HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy is asking state workers to make cuts of $1 billion on each of the two years of his budget, but that’s not all he’s asking.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports

Now, in the interest of transparency, the Democratic governor wants lawmakers to vote up or down on the upcoming contracts, something that hasn’t happened in decades.

State House Republican leader Larry Cafero is all for it.

“Under our current law, it says that we can choose to say nothing and after thirty days it automatically takes effect,” Cafero told WCBS 880 Connecticut bureau chief Fran Schneidau. “That’s a cowardly way to do business, especially now.”

“We have to stand up and be counted. Either we believe we can afford the amount of a contract that’s before us or we can’t,” says Cafero.

The change also has the support of Democratic Senator Edith Prague, who chairs the labor committee.

Senator Prague says she hasn’t had any union feedback, yet, but she says, “If they’re going to be irritated, I’ll hear about it.”

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  1. boxcarjohn says:

    Hi Where did you learn to spell?Noticed no one had the guts to put this guy in his place.Education is great street smart are better

  2. Cuomo is dirty too says:

    What a crook! With the amount of banksters and wall street criminals living in that state, that stole tax payer funds during their bailout, you would think the Governor would be fair and tax the rich at the appropriate rate. Instead, he falls back on the same old fail policies that have detroyed thsi country! What a vorrupt idiopt that governor is!

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