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The NHL trade deadline has passed and it wasn’t as hectic or exciting as everyone hoped it would be with the majority of the trades happening in the week prior to the deadline.

The Rangers weren’t able to add any scoring help and will have to survive the final weeks of the season with their offense the way it is. The Devils traded away veteran Jason Arnott to the Capitals, while the Islanders will go forward with the same exact team, as both the Devils and Islanders try to make historic runs to clinch postseason berths.

Brian Monzo, producer for WFAN and hockey writer for, joined me to talk about the outlook for the metro hockey teams down the stretch.

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  1. Billy-T says:

    Great stuff….hope Richards signs in July.

  2. Ronn Bennedum says:

    WFAN should change it’s call letters to WNHA ( No Hockey Allowed )

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