything for as long as they know phone number 911 in case if parent try to discipline them.
    Nothing like that ever happened in USSR where teacher is a good and parent undisputed rulers for a kinds.

  36. WWJD says:

    Pray for him and his victims.

    1. Marianne from NJ says:

      You are absolutely right! Amen 🙂

  37. J says:

    This is why I left the social work mental health field at VNSNY. These people are all degenerates. There is no help for these wackos and druggies.

  38. bubbles says:

    …and if not, certainly you are lowbrow and evil enough to do it yourself, aren’t you? Loser. Subhuman. Please take your favorite firearm and eat a bullet from it. ASAP! Now THAT would be amusing!!!

  39. Alan Foos says:

    Exactly why do “you” want a comment (and who is you, anyway)? Ok, I’ll say that this one ugly young man, but that’s a bit rude for a Christian. He murdered all of these people. That’s really terrible. “Fear not he who can kill the body, but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.” Jesus. That advice is for all of us, but that boy needs a lot of work.

    1. The Lord says:

      Yeh, he needs work alright. He needs the working end of a shotgun applied to the temple.

  40. CAL says:

    like i said before,for the hard ship and killings he in-flick on these people over a girl..(.FRY HIS ASS)

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