STAMFORD, Conn. (CBS 2) — A half-dozen high school students, accused of going to class  drunk and high on marijuana and leaving their intoxicated 15-year-old classmate lying unconscious in the football bleachers in freezing weather, were facing school disciplinary action and charges of underage drinking and drug possession Friday.

Students like Aisha Agerbe were shocked when they found out (credit: CBS 2)

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“It was horrific she passed out,” said Principal Donna Valentine of Stamford H.S. “She was freezing. It was 27 degrees out. If we had not gotten to her it would’ve been fatal.”

Valentine said her staff discovered it all when one boy who showed up for class was acting erratically. Stamford H.S. policy is to confiscate a student’s cell phone. On it, they found video of the unidentified 15-year-old girl laying on the bleachers.

It had been taken minutes before, and a quick search found her still there, after the party was over.

“It’s ridiculous how girls think it’s OK to do that.  The guys left her unconscious at the stadium not knowing what to do,” said senior Aisha Agerbe.

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“That’s something that I never heard of and never would do,” said senior Vanesse Reyes.

Police said it was bad enough the teens were drinking so early in the morning, and so heavily, but it was the cell phone image of that freshman girl that was so shocking, and so telling. Finding it, may have saved her life.

“It could’ve been a disaster. It really could’ve,” said Sgt. Joseph Kennedy of Stamford PD.

Stamford police arrested two 15-year-old boys, including one who took video of the drunk girl on his cellphone. School officials said both boys admitted to turning the girl on her side so she wouldn’t choke on her own vomit, then running off, scared.

“None of them thought about calling 9-1-1.  They were more worried about what kind of trouble she was going to get in and what kind of trouble they were going to get in,” said Valentine.

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