NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A New York City rabbi has been charged with molesting a 12-year-old girl over three years.

Nechemya Weberman pleaded innocent at his arraignment Wednesday night to charges of criminal sex act, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse.

His lawyer, George Farkas, denied the charges. He said the 52-year-old Brooklyn rabbi has counseled troubled families in the past.

Authorities said the alleged abuse occurred from 2007 to 2010.

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  1. Todd Evora says:

    innoncent to proven guilty

  2. Grady O'Brien Karautler says:

    G-D Bless this family ,yes against all odds in bringing this
    to the attention of the NYPD they might become outcasted for this
    good deed.

  3. johnny says:

    How did this not make front page news?!

  4. 1i41i says:

    regardles of a perpetrator’s religious background, i believe that CASTRATION as a form of punishment and deterence befits such a crime.

  5. PROUD TO B JEW says:

    Guess what Hasidic are the Lord’s chosen ones. They do not commit criminal acts,
    and HERE IT GOES PAPI, THE FACT IS attorney are Jews, judges are Jews, mayor is Jew, so automatically HE WILL NOT BE FOUND GUILTY……….

  6. sandbagged says:

    You can’t prove that Michelle Obama didn’t cause this man to do this.

    1. David Icke says:

      wow, i never thought of that. i think you may be correct, fine sir!

      i was originally thinking the spirit of j edgar hoover was at work here, but i prefer your theory.

    2. stop the ignorance says:

      i cant figure out for the life of me if you are more envious than ignorant??? education is available to be acquired by anyone deisous of it, so why not aspire to obtain your own rather than spweing hateful, senseless and ignorant remarks such as those? class on the other hand, money cannot buy, and for that i presume you will always remain jealous of our nation’s FIRST LADY, as suggested by your unsubstantial comments.

  7. forrestG says:

    He’s not guilty.
    She is.
    She caused a fine jewish lad to stray.
    The Talmud allows this,
    even if she is 4 yrs old.

  8. abraham says:

    Hasidic are the Lord’s chosen ones. They do not commit criminal acts.

  9. d says:

    …oy…we are moving backwards…when will the madness end…

  10. DR RUTH SAYS... says:


  11. Teach says:

    Put it on the Front Page like you would do if it were a Catholic Priest!!!

    1. world gone mad says:


  12. joel says:

    i know this man and he aint a rabbi!! ….. Does anyone know what a rabbi is ?? Google it.

  13. J says:

    Man these priests are sick; full of diseases. They hide behind the priesthood to pedal their venom. This is not a Jewish, Catholic or Christian thing, or even Islamic thing for that matter- its a sickness among the perverted and delusional.

  14. vy says:

    I’m a Jew.
    Hold a fair just trail and if he’s gulty lock him up and ttrough away the key.
    I don’t care what sect of Judiism he’s from, or how well respected he is in his community.
    I do agree with taking away his passport, but I would proactively put the Israeli government on notice that he should not be allowed to go there for sactuary until he’s cleared after a full trial.
    If he’s found gulty send him straight to jail for as long a sentence as the law permits.

    1. world gone mad says:

      i command and second your comment. truly and UNUSUALLY UNBIASED for this site.

  15. David Powe says:

    I thought that was a catholic thing…..

    1. David Powe says:

      And just to clarify, I think child abuse in any form is horrible and completely unacceptable… but really…. I thought the Catholic Church had the market cornered on that.

      1. jtorres says:

        Wrong. That’s just all you’ve heard. Jewish communities, especially the Hasidic, are closed to outsiders and very secretive as well as fiercely loyal This happens all the time but they handle it internally and their clergy is the law. It’s still very taboo and their rabbies are worshipped. Some girls/boys are ostrasized and the family banished from the community for even mentioning it. The police are rarely called for cases like these so the media never gets ahold of it like they do witht he Catholic community. Just because you don’t hear about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

      2. Bill says:

        Not only is this not a mostly Catholic thing, it’s not even mostly a clergy thing. Of course the reason that Catholic clergy gets most of the negative ink on this is because celibacy is now considered such an outrageous lifestyle choice, we feel a need to attack it. When push comes to shove, we’re far more interested in condeming celibacy than we are in authentically protecting children.

    2. RS says:

      No DAVID, it’s more like a MAN thing!!!!!!!

    3. not just catholic says:

      you thought wrong obviously. its a
      not just a “catholic” thing like you said, but rather a (in)human thing.

  16. Terror Pit Bulls says:

    If he’s guilty, lock him up and throw the key away. He can’t help himself never mind helping problem families.

  17. Dharma says:

    Quick! Take his passport before he absconds to Israel like the other sickos did!

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