NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A brave jewelry store owner was able to thwart a group of three robbers, who tried to hit his shop in the Belmont section of the Bronx on Wednesday afternoon.

A well-dressed man and woman went into Spinelli Jewelers on Arthur Avenue at about 2 p.m. and pulled a gun before ordering owner Anthony Spinelli to open the safe.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones speaks to Moses Pagan, who witnessed the dramatic scene

But the would-be robbers soon realized that had picked the wrong jewelry store when Spinelli was able to pull out his own gun and began firing shots as the two suspects fled the scene.

Witness Moses Pagan spoke to 1010 WINS’ Al Jones and told him a third robber, who allegedly served as a lookout, was hit in the leg and eventaully taken to St. Barnabas hospital for treatment.

“The suspect was…he was just yelling ‘chill, chill, chill’ — meaning don’t shoot,” Pagan said, “to me it was like a movie.”

Police are still looking for the other two suspects who got away along with whatever they may have managed to steal from the store.

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  1. Adam Trotter says:

    Bravo, store owner!!

    My On-Going Debate, Albeit Unofficial, With NYC Mayor Bloomberg Concerning Guns and Gun-Control Laws.

  2. Thirthton Thithtertinton says:

    chill chill- must have been WASPS from Nebraska

    1. voiceofreason says:

      what makes you think that Thirthon? dont Mongolians have dark hair and slanted eyes?

  3. Mr. Armenia says:

    Did the owner ave a license for his gun?

  4. Robert Sanchez says:

    Reportedly, the robbers were Jews and the brave store owner was a mulatto Panamanian who spoke perfect Spanish.

    1. Joe says:

      Robert i heard they were a group of Mongolians that recently got laid off from their jobs at Wendys. The owner i heard was some guy from Nigeria who was only 4 feet tall. Rumor has it he slept with Berni Madoffs sons ex girlfriend.

  5. David Goldstein says:

    What color, race or ethnic group was the robbers?

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