Yankees pitchers and catchers dominated the morning show on Monday, and that carried over into Tuesday with news of CC Sabathia’s opt-out option. Boomer & Craig thing CC was appropriately vague about his future, and don’t blame him one bit for not ruling out theclause.

As for the Mets, Craigie is thinking positive, and Boomer sees a net gain of 7 wins for the Amazin’s in 2011. Although, Oliver Perez wants a chance to start. Do you want him anywhere near the rotation?

All that, Digger Phelps in-studio, Sugar Shane Mosley in-studio, SI Swimsuit models Esti Ginzburg & Genevieve Morton in-studio, Scott Brosius calls in, Frank Isola talks Carmelo-Knicks and more on today’s radio program…


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