NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – While the closure of the Nassau County Crime Lab had its supporters, there are some attorneys among them that are carefully looking over their own cases to see if the closure would affect their clients.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall on the implications of the closure

Attorney Vincent Trimarco Jr. said that the investigation into mistakes made in the drug testing section of the lab could carry huge implications to his and all cases in the county.

“If that evidence was incorrect, a client may have taken a plea bargain based on evidence that he believed was factual, and if it turns out it wasn’t, then maybe he wouldn’t have taken that plea,” Trimarco said.

Although no other sections of the lab were compromised, Trimarco said that if defendants spend time in jail based on evidence that was wrong then “in settlement it could be thousands of dollars for every day the person spent in jail and they shouldn’t have.”

Trimarco said every attorney should look at their previous cases just in case as the supervisors from the lab are all under investigation.

He said if supervisors knew what was going on and never said anything, then “it may have put plea arrangements in jeopardy and as well as convicted people that should not have been convicted.”

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  1. Vincent trimarco says:

    Vincent trimarco Jr Is a clown. He comments on every one of sophia halls legal stories, does she have no other sources or is Vincent trimarco the suffolk county play boy in relationships with ms hall?

    Anything with the name Vincent trimarco is trash to me. Isn’t he the same lawyer that got arrested for breaking into his girlfriends apartment in smithtown, charged with burglary and domestic violence?

    Go trimarco! And go new York! Supporting upstanding individuals, not!

  2. Jack Web says:

    Lawyers will have a field with this tainted evidence as
    what is happening with the same situation in the SBI lab
    in North Carolina. Someone if not a group of employees
    goofed big time.
    Prosecutors will have nighmares over this and
    a crowded court system will be more so.

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