NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Fourteen members of a violent street gang have been indicted after terrorizing central Harlem for years, officials announced Wednesday.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said “2 Mafia Family” and “Goons on Deck” joined together to form “137th Street Crew” – a crack operation.

Vance tells 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa the drug wars kept Harlem residents trapped in their homes

“This gang, over years, created an environment where residents lived in a state of alert and a state of fear ready for the next gunshot and the next drug deal,” Vance said.

At least a dozen of the suspects are expected in court later Wednesday after being indicted on conspiracy charges in the takedown.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell with more details on the street gang crackdown

Investigators built the case using surveillance video and recorded telephone calls between members behind bars.

“They shared news within Rikers Island of the activities of the 137th Street Crew,” Vance said.

Officials said the gangs recruited teenage girls to run their guns and drugs.

Prosecutors said the gang used shootings, beatings and robberies to protect their turf and gain street status on a stretch of West 137th Street and openly dealt crack in apartment lobbies and near Harlem Hospital and the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

It’s one of several recent crackdowns on gangs in the Tri-State region.

Are gangs a major problem in New York? Sound off in comments.

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  1. mike says:

    If it wears a hoodie and pants down around it’s ass, SHOOT IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. DixieRecht says:

    How dare the readers make racist comments on 137 Crew.

    Don’t you understand that this is their culture? DOn’t you understand years of opression have caused them to know no better? They don’t have the ability to know right from wrong. How can they? They have no daddy as he left mommy as soon as he impregnated her. Hey, isn’t the definition of “mass confusion” Father’s Day in the ‘hood? Right!

    And for dealing crack and other illegal activity, hey, the rap artists that the bro’s idolize tell the boys and girls that be the way to live. So, hey, they don’t be knowin’ no betta. NOT their fault.

    And the ebonics that they speak. Don’t you understand that is actually a language?

    C’mon, a little understanding please!

  3. Dan Te says:

    They bring shame to B1ack History Month and dishonor to MLK.

  4. TheFreeMasonsAreTheEnemy says:

    I just wrote a book where the F is my comment? F this site. This is worse than FOX so called news reporting. They blow too..

  5. yamama says:

    65% of congress members are criminals and the US GOV is more gangtsa than everything on this planet. Gangs make everything work. Like Gangsta banks and Gangsta royal families and Gangsta Freemasons. AHHHH Fkem all.

    1. DJohnsonNYC says:

      Shut up ya idiot.

  6. Pest says:

    Gangs are great for the economy. I love drugs…and oxies and roxies and bloxies and Applejacks.

  7. Pest says:

    THis site really sux major anus..

  8. Schmellma Chestyams says:

    How dare anyone berate these poor boys, being in a gang is part of their culture. Or should we say moolture.

  9. nyc says:

    Bring back the old 1010 Wins site ! Everyone hates this new CBS site ! It’s terrible !

    1. Matt Hardy says:

      AGREED nyc !!!

    2. Fred says:


  10. Devenio says:

    Every since this site was changed from 1010 Wins to CBS, the reporting standards have become what you might expect in a 3rd grade class. CBS is not interested in News. They care only about stories that tend to divide people. Its worse than the National Enquirer. At least you know the National Enquirer is a rag. CBS pretends to report “News”. They wouldn’t know news if it smacked them in the face.

  11. Murray Hill says:

    And now in breaking news:

    A bunch of guys are like in trouble or something…for like being in a gang or something…


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