Dept. Of Sanitation Blames Snow; Residents Blame Each OtherBy Al Jones

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — As the snow melts away, the poop is revealed.

The rough winter has done a number on all New Yorkers, but for some residents in Inwood and Washington Heights the straw has finally broken the camel’s back.

Members of many neighborhoods in the two communities said Thursday they have had it with the piles of dog feces that have overwhelmed sidewalks and streets.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports on the mess of dog droppings

“We have to be very careful,” one resident told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones. “Now it’s all coming out, yes. That’s what I’ve noticed.”

“It’s like a war zone out there,” Washington Heights resident Gina Vergel said.

Residents have repeatedly called the city’s 311 system asking officials to enforce the clean-up-after-your-dog laws.

“But it’s the type of thing that’s last on the list for someone to come and do something about,” resident Carol Collins said, adding as bad as the situation is on the streets it’s even worse in Inwood Park.

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However, the Department of Sanitation said the problem could just stem from the massive amounts of snow that have fallen on the city this winter.

That said, the problem of not picking up after your dog appears to be a problem in Washington Heights – even when it doesn’t snow. In 2010 the community had the most violations in Manhattan, according to the Department of Sanitation.

The worst dog poop zones were identified as Riverside Drive, Amsterdam Avenue and 160th and 179th streets.

Inwood residents said they wanted something done about poop pileups on 218th Street, Cooper Street and on Seaman Avenue.

The Department of Sanitation said dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets can face a fine of $250, but also that enforcement is often difficult because, Department of Sanitation spokesman Matthew Lipani said, violators literally have to be caught in the act.

“This is actually one of our hardest violations to write, as dog owners must be seen in action not picking up after their dog,” Lipani said in a published report.

So who is to blame for this problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Parkavenue says:

    Hi Marge

    Really knock it off, the Asian are what? Have you ever been…, no never mind.
    Marge just remember some people only mimic what was seeded to them like yourself.

    However, some of these dog owners are just down right nasty people from the start. If you can’t fix the pig why worry about the dog. (all Washington Heights)

    Hudson Cliffs isn’t that bad yet but the Pigs are making it just as bad….(some dog owners)


  2. HUGO says:

    Bloomberg should clean it all up.

    1. David says:

      Humans by nature are just downright rude!

  3. usmcmaggot says:

    Make it $1k first offense, $2K second offense & 3o days in jail for a third offense.
    Also have NYPD check for dog licenses when they see someone walking thier dog, I was probably the only person to apply for a dog license in the Bronx last year.
    Finally, it boils down to this, the people who don’t pick up after thier dogs are just lazy PIGS & I’m sure thier house looks like a STY as well!!! if they don’t see thier DOG POOP as a PROBLEM then it’s time to make the pay $$$

  4. maria says:

    Marge you should be ashamed of yourself and karma is a B#@&^%. I am Dominican and proud. Raised/lived in Washington Heights for over forty years. Dominicans are not the only ones who do not clean up after their dogs. Washington Heights is a missed community. I am a proud dog owner. Go back to where you came from if you are so tired of the neighborhood. I am sure people of your ethnic background are not perfect… please!!!

  5. BigEZ says:

    Maybe it’s them two women from Brooklyn who are eating the dog food? Perhaps there crouching around on the block pooping and sniffing urine?

  6. marge says:

    What do you expect from the people who reside in these neighborhoods….the Dominicans have ruined these beautiful neighborhoods with their trash and noise especially during the warm months. With that goes irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. It is a hopeless situation until decent classy people startmoving in and transforming the neighborhood back to the way it was many years ago.

    1. Caity says:

      Wow, pretty racist, Marge. You can expect from this Asian American Inwood resident a 60 hour work week and a devoted daughter.

      1. marge says:

        I know it sounds racist but I am just stating the way I see it. Actually Asian Americans are the hardest working people I have ever met along with being extremely intelligent.
        I am a second generation American of Spanish and portugese decent

    2. arn says:

      This is racist BS and should be reported. I live in an affluent, mostly white pocket of Bay Ridge and am tired of dodging the poop that inconsiderate owners don’t want to pick up around here.

      1. says:

        Freedom of speech, remember?. Anyway maybe you do have alot of poop being left behind in your neighborhood but in Inwood there is alot more because this area has a large population of third world people living there.

      2. usmcmaggot says:

        I moved from MORRIS PARK in the BRONX (another poop capital) to Yorktown Heights. I think Town Hall was shocked when I applied for a Dog License but what I really wanted to say is I see YUPPIES/SUBURBANITES “drive” thier dogs to a “patch of grass” two blocks from my house & 90% of the time they NEVER pick it up!!!
        ALLOW NYPD to enforce “curbing your dog” & allow then to ask for dog licenses & for all the IDIOTIC PIT BULL owners who feel they can walk down the block without a leash, you should be arrested and the dog taken away from you!!!

    3. nyc says:

      Agree 100% ! Loud, flashy,bad taste and no class ! Made in the USA !

  7. JasonS says:

    This is a cultural thing. Think which group dominates Washington Heights. These people simply don’t know how to keep their environment clean. It doesn’t take a rich education or wealth to know it’s right to pick up dog poop – people in those neighborhoods just don’t care. It just goes to show that no matter how much money you throw at certain groups, no matter how many chances you give them, their cultural roots will always hold them back.



    2. arn says:

      Again, I’m in an affluent, mostly white area of Bay Ridge and there’s a lot of dog poop around here. A LOT. Do you think maybe Dominicans are bringing their dogs here from Washington Hts to poop?

    3. nyc says:

      I agree ! Savages ! Let’s take our country back ! Made in the USA !

  8. George Scott says:

    This Is Easy:
    At time of licensing, each dog should supply a DNA sample to be filed with the licensing division, any dog poop found in the street should be tested for DNA and the dogs owner should be cited – not only for the poop but also for the testing costs.

    1. Mark Simeone says:

      George, I think you’re on to something.

      1. alyssa says:

        just think how expensive something like that would be, though. it’s what i was thinking…

    2. usmcmaggot says:

      George, I think we are some of the FEW DOG OWNERS who actually bothers to get a dog license!!!!

  9. Old Fogie says:

    When I was a youngster, dodging poop on the sidewalk was a way of life.

  10. Leesh says:

    how about recording the offense on a cell phone, and then reporting it.

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