Community Upset By Charges Against Nechemya Weberman

By Pablo Guzmán, CBS 2 News

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A father was convinced his 16-year-old daughter was having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, so the father set up a hidden camera in the house. What he recorded shocked him — what he saw the daughter doing to please the young man.

They are Orthodox Jews, in Brooklyn. The father had already taken the daughter to seek counseling with Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in years past. Just as he had taken her older sister. It is a common practice in the community for a respected person to be a counselor, or serve as a therapist. Weberman is affiliated, police said, with Brooklyn’s United Talmudic Community, a yeshiva.

Now, the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Rabbi Weberman. The Brooklyn DA’s office has set up special channels of communication to bridge cultural gaps that might be beneficial to both sides. However, the more that investigators talked to the parties involved — especially when they spoke with them separately — the more that there were questions which indicated something was not right. Around Feb. 16, the girl told a counselor at school that the rabbi has been raping her for years. The counselor reported it, and when the investigators talked to her again, she claimed there were at least 16 incidents at 263 Classon Avenue, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, which serves as Weberman’s home and office. It is where the counseling sessions took place. The girl told investigators it began in 2007, when she was 12; and continued through 2010.

Detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman on Wednesday. He was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court that night, and told he was being charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct against a child, and engaging in a criminal sexual act.

The Orthodox Jewish community that has gone to Weberman as a therapist and counselor, especially for young people, are in shock. Reeling. The debate has even gone to blogs on the Internet. But Weberman’s lawyer, George Farkas, told me, people should not jump to conclusions, warning that this all began within what he called “a dysfunctional family,” referring to the father setting up the hidden camera and the possibility that the daughter is striking out in anger against her father, who is trying to shut down her relationship with her boyfriend and slam Weberman in the process.

“The charges (against Weberman) are horrendous. They are disgusting. And they’re despicable. Not just — it’s absolutely awful. But what I will tell you is that this man will die before he’s branded a child molestor,” Farkas said.

Sources in the case said Weberman is not a licensed therapist. But  on Friday NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly added one thing more: “The rabbi … is NOT a rabbi! He’s a 52-year-old male arrested for molestation of a young woman who is still a minor.”

After hearing this, I called Farkas, Weberman’s attorney. He took a deep breath.

“Have I asked to see his rabbinical diploma? No. Does he have a congregation? No. Does the Gentile world always understand when my world uses the term ‘rabbi’? No. I think you do, Pablo,” Farkas said. “We know each other. But many do not. Now: with that said, have people taken their children for years to see him as a counselor? Yes. Is he viewed as a therapist? Yes. Is he ‘respected’? Yes.”

Another respected member of the Brooklyn Orthodox community told me, “This is all very difficult for us. There is unfortunately a ‘tradition’, if you will, of the pedophile continuing to function, when he is in such a respected position. And the victim being ostracized. We have worked hard to change this. But it has been a long, uphill battle. Now, I do not know this man. But I will say this: since word began circulating, people are talking. Others are coming forward. I believe there may be as many as five other people who are preparing to report their own encounters with this man. We have to see what happens in the justice system.”

Some who are involved in the case have told me that is exactly what’s happening. More evidence is being presented, right now, to a grand jury.

Rabbi Weberman is due back in court March 9. Detectives are gathering information for a possible indictment.

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  1. some girl says:

    I went to weberman for a few sessions, having been molested in the past. (b4 i saw him, by someone else) he didnt rape or touch me, but was highly inappropriate, and therefor i stopped going.
    I was 14 then, he asked me about hitting puberty, what it’s like to develop boobs, my first period, etc and also asked me many times to describe in detail what happened to me before. i felt really uncomfortable. i thought it was normal therapy because of my past.. but now i realize that he enjoyed hearing my story, and it turned him on.
    he told my foster parents that i was a bad kid, while telling me that they don’t really care about me and they just have me there for the money.. he told me that if i ever want to run away i should call him. that created alot of friction between me and them, and ultimately i had to leave. (they were actually doing me a favor by keeping me there and werent getting paid for it) and they were paying him 250 dollars a session

    that was my experience with nechemia weberman..
    hope my story gives some insight.

    1. says:

      Readers Beware:By reading the comment above, you see who is behind this. Nuchem Rosenberg has set up a site, gone on a mission, all on his own. He has been threatening, Rabbis, Community Leaders, and the latest we heard he threatened and visited two counselors in a school. He runs around Wmsbg lately half naked and laughing. There are some great you tubes showing him running around. We heard a newspaper in UKRAINE covered one of his escapades a month ago.

      If this were some girl reporting, the above mentioned “some girl ” would of done what Nuchem Rosenberg and Yarachmiel Lopin his friend is asking everyone to do, CALL the POLICE, they have gone to all previous visitors of Weberman and begged, threatened conjoled them to call the police, instead the families and girls are uniting to protect him against these two. Only the KRAUS family had gone, but now I hear from their neighbors and cousins that they have changed their minds, Doesnt matter, they will find another male.

      “Some girl” who has written above would have called the detectives and police if it were true. We went up to Weberman and tried to discuss with him and verbally go through his clients. He did not have anyone close to a teen in a foster home. Sorry FRUM FOLLIES< FAILED MESSIAH, NUCHEM and YARACHMIEL, try again.

      1. Yoily Weiss says:

        “We went up to Weberman and tried to discuss with him and verbally go through his clients. He did not have anyone close to a teen in a foster home.”

        Ha Ha! Weberman denied that this girl was his client, therefore he must be saying the truth, and the girl must be lying! You made my day, Mr. F’r K’r.

        I’ll bet you have easy access to Weberman because you are his brother, or maybe you are Weberman himself!

        Just to update you, at least 5 victims have already come forward in this case, and Nechemya Weberman refused the judge’s offer of 5 years. That means he is looking at 30 years or so. So I believe “some girl”, and I don’t believe Nechemya Weberman. Sorry.

        And to all you anti-Semites posting out there, saying how all Jews are like this: Take a look at your own community before talking about the Jewish community. Thank you.

  2. tlaking when you even don't know says:

    the court case Isn’t finished yet you don’t even know if it’s true so don’t talk

  3. debbie says:

    he tryd to Molesting me and after that he tock away my kids i cant never see them again!!!if you need to know more just comtact me

  4. ozzie says:

    who are these rascist idiots. What he is said to have done is despicable but it doesn’t justify these sick anti-semitic diatribes

  5. Khalid says:

    Unfortunately, whenever an orthodox jew would be accused of inappropriate behavior, he would automatically be labaled by the media as a “Rabbi”, while most of the accused are no more than regular citizens, you can see this one example, as the title rabbi is being questioned in the article, same story last year when a brooklyn businessman was indicted on abusing a minor, he was all trumpeted up in the media as a rabbi, while he isn’t a rabbi and never was.

  6. abraham says:

    a hasidic holy rabbi would never commit this crime. you are all anti-semitic!

  7. sandbagged says:

    Look who’s occupying the White House — expect more and more people to not be able to take it anymore and commit despicable acts because of it.

    1. XaurreauX says:

      You’re suck a genius, sandbagged! I hope we’re not keeping you from the Nobel Prize awards ceremony!

  8. Malki says:

    Always remember, kids like grown ups will sometimes look for a good excuse as to why they did something bad, always blaming someone else.

    It would not surprise me at all if she made it all up, this way her father will feel bad for her etc.

    She did what she did because many girls do that, the father should also be seriously investigated.

    Every junky, rapist, perv, and killer all yell “oh someone touched me wrong when I was younger!”


    Maybe shes right, a big maybe

  9. Andy Buck says:

    Sad story, sadder writing. Is someone getting paid for this childish prose?

  10. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    wabbai shemkey..returns..guard your children…the rabid rabbais are loose again..

  11. BillYBoy says:

    99 % of this information is BS. The ‘news’ is sensational until the facts emerge, then the story moves to page 99 and lives are damaged forever.

  12. paloma says:

    Shameless individual …a rabbi in a diabolic act? this is too much!

  13. Afan Sitagyl-Manor says:

    Who wrote this article, a twelve year old? It’s so poorly written, I can hardly understand the story. It might as well be written in LOLspeak. Pablo Guzman needs to get a translator–I mean editor.

  14. fern says:

    I thought it was only in the Roman Catholic Church things like that happened.

    1. Heehaw says:

      Catholics likes boys.

      1. MichaelM says:

        So do guys named Heehaw. Squeal like a pig Heehaw. Broad brush jerk.

  15. jon jon says:

    every corner every room every stairwell every alleyway needs cameras and then we will all live happily ever after

  16. alien intelligence says:

    every corner every room every stairwell every alleyway needs cameras and then we will all live happily ever after

  17. me123 says:

    its crazy hearing all this ….he should be jail .

  18. Extra Ordinary Larry says:

    Such a sick crime.

    His attorney said the rabbi will die before being branded a child molester – is he implying that his client will soon be taking his own life?

    So much evil in this world 🙁

  19. Alan Foos says:

    Have seen the same thing happen in the public school system, the perps have daddy’s in admin and the victims have no way to be heard.

  20. PROUD TO B JEW says:

    well he is jew rabi, nyc mayor is jew, his attoreny is jew, presiding trial judge will be jew, HE WILL NOT BE FOUND GUILTY……

  21. Michael in Abu Dhabi says:

    The sexual abuse of children and teens by Jewish rabbis is real enough but is not well reported, unlike the plentiful reports on Roman Catholic priests.

    I suspect the incidents and statistics are about the same, with about 0.3% being pedophiles abusing smaller children and another 3% or so exploiting teens.

    1. Steve says:

      Rabbi’s unlike priests do not practice celibacy so I very much doubt the numbers are the same. How about muslim imams in Abu Dhabi. Are you one?

  22. greg says:

    Finally people are beginning to see rabbis for what they truly are: child molesters, paedophiles. Disgusting!

  23. Da truth says:

    The coming of the Lord is at hand. Repent now!

  24. Amanda says:

    shameless rabbis!

  25. williamcon says:

    No surprise here. jewish rabbis molest children all the time but the media won’t report it because mainstream media is jew-owned. that is how they keep it secret.

  26. David says:

    Jewish rabbis are well known for molesting and raping young children. pigs!

  27. Bernie Sanders says:

    chosen people my azz !

    1. Riphly says:

      ‘Chosen people’ may have been a mistranslation in this guy’s case. Maybe ‘choosy person’ would be more suitable?

  28. maria says:

    they should cut his balls off

    1. Me says:

      Hey, i got a hacksaw!

      1. frimie says:

        Why not cut off your balls? you dont know the story. A girl gets in trouble and runs to her counselor and cooks up a story, by now, she is running on drugs with another boy, the next time she is in trouble, she blames another maie.
        She has done this since she is 7 years old, the first one when she was in Swan Lake on vacation. I am a friend of her sister, and I was there at the time at the hotel with them. This kid is like this way before Weberman unfortunately agreed to help the family. Poor him, and look where it got him.

  29. dan says:

    coming from a jewish rabbi , im not surprised

    1. Stew says:

      You are surprised, or you wouldn’t be commenting

  30. jesus says:

    what is with all the religious leaders?

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