NEW YORK (AP/CBSNewYork) — Big Brother is closely monitoring New York City drivers and catching them running red lights.

The city ticketed more than 1 million drivers for running a red light and getting caught on camera in 2010, according to the New York Post.

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That’s a 40 percent jump from the previous year.

The city’s 150 secret cameras nabbed an average of 2,741 drivers a day in 2010, according to figures obtained by the Post through a Freedom of Information request.

Meanwhile the city collected $55.4 million collected in red-light tickets in 2010, up 70 percent from $32 million in 2009.

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  1. Lisa from CT says:

    I am a good driver and do not run red lights when I see them. However, these red light camera’s are proving me wrong. Now that i’ve received 3 of these red light camera tickets, I am becoming skeptical of the whole red light camera monitoring program set up in NYC. I read that the lights are rigged and that the yellow light doesn’t stay on for the complete 3 or 4 seconds that their supposed to so drivers can “proceed with caution” or slow down. But if you’re driving 45 mph (12th ave) and your a couple feet away from the light when it turns yellow, is it possible or even safe to completely stop your vehicle in 1-2 seconds? If the yellow lights are truly timed below the minimum duration, then the lights should just go green to red. Regardless, It’s really not fair and I hope that an outsider will do a study on these lights to see how they really operate.

  2. Carlitos Way-Out says:

    This is part of the scientific dictatorship designed to bankrupt America. Everyone knows the yellow lights are too fast, this is part and parcel the sold-out governments way of oppressing the people. They don’t fix the roads, tunnels or bridges to keep us looking down watching out for pot holes while we also watch for everything else going on. They’re spraying us with Chem-trails, dousing us with radiation in our cell phones and the TSA. They keep us stressed out by destroying our food supply with GMO, and our water is sludge, chuck fill of Fluoride and god know how many toxins. Our police force are really their army of revenue collectors. Pure insanity!

  3. Auburn Dale says:

    Here’s a completely new and unprecedented idea… DRIVE LEGALLY!!

    Oh, wait, that’s too radical.

  4. bf says:

    I don’t speed and a don’t go through red light, yet I got two of these tickets. I swear that the yellow is timed to be really fast to catch people. I also got rear ended being to cautious and that cost my insurance company nearly 4 grand.

  5. Huntington Hartford says:

    Laughing outloud, What does this tell you Charlie Rangel and The Sec of Trueasury, We live in a world of No Ethics, a group of people who have lost it, its called Intellectual Bankruptcy, which goes hand in hand to the Financial System, called The Black Hole, A Congress which operates on Whim, I see the second Titanic has pulled into port Oh Yes New Captain But Same Rats On Board, only this time believe it or not Short of Life Rafts, because there is over 300 million people on board sad aint it, But America Will No Longer Be Able To Handle The future This Is A fact, because No One Will Address Our Problems thus America has a 11 percent approval rating for The House Of Cards and The Joker isnt wild, but Congress Would all get lost in a telephone booth

  6. little star says:

    Yes this revenue collection. Clearly, due to the 40% increase in fines, people are not becoming better drivers.BIG BROTHER is waiting to install the same system for speeding. It is only a matter of time. I am afraid to drive TWO blocks without my seatbelt ! Points are automatic for that violation now. Where is the freedom ?

  7. Dan Te says:

    NYC can made a bundle if tickets for jay walking were issued.

  8. Joe Quimby says:

    New York City mayor Dungberg loves to bleed New Yorkers.

  9. RichieT says:

    If the drivers in NYC,actually didn’t ignore the 30mph speed limit, there they wouldn’t be a major problem stopping at a light. The yellow light is usually on for enough time. Equipment fails. I’ve seen traffic light’s with both the red and green light’s on at the same time. Some people shouldn’t be driving. I stopped a woman making a turn on a red light from Broadway to west 47st.. She hadn’t even stopped. “Right on red” Her reason? she didn’t see the light.

    1. johnny says:

      Yeah right. There is so much traffic in the city, speeding is hardly an issue. From a distance, these cameras appear to be a life saving device due to the fact that most people are not educated as to how these cameras actually operate. It’s only when the poor saps who claim they never run a red light and receive an automated ticket in the mail begin to realize what a scam these cameras are. The fine is set low enough so people will just end up paying the fine instead on taking the time to contest it.

  10. Shulem Weinreich says:

    how about catching some of those peeps who fail to scoop after they’re dogs. sickos!!!!!

  11. johnny says:

    These cameras are a scam. The yellow lights are set below a minimum safe duration to increase revenue, not safety. As a result, an increase in rear end collisions occur due to drivers being overly cautious not to “blow” a red light. If the city was so concerned with safety and drivers punching it through red lights, they would increase the yellow light time giving motorists adeqate time to clear the intersection. Surely, revenue would decline so much so that the cameras would no longer sustain themselves through fines. It’s no wonder these machines become a favorite of politicians all over to help balance the budget on the backs of drivers.

    1. CT says:

      Indeed. It’s a big source of money, they can’t have it in drivers’ favor. I have seen yellow lights at those tricky camera streets lasting merely 2 seconds. G’luck getting pass that when ya see it.

    2. Yellow Light Scam says:

      @johnny: Plus one.

  12. Patrick from the Bronx says:

    when are the cameras for j walking, littering and smoking in parks coming out ? Bloomberg is the biggest piece of s%&) !

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