HAUPPAUGE, NY (WCBS 880) – Long Island continues to be one of the most segregated metropolitan areas in the United States, according to a new study.

Experts blame the problem on long-standing restrictive housing patterns.

A new study ranks the island the seventh most segregated among 50 major metro regions analyzed.

Researchers from Brown University and Florida State point out that it is really a black and white divide.

The study shows less segregation between Whites and Asians and between whites and Hispanics.

Government officials say they’re trying to address the problem through fair housing laws.

Since 2000, there has been little change in the diversity (or lack thereof) of Long Island. “You can hardly measure the change,” John R. Logan of Brown University (formerly of Stony Brook University) told Newsday.

The study was authored by Logan and Brian Stults of Florida State University.

Do you agree with the study? Let us know below

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  1. member says:

    OH. Now I get It. The passage from Africa. You sleek.

  2. Ruby says:

    White Entertainment Television is CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC

    1. Richard T. says:

      OH PLEASE11

  3. Lindsay Locans says:

    “Government officials say they’re trying to address the problem” ? What’s the problem?

  4. member says:

    Get some land on Long Island where you can see and appreciate the stars at night. Get a big black member in the city and you be alright.

  5. ArchieSlavetrader says:

    So whatelse id new.

    1. member says:

      That’s right we know this already. But its fun to reply to those who take it so seriously because they are stuck. Mobility is the way of the world. We live on a planet that is moving in the universe and some are fixated on LI. Make light of this or stress to ER.

  6. sk says:

    before you make judgements about reading on the topic of SEGREGATION: Know the facts! Long Island is very segresgated no areguments about that! but the taxes in the more caucasian areas are much higher. in addition, the Long island Railroad is the biggest rip off in the world! so basically the cost of living is much higher in teh caucasian areas. So who is at disadvantage here?

  7. Big Larry says:

    I live here and I say ….so what!

  8. Fact City says:

    Black people are like bad comps on an appraisal.. the more that are in the area the less your property is worth.

    1. JD says:

      Did you ever hear of a neighborhood that increased in value when blacks moved in? Would that be Camden, Paterson, Irvington, Oakland Ca. etc.?

  9. Benny Blanco says:

    Tell that to Oprah,she got a Big House there…………..will she hang out with people
    from east new york or far rock ? NO NO NO NO she move there because STATUS !!
    she is RICH AND FAMOUS !!!!!!!! NOT BROKE AND IGNORANT !!!!!
    Know your place !!!! STAY THE HELL AWAY or we will call the Cops !!

  10. Deepsix says:

    The liberal elitist preach intergration but godforbid they practice it

  11. Big Brother says:

    L.I is overrated
    Way too expensive for flat land. A landfill

  12. KR says:

    I live in Baldwin one of the most integrated areas on the Island. We have no race issues here at least as far as I can see, when people speak of leaving the area it has nothing to do with the inhabitants and everything to do with the schools.
    People are sometimes more comfortable with what they know, if they have lived in a black community all their lives, they may feel they are more comfortable to continue to live in a predominitely Black community, it is fear of the unknown, not necessarily a fear of color per se.
    That said, neighborhoods will become more diverse over time, they always do, German neighborhoods have become more Italian and will become more Spanish and so on as years pass, this is how things are everything changes over time on it’s own, outside interference is not needed we are perfectly capable of evolving on our own.

    That said

  13. gl says:

    YES I totally agree with this article. I live in a predominately white neighborhood, I have a biracial child and the patrons @ the village pool moved away from me and my daughter as we played in the pool. I have had people come up to me and whisper is your daughter black and i proudly and loudly answer YES MY DAUGHTER IS BIRACIAL, GOT A PROBLEM?! I walk into an apartment building, they see my daughter and say there is not availability when i have the Newsday ad in my hand. Black history is not being taught in her school nor the school district for that matter. So now don’t ever try to tell me it doesn’t exist on LI it does and until the older generation dies off it always will!!!!

    1. JD says:

      black history, YAWN

      1. Frodo Baggins says:

        a brief summery of black history: Martin Luther King junior and all the other black visionaries that showed that all people are equal……..and T-pain who showed that you dont need to be able to sing to be a singer. whoa! wait! what happened in between!?….nothing.

    2. keith says:

      yeah sure people at the pool move away form you bi racial daughter like its the 1800s. lol yeah sure. you are either a troll or a nutcase. If you think LI is too racist for you then move its a free country you whack job

    3. Dmitry Donskoy says:

      Why would people ask you if your daughter is black? Isn’t it obvious? Something is wrong with your story.

  14. safe harbor says:

    Many if not most LI were raised in the very mixed neighborhoods and schools closer to NY. There was no white flight as individual communities became integrated. The white flight occurs after the entire neighborhood (whites and blacks) begin to experience the viscous disparities in service and costs.

    Mixed neighborhoods pay as much if not more than the more [purely] white areas but surely get far less in services (especially at schools). Any long time resident knows this to be true. Added to the frequent practice of zip-code influence on credit ratings (jobs, insurance, costs) and white homeowners quickly owe it to their kids to move from the mixed area ASAP.

    In the counties where the Republican party drew their dues directly from town and county workers paychecks and the KKK openly ran the [all to powerful and publicly funded] “volunteer” fire departments barely a generation ago, it should be no surprise the appearance of racism – even amongst a generally non-racist population.

  15. jackie w says:

    first of all you have it all wrong. if you want your children to have a good education you will move subure out east but as it stans all the white people are moving to the city so all the black are going fiurther out east and as far as taxes it’s bad so if you don’t live out here you cannot speak on it.

  16. LI says:

    i am black and pay 26K + per year in taxes on LI. bc of the kids. Better to live in black nabes I know believe.

  17. Slim says:

    ……or, Rick, a school full of weak, white-boyz with bruised egos comin’ to school strapped like Rambo because they can’t fight? I wouldn’t choose either.

    1. keith says:

      is that what school is about proving you fighting prowess? what dump did you grow up (or really not grow up) in?

  18. will says:

    That americanism sense of humor always gets me.LOL

  19. MOC says:

    Segragation you say? Absolutely not. It’s very simple. If you can afford a home in a certain area, you buy it. Do you pay the price? Yes. High taxes, but it’s worth every penny. If you can’t afford it, you go to an area you can afford. Period. Everybody has a chance to make a good life for themselves. Nothing is just handed to us. It’s amazing that everybody thinks they’re owed something. You want something, you work to get it. Does anyone remember that desire, hard work, ambition, strength and perserverance give you a shot for a better life? Or is it better to be lazy, whine and demand that these “segrated areas” take care of them? Are you serious?
    Lastly, for those of you who left Long Island and had nothing good to say about it, good riddance. You won’t be missed. You are obviously quite ignorant and stupid, and not aware of all of the culture and history that exists here.

  20. paul says:

    This is a poorly defined article in my opinion….does segregation automatically mean that there’s rampant “Racism” going on here? That’s total BS….There’s no more race related issues/crimes on Long Island than in any other town/city in the United States. In fact for the amount of people (over 3,000,000), it has the lowest crime rate of any metro area in the entire united states. As someone previously pointed out, the issue has more to do with the school districts breaking separating people apart, then anything else.. If you have a good income and can afford it etc., you can live anywhere you want, regardless of color /religion etc., and you’re a good citizen, no one will even bat an eye …

    1. MELANIE says:

      AMEN Paul!

      1. Lisa says:

        Here’s a second AMEN Paul!!

    2. Joe Weeks says:

      Can we ask the diversity of the neighborhoods where the men who made the study live? Go look them up they are both white men……
      First Ammendment- Freedom of Association. What is a fair housling law? You can’t force people to have neighbors they don’t want.

      1. keith says:

        oh i see so you are a racist by assuming that white people can’t make an unbiased study.

        “First Ammendment- Freedom of Association. What is a fair housing law? You can’t force people to have neighbors they don’t want” you are right and that relates to the people who can afford to live away from low lives.

  21. Ray says:

    I just read this report did CBS bother to notice that NEW YORK NY was number # 1 on the list? Why are they singling out Long Island when based on the report Manhattan is the most segregated place in this country and Long island is a distant 7th.

  22. priya says:

    One of the most racist places I have ever lived in the United States. I couldn’t wait to move out of there.

    1. Melanie says:

      I am sure priya!

      1. bob says:

        thank you, come again

    2. patruns says:

      Glad to see ya go…..

  23. Johnny Citizen says:

    I hate when people cry there way into getting there way..I dont want to live in Harlem, go to an ALL BLACK college, or watch BET – Black entertainment television–inagine the uproar if there was WET – white entertainment television..

    1. MB says:

      There is a WET channel on TV….
      It’s called FOX 5!!!

      1. Ben Dover says:

        His point is the name “White entertainment television” would be an uproar!!! Also, what about “white history month” or “Jewish Month” for all of the holocost stuff?!

    2. kathy says:

      There is no such thing as an ALL BLACK college. There are historically black colleges, which were established right after segregation ended, but they’ve always allowed any race to attend, and most are about 60% black currently.

      1. Ben Dover says:

        Check out Oak-Wood College in Alabama……I visited there once…I was the only white guy on campus!! No joke!!

    3. Ben Dover says:

      A-Friggin Men!!!!! That has been my opinion for years!!!

  24. Mary says:

    Having moved from the West coast to Long Island, it was a HUGE shock to my system to live in such a segregated society. The lack of culture other than one or two prominent “take your pick/american” cultures is astounding. The divide amongst races and cultures and religious backgrounds is truly sad and unsettling, and like living in a time warp.

    1. JD says:

      Why live there then? Move up to Harlem

  25. Gloria says:

    You know did the author of this article consider that the property taxes are a turn off to many minorities I know many white people who would never move out to Long Island because of this very reason. Also, there are minority neighborhoods in Nassau and Suffolk country.To say that their isn’t is an out and out lie.

    I think in the end,many people want to live among people who are just like them. For them it is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. If you think that this is just a “white thing” –think again. I could go for miles driving in Brooklyn and in Queens and not see one white person around. So what does that tell you? I also know a few white people that lived in neighborhoods that were predominantly minority and they were met with very unwelcoming attitudes.

    I think this segregation is voluntarily. It would certianly be nice if their were more mixed neighborhoods out the Island, but it would be just as nice if their were more mixed neighborhoods all around. It would be a move in the right direction.

    Until we

    1. Elissa says:

      This is the classic attitude of denial that runs rampant on Long Island. Yes, there are minority neighborhoods. That’s the point: There are white neighborhoods and minority neighborhoods, and they don’t overlap. Where I live in Nassau, a creek physically separates the “white” side from the “black” side.

      Real estate agents, I’m convinced, follow your “people want to live with people like them,” attitude and will only show homes in predominantly white or black neighborhoods, depending on the clients. It’s illegal, yeah, but old habits die hard.

      I really hope you’re not one of the Glorias I know on LI. Because if you are, I thought better of you than this.

      1. Gloria says:

        Hey, I have lived in mixed neighborhoods for years. I am just speaking about the ideology that they stubbornly hold onto. This is NOT my ideology. Did you even read what I said at the very end? I am not a fan of this segregation. However, I think it is a two way street as I have seen time after time, minorities who like to be around people just like them. And yes, there are white people who are just the same. All around, these clannish attitudes are alive and well even in 2011. I wish we would all get past that and live in a more harmonious society.

    2. Preet says:

      Gloria. Go for miles in queens and brooklyn and not see white people? Are you on something…? In queens and brooklyn you see each and every race everywhere. In Long Island you do not. What this article says is that basically the minorites live in one side of town while the the whites live on the other. Hempstead and freeport is mostly black and hispanic. However the closer it gets to queens, the more racially diverse it gets.

      1. Gloria says:

        Preet, There are whole parts of Brooklyn and Queens that are strictly minority (don’t even get me stared with the Bronx). The residents of these neighborhoods act like they never seen white people before. It is a shame. That tells me that they don’t want white people around period. Which leads me to believe that this segregation is voluntary.

    3. Dmitry Donskoy says:

      I am always wondering why is it actually a problem when people what to live among people who are just like them. It seems very normal to me. I am white and never experienced a desire to live in a black neighborhood (even a rich one). So why is that that many black people complain about not being able to live next to whites (may be they really can do it – there is no any laws against it, but they still complain). They complain that they are not welcome (at least it seems to them like that) but still want to live among whites. Why is it so, anyone can explain?

  26. Mandigo says:

    if Long Island were mostly black would it then be called Longer Island?

    1. jh says:

      No, then it would be called Laquisha Island.

      1. Slim says:

        Dig, Longest Island

    2. keith says:

      longer in relation to what the unemployment lines??

  27. Jimmy King says:

    Do you think Whites that lived in The Bronx,Brooklyn & Queens to get away from the Blacks & Puerto Ricans want their kids to go to school with them. They fled the boros to get away from all that. Some moved out as far as Montuck. The whole Island is zoned to keep the colors separate. Even when the County Ex. said the better thing to do for Long island is to combine school distracts the voters said “Hell-No!’ There are more racist on Long Island then in anywhere in the Tri-state area, FACT! Archie Bucker is alive and well on Long Island & his name is Peter King

    1. patruns says:

      And I thought Peter King was an idiot……

    2. Mike Carthy says:

      the truth by mr. king…..bingo

    3. JOHN says:

      you have that right And anyway why is this an issue at all? It is so boring and so tiresome. When do liberals let whites off the hook?

    4. Dmitry Donskoy says:

      I will vote for Peter King!

  28. Insidebacker says:

    Wow given all the anger, shown by so many of the LI majority. It would appear that many feel it’s not segregated enough.

    Do you all really believe that the housing and real estate market is the same for everyone? Given all that has come to light with the housing market; we all know that those of color, have had the field tilted against them, when it comes to home ownership.

    Once we as a country can admitt to this, then and only then can we begin to deal with, trying to make the field level and equal for all!

    1. patruns says:

      “Do you all really believe that the housing and real estate market is the same for everyone? Given all that has come to light with the housing market; we all know that those of color, have had the field tilted against them, when it comes to home ownership.”

      Where you live is all about income. I do not know a single black family on Long Island with a decent income that lives in an all black neighborhood. They want to get out too! And in case you have not noticed, there are white trailer parks further out. It is all about getting away from crime and poverty, not getting away from a specific color of people.

  29. Godfrey says:

    Long Island has four counties two are part of New York City and the other two are classified as Long Island because of Jim Crow segregation- restricted housing covanents. It ismis-leading to call those two other counties Long Island because we don’t cross water to get there. Mayor Bloomberg is correct,they should be part of the city. The name Long Island is a misnomer.

    1. Unreligious says:

      No the name is not a misnomer it is actually very descriptive. The misusage of the term by many people is the problem. I can’t tell you how many times I have had arguments with people who say Brooklyn and Queens are not a part of Long Island. One must pull out a map and show them. Sometimes you must even point out how Long Island City is in Queens before they will with much sputtering concede you are right.

  30. leroy george says:

    it’s time for minorties to take action by any means neccesary.

    1. Tim says:

      We are already waiting for the challenge. Come and get it boo boo.

      1. Slim says:

        Tim obviously knows nothing of how We roll. You don’t want it chump, Trust Us. You won’t be the ‘majority’ for much longer dude 😉

  31. Ray says:

    I have a great idea lets do a study exploring why white people left the city in the first place and moved to Long Island. I am pretty sure the answer to this question will help the authors of the study figure out why we chose to live in the neighborhoods that we do.

  32. Gene says:

    As usually, our liberal mass-media mix up all facts with a spice of editor lack of knowledge into the USA history and today issues. Why the author of this article believes it is segregation? And even though it is a segregation so what? Why we believe that segregation is bad? Sometimes, it is good for all races. When it comes to Long Island, my opinion it is not segregation it is more about schools and education background. If many blacks do not considered education as important as white and Asian, why it is suddenly became a white race problem and race discrimination and segregation charges are hold against whites. I thought in today’s America, all races are equal, right? If this is a case, why nobody pay attention that black people segregate whites from Harlem or East New York?

    1. patruns says:

      Based on your grammar, my guess is that your education was lacking……

      1. Slim says:

        Patruns, that sentence was awful!!! You’re the LAST who should dispense grammatical/word usage advice chump.

      2. Johnny S. says:

        Based on his statements, I’ve come to the same conclusion.

        Hey, Gene, just a heads-up: black people do not consider education less important than whites do. The fact that you think they all do think that way shows your complete ignorance and racist attitude.

        Also, fyi: I’m a white male who lived in Harlem for six years, and Far Rockaway for two. There was never a problem because of my race. Maybe you need to wake up.

      3. Slim says:

        My bad Patruns…..that wasn’t meant 4 You, but for Gene

      4. patruns says:

        No offense taken Slim….

  33. Jack O Lan says:

    Most of Long Island is ugly and boring; strip malls and parking lots the entire length of the island. Generally, the people out there are clueless about anything outside of LI. Let them stay out there in their suburban hell.

  34. Bettwe Majore says:

    This is a very funny article ,what problem?
    If you have the money ,you get the home on East Hampton being
    born of any color.
    One could say Park Avenue NY has few minorities or Malibu Ca
    or Pinehurst NC (except for Michael Jordon) or the state of
    Rhode Island or Vermont and Alaska has almost no “people of
    color” so what are we now going to have enforced busing of
    We also have areas where no whites live ,we could also bus white’s
    there .

    1. John says:

      This is an excellent point. Thank you

  35. James says:

    Just like the migration to the garbage mounds of Staten Island when Carribbean imigrants came to Brooklyn, so goes the migration to the strawberry fields of Long Island. Be careful! Like leachates from the garbage contaminate the potable waters of SI, herbicides and pesticides from the strawberry fileids contaminate the potable waters of LI. Check out the high incident of cancers on LI- particularly breast cancer in women of child bearing age. The wealthy and intelligent inhabit LI!

  36. Ray from New Jersey says:

    Have you seen the prices of property on LI and the taxes there. What [person ion their right mind would want to live there. What do you want Blacks to move there so they can be subject to those outrageous taxes

    1. paul says:

      Ray I wonder what part of NJ you’re from? Have you driven much around your state lately? it has the highest population density and the one of the worst traffic problems in the united states, not too mention the worst crime ridden city (Camden)…..if you read the article carefully is said Long Island is the seventh worst, not the worst …..

  37. joe says:

    maybe we like it that way Go change the place where you live if you want change

  38. Zia says:

    I am Asian and I live in Long Island. Although this story makes some sense, the fact is Asians and whites pay a lot more for houses in Long Island which has better school districts.

    If you look at Long Islands’ school rankings by town. The top school districts are most expensive and very White and Asian Mix. You go down the list and other races will come into play. Towards the bottom of the list would be the towns which have predominantly black populations. Long Island is segragated based on School not Race.

    1. JOKL says:

      that is what you call segregation , only rich school are good, other part of US have better school with minorities and poor people on the mist. but on LI you have to have money to get a better deal. Check newsweek top uS high school and you will see only expensive LI districs to make the cuts

  39. Joe says:

    Why is everything based on race. I think it is time to see people as Americans. Period, but it is liberals who keep on bringing this race question up. The Civil War is over, the Civil rights movement is over, are there problems sure, but there America’s Problems, not a race problem.

    1. patruns says:

      Exactly! You either make $200k+ a year and live in one area or less than $35k and live in another. It doesn’t matter what color you are, you live where you can afford to live. Come out some time to Long Island and I will show you black families living in affluent areas that are predominately white that live there because they wanted to get away from the poor, crime ridden areas. Do you really think they said “Hey wait, we have money, let’s live amongst people of color.”?

  40. Yahuwah Yahushuah says:


    The U.S. and its vile immoral and hateful citizenry will soon eat fire. Read the prophesy.

    Repent , you judgement is near.

    1. Jimmy D'Books says:

      That’s right, it states in Flatulents 12:1 “Blessed are the cheese cutters for they shall break wind”

  41. Ken Walsh says:

    WCBS should look at real stories, instead of trying to make it self the pillar of Diversity. Apparently it hasn’t dawned on them to realize that the changes on Long Island go back as far as the second World war. That people moved there to get away from the 5 boroughs ,for newer homes and BETTER schools. So now WCBS wants to make an issue out the lack of Diversity on the Island. Did they ever hear of the words WORK EThIC, or upward mobility? Whats their answer now? Sell every fourth house and give it to a minority? I would like to take a survey of all the people at WCBS and find out where they live. No wonder there is no creditability with the News Media.

  42. Will says:

    If you honestly want to end segregation you should encourage whites to move back into the URBAN areas. We like to attack the suburbs for being too “White” but our cities only appeal to minorities and no one has a problem with it? Lets stop talking out of both sides of our mouths and at least appear to be unbiased.

    1. patruns says:

      It has been tried. Every time whites with less money try to move back into predominately black areas local activists yell “gentrification” like it is some form of cancer.

  43. Tav says:

    So does that mean whites in L.I. prefer asians and hispanics to blacks

    1. Ophelia Roydz. says:

      Yes because they go wonderfully with a fine Chianti.

    2. Gore May says:

      Everyone knows blacks go better with Ripple or Thunderbird.

  44. BDAY55 says:

    Long Island blows. The RE taxes are beyond belief. Past the 110 East begins mutant-ville. The traffic is worse than Queens. Suburban Hell.

  45. allen says:

    So what? It’s mostly a class issue. Most normal people don’t want to live in the poor black areas and they shouldn’t have to be forced to under liberal socialist “forced housing”. This is America, not China.

  46. Di A. Beetus says:

    Thank god for McDonald’s, Mountain Dew, Old English, Cheese Doodles, and macaroni & cheese.

  47. Killdy Mooleez says:

    What’s wrong with living where and with whom one chooses? Especially if one is paying for it!

  48. Dan Te says:

    I think a visit by Al Sharpton is in the works.

  49. Ed says:

    @ Devenio: “blank people”? We don’t even have to ask how stupid you are now.

    1. NotoriousOne~ says:

      LMBAO! Hilarious. Guess he never heard Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  50. richardc says:

    yes, that’s why they moved there from the city

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