NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York native and troubled star Lindsay Lohan will appear on CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman Thursday.

Lohan is expected to appear via satellite from Los Angeles and read Letterman’s famous Top Ten List.

The actress who grew up in Merrick, Long Island has appeared on the show five times. Thursday will mark the first time she’s been on since May of 2007.

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The “Mean Girls” star was recently accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a California jewelry store on January 22 — weeks following her rehab stint.

Lohan has also been the butt of jokes on the comedian’s show, which featured a “top ten signs Lindsay Lohan is out of control” list last Wednesday.

The list included:

10. Says she needed the necklace because it matches her ankle monitor.

8. Friends worry her shoplifting is getting in the way of her drinking.

6. Wants to be remembered as the girl who stole America’s hearts and valuables.

3. Refuses to sober up until Jennifer Anniston finds a husband.

1. Even Charlie Sheen said, “Hey Dial It Back!”

Lohan was freed on $40,000 bail after pleading not guilty to felony grand theft charges in the necklace case. She is due back in court on Feb. 23.

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  1. Fawn Liebowitz says:

    Lindsay is the best! I can’t wait until all these fabricated legal issues are behind her so she can begin her career in politics. I know she wants to be either the mayor of California or the governor of Hollywood. Once she’s in the Opal Office she can bring an end to the Soviet Union and knock down the Berlin wall. There’s nothing she can’t do!!!!

    1. Dina Lohan, Skankstress says:

      Thank you Fawn! You are absolutely correct: my l’il Lindsay is going to be a star someday!

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