NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – A baby on the Upper West Side needs your help to stay alive.

She’s a very happy baby, but is also very sick.

When Ayelet Galena was born 15 months ago, she weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces.

From the beginning, she had a compromised immune system.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell speaks with the Ayelet’s mother

“You know, every time she gets a cold, I wonder ‘Is this going to be the pneumonia that, you know, she won’t be able to fight off?’,” her mother Hindy Poupko told WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell.

Poupko says they recently received a devastating diagnosis.

“Two weeks ago, we learned that she has a very rare bone marrow failure syndrome,” says Poupko.

That means she needs a bone marrow transplant and her parents are looking for a match.

“Every day is a risk because her immune system is basically running at 50 percent,” says Poupko.

To find out how you can get tested or just donate to the cause, visit the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation by clicking HERE.

A bone marrow drive is also being held this weekend at Yeshiva University, Belfer Hall, Weissberg Commons, 2945 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY. That is Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sound off about Ayelet Galena’s battle for survival in our comments section.

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  1. David Zykk says:

    do u have to be 18 to get tested if ur a possible match

  2. Roxana Silvia Stalteri says:

    Deben hacerle estudios mas profundos como resonancia magnética, o estudiando los hematocitos células de la sangre y a partir de alli, ver su comportamiento,.
    Si hiciera falta, que le hagan a la beba, un lavado completo de la sangre,esto es incorporarle sangre nueva,. por los husos, consulten a un kinesiólogo o traumatólogo.

    Supongo que en Los Angeles,habrá buenos médicos y una buena cobertura de obra social.En Argentina, han recaudado 3 millones de dólares para tres chicos que necesitaban un trasplante de médula.
    en cuanto al dinero, que los papás,pidan ayuda a las fundaciones sin fines de lucro.
    Mucha suerte.
    pD: Para la sangre deben tener en cuenta que sea del mismo grupo y factor.

  3. Raj says:

    Hey i dont knw how to respond.. I can surely say u dat I M ready to donate…9703570383..Contact me

  4. Abbas says:

    I m sure u gonna gt vl asap. Keep prayin 4 u baby.

  5. Sherine says:

    I too agree with David. Even I was born with a birth defect & now I’m 23 and I do my studies very well & also works as a teacher. When i was small I asked my mom what would she do if she knew I was born with it. She said she would still want me & no matter how sad it is for her to see me suffering, she would fight with it and save me in the way she did. It is totally inhumane to abort a child simply cos the baby is born with a birth defect. There is a cause for everything. Please put your own self in that place and think what would have happened if it happened to you.
    Also I would pray for this little angel baby Ayelet for a speedy recovery.. We love you..

  6. ANZEL says:

    We all will pray for her, God wont give en take on same time, Be strong and belive in in.

  7. Louisa Leal says:

    Hope everything goes well .

  8. Amber says:

    Hello I would like to help this little girl if I’m a match. my blood type is A+ and Im going to try to sign up to see if I’m a match. you can contact me on facebook:

  9. Victor says:

    feel soooooo bad… but unfortunately prayers wont do much 4 her. TEST IF UR A MATCH AND HELP HER IF U DO!!! Action is better than hoping the invisible man in the sky will save her.

    1. Victor says:

      i want to stress that i mean no disrespect to anyone.

  10. princess suzan says:

    i knw God is there for each of us,i i pray for her God will make her through,so cutie to suffre like tht O no,i knw hw it feels for yr cutie baby to suffer cos have adaughter too so i feel the pain bt let her mum keep strong we are together in the battle we pray.

  11. sandy chauhan says:

    hi m sandy 4m india lives in newzealand …if anyone needs ma help 4 ds sweety girl feel free to contact me…0064220654830

    1. sandy chauhan says:

      v all r pray 4 ds beautiful girl 2 live & see ds beautiful world with her own eyes…

  12. Azim khan says:

    Hi m from london if it is possible to give here and in return u would get there so plz free to contact me my number is 00447586534799

  13. vipin says:

    i dont have money.i want to help that baby.

  14. Lou Marie Taylor says:

    I hope that this little girl has managed to find a donor.. wow this has most probably made alot of people sit up and think.I will be surely going to search within the Nhs system where i can be screened, maybe to help and give hope to some person.I am a blood donor, it is important to give blood also. To give is not to receive, but to be able to give a child another birthday that he/she may not of had,is all the gift you would need in return. x

  15. sue says:

    Hello. Is it posible to donate if you live in another country? Im from norway and im a blood donor, and bonemarrow doner there.

  16. shahbaz shaikh says:

    hey everything will be fine just pray and u will find matching bone marrow

  17. nicky thomas says:

    I am from South Africa would love to donate mine to help her… I love kids very much they are my life…

  18. Emily A. Hernandez says:

    I dont know u personally, but when i saw this my tears ran down my face and i prayed to God..for him to heal her and help the family, to find a donor..If its God will…Its mine as well…I wouldnt mind helping..If it can be done..M up for it…With God all things are Possible…Be positive..and stay strong…God Bless You, Baby Ayelet..and Ur Family…Much <3..

  19. Anna says:

    omg !!! , poor little girl , i would do anything to help her if i could <3 🙁

  20. Sandy Sevenfold says:

    apaan tuh maksudnya

  21. Betzalel says:

    I hope you’re not suggesting this a result of her mother’s behaviour. That’s a very heavy accusation to make without certainty.

  22. Paul F says:

    I hope the family also contacts the C.W. Bill Young DoD Bone Marrow program. Many of our fine military service members are registered through the program and want to help if given the opportunity.

  23. Lisa says:

    First make sure you want to. Weve been there also. The donor decided it wasnt the right time in her life. Its not easy knowing your granddaughter might die….and the person who can save her decides its not the right time. We lucked out and found another match….Tank God….She is ^ years old now and doing great.

  24. XYZ says:

    Did they know she was going to be born this way? Coz if they did and her mother still decided to continue her pregnancy, she’s nothing but a murderer. She condemned her child to a nightmarish life. No excuse for that. Give me a break!

    1. David says:

      That disorder is one that can not be detected in utero. My daughter was born with heart defects and other issues, we knew before hand. She is now 7 years old and plays baseball, loves the out doors, and is a happy and thriving kid.

      Think about this, do you know anyone that had a medical condition that the parents knew about ahead of time? If you do, what would it be like if they had terminated? You are so narrow minded. You can’t spell. You are obviously a failure of the school system and of life. Don’t even have the guts to put your name on your own comment.

      1. Janvi says:

        david u r right…

    2. Mr. V says:

      Commenter “XYZ”… keep quite…. That is the dumbest, most ignorant thing I have ever read… Its people like you, with a mouth that don’t think before it speaks that gets me going…. Anyone that has kids hopes for healthy kids from birth on… You don’t plan for issues like this…..

      My thoughts and prayers are with this family…

    3. lisa says:

      How stupid are you?

    4. Chris W. says:


      But, in all seriousness, just shut up.

    5. Sarabeth says:

      You can not blame the mother! How was she to know that her child was gonna have a this kind of problem! You have NO right to say anything like that! There are test that can be ran to determine if child is gonna have a genetic disease, but it is highly expensive and risky the fetus could be hurt by it and it does not determine any thing like what this poor child has. No parent wishes a disease or genetic disorder on their child, and anyone who thinks or says what you did should be slapped. This family is going through enough hell they don’t need your comment to make their life any worse.

    6. Kj says:

      Wow you are very mean spirited to make such comments at a tim when a mere good luck would have been wiser

    7. Chrissy says:

      Wow you are horrible XYZ!!!! EVERY life deserves a chance to LIVE!!! No matter if the life lasts 5 minutes or 110 years. YOU have NO right to talk like that. The mother did and IS doing the absolute right thing. She is doing the very best she can do for her baby. It is now in GOD’s hands!.

  25. David says:

    I enrolled in the bone marrow transplant registry. I am currently in Afghanistan but should be home with in a week. Is there a way to find out if I am a match? My contact information has since changed. Does anyone know who to contact?

    1. ladyv says:

      David, go to, you can find out there how to update your contact info. If you registered, your information has probably already been checked. Please get in touch with them ASAP to update your info.

    2. Elie says:

      You can call “Gift of Life” at 1.800.9MARROW to update your information.

  26. Extra Ordinary Larry says:

    What a cute girl 🙂

    I truly hope she finds a donor!

    Prayers to this child & her family 🙂

  27. Barb says:

    My niece was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia-a similar bone marrow failure condition, Her marrow was only working at 10%. It came on suddenly. The doctors at the Valerie Center, in Morristown, NJ gave her a course of medications in the hospital and then for almost two years after that, my sister had to give her medicine by mouth everyday and she has recovered…please check into this, it may be worth it if she can’t get a transplant, my nephew didnt match my niece, so the doctors did this before trying a transplant with a non sibling donor.

  28. ladyv says:

    Please, if you sign up to see if you are a match fo this child. realize you may not be her match, but a match for someone else equally in need. Do not sign up for the registry unless you are 100% ready to commit to the process, and know that if youdo go thorugh with it, you are most likely saving a life!!

    1. Masha says:

      actually – i disagree. sign up if you are 80% sure or 60% sure or 20% sure or even 10% sure

      you never know how you will react when put in the actual situation of making a choice to save a life. If there is a CHANCE you think you might be willing to save a life you should give yourself that opportunity.

      1. ladyv says:

        but what if you decide NOT to? My family has been there, where we’ve been told we had a match, only to have the donor back out.

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