9:49: The Rangers lose and the Knicks lose (though if you had them +7 you are probably feeling OK) and the epic live blog goes 0-2 in what was a disappointing three hours. Francisco Liriano will probably be traded to the Phillies tonight just to cap it off.

Thanks to those who read the epic live blog. The Knicks are back at it tomorrow night at MSG against the Hornets and the Rangers have the Wild on Thursday night at MSG. It’s a big weekend for the Blueshirts with three games in four days (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) as their playoff chances are slowly slipping away.

9:44: That’ll do it for the Knicks’ chances. Devastating.

9:43: At least get the rim or something, Landry…

9:40: Charlie Sheen might have the most Twitter followers ever by the end of the night. He also might break Twitter at some point tonight. Just winning all the time!

9:38: Billups is going to the line after the commercial break. This is big. Can’t be lose both games of the epic live blog.

9:32: This Knicks game feels like when I should I have left the blackjack table after the previous shoe. Nothing is going right, and the dealer is showing a 10 every time.

9:31: The Rangers lose 3-2. Devastating.

9:28: Oh my…

9:26: I’m not sure when the rule changed, but if you bounce the puck off the boards around a defenseman and try to go around him to the outside and he touches you, it’s interference. Apparently this is officiating crew is rewriting the rulebook.

9:24: We are in the Foxwoods Final Five Minutes even though this game isn’t on MSG. We are also five minutes from the Rangers losing the most important game of the season to date.

9:18: I bet MSG is really happy that their “Summer of ’86” show premieres tonight up against Charlie Sheen on “20/20”.

9:16: We have gone from me calling this The Official Live Blog Of Winning to possibly going 0-2 tonight. The Knicks have semi-fallen apart the last minute and the Rangers are just nine minutes away from losing another one-goal game and watching the playoffs slowly slip away.

9:13: The Rangers have had enough chances in the last three minutes, but can’t find the back of the net. I’m not sure if Dubinsky was just tripped or if it was a great defensive play. Apparently Versus doesn’t care since they are refusing to show a replay.

9:06: Watching Stan Van Gundy and trying to figure out what he is trying to say by lip reading made me remember that he never has a voice when he has a mic on him. Has he ever had a voice? Does he lose it in the first game of the year and then doesn’t get it back until the offseason like a player with a lingering injury throughout the season?

9:05: Goaaaaallllllllllll! Oh! Oh! Ohhh! I am 2-for-2 on reverse jinxes tonight. There is no way the Rangers will tie this game…

9:03: Daggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The two-goal IS the worst lead in hockey. But a two-goal lead against the Rangers in the third period is a near lock.

9:00: I was hoping for a “BACK-TO-BACK AND A BELLY-TO-BELLY” following the 3-pointers from Billups and Anthony, but we are still 30 days away from such an exclamation.

8:59: When Chauncey Billups pulls up for a 3, it always goes in. At least it seems that way.

8:58: The Rangers are back on. Which game is going to finish first? It’s going to be close, but I’m going to go with the Rangers game. Brian Engblom is “inside the glass!”

8:56: Clyde likes to sit in the bleachers with the “real crowd” at baseball games. What a good man. It’s too bad there isn’t a “real crowd” at Citi Field.

8:55: Ronny Turiaf is like the Francisco Cervelli of the Knicks to me.

8:47: Like Stephen A. Smith, I sometimes forget that Stan Van Gundy is an actual person and not just a character.

8:43: If the Sabres win in regulation, they will be three points back of the Rangers with three games in hand. It might be time for John Tortorella to give this speech in the locker room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QILn1G8zaqc

8:41: Landry Fields misses a 3 then comes down and fouls Redick on a 3. Quite the swing.

8:39: The Rangers go to the locker room as the Knicks start the second half. Timing is everything.

8:38: It feels like a lot of times Ryan Callahan’s mind is a few steps ahead of his stick and his legs.

8:34: Ryan Miller just caught that one-timer like Cliff Lee caught the pop-up on the mound at Yankee Stadium in Game 1 of the 2009 World Series. As if to say, “Was that a joke?”

8:31: Brian Monzo would be mad if I started a “Why Didn’t The Rangers Get Brad Richards” campaign?”So, I think I’m going to start it if the Sabres score the next goal.

8:29: The MSG crowd has come alive after the Rangers got on the board. I don’t blame anyone at the game for not getting loud before the Rangers scored. The only problem is that they still need to score again. I’m optimistic about it…

8:27: I’m happy it’s halftime in the Knicks-Magic game. Between controlling two TVs, picking which audio I want to hear, writing this blog, following Twitter and trying to make sure Charlie hasn’t done another interview between whistles is pretty chaotic.

8:25: OK, I was wrong. But I’m glad I was wrong. Two-goal lead … worst lead in hockey!

8:24: The over/under on Rangers PP shots here is 0.5. Once again, I have the under.

8:22: I took this video of myself after the Rangers gave away the shorthanded 3-on-1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLXnBI4ykVs

8:20: And the Rangers blow a shorthanded 3-on-1. That’s right a shorthanded 3-on-1. And what happens? The Sabres go the other way and make it 2-0. And it’s Brad Boyes with the goal! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

8:18: Lindy Ruff doesn’t look like a guy you would want to talk to if he was your friend. He definitely doesn’t look like a guy who wants to be talked to on the bench during the middle of a game.

8:16: If you’re a hockey coach and you want to show what NOT to do on a 2-on-1, Versus just broke it down beautifully.

8:13: Chauncey Billups is a badass, and the Rangers’ power play is just bad.

8:08: Why is Brian Engblom the rinkside reporter? He is actually good at his job. Put him on the pregame/intermission/postgame show and trap Milbury or Jones “behind the glass’?

8:05: I just saw two points in the standings flash before my eyes with the loose puck bouncing around in the crease and Lundqvist flopping around unaware of where the puck was.

8:04: Wolski tells the ref, “Matt Cooke does that four times a game and doesn’t get called for it!” It didn’t seem like such a serious hit by Wolski, but he didn’t even need to make contact there. Sabres have a chance to make it 6-0 here. And by 6-0, I mean 2-0. It’s the same.

8:01: The Knicks have the lead and the Rangers are back on, and the live blog is once again “epic”.

8:00: Chauncey Billups is kind of like Mike Lowell. His first team (Celtics) traded him just like Lowell’s (Yankees), and he has been the thrown into trades as a non-factor, but he just keeps on putting up numbers and winning games.

7:58: Maybe the Knicks just like getting down by double digits and being a turnover away from getting blown out only to come back and make it a game? It’s probably not the best formula for success, but it seems to be working in Florida recently.

7:55: The Rangers have five shots so far. I’m setting the over/under for Rangers shots for the rest of the game at 13.5, and I’m taking the under.

7:53: Charlie Sheen is going to be on 20/20 tonight at 10:00. If these games go to overtime, I’m going to need a third TV.

7:52: Bill Walker had the game of his life in Miami. The only problem is he is going to be asked to play a lot of minutes now after the trade. Why is this a problem? Well, Walker played about as minutes as me when he was on the Celtics and now he is playing a major defensive role on the Knicks. Sure, the Celtics lineup was a lot deeper and there wasn’t much of a need for him, but it still scares me that he is being asked to do so much. I hope he continues to improve, and maybe he just wasn’t playing in Boston because he hit on Doc Rivers’ wife as the Celtics Christmas party.

7:47: This blog isn’t so “epic” for the next 15 minutes as just the Knicks are playing. And with Keith Jones and Mike Milbury doing the intermission show on Versus, I can easily mute the right TV.

7:43: Thomas Vanek nearly ended the game (if he could have put the Sabres up 2-0), but he lost control of the puck, and the Rangers escape down just a goal.

On the left TV, the Magic hung a 32-spot on the Knicks in the first quarter. That calculates out to 128 points over four quarters. And that’s never a good thing.

7:41: The shot clock buzzer just went off in the Knicks game and I thought it was the MSG horn in the Rangers game for the end of the first.

7:39: The Sabres get a power-play goal and the Rangers are in trouble. I like to think the Rangers need to win every game 1-0, which is obviously insane and impossible, but I just never know how they are going to score. A one-goal deficit feels like three. I’m just glad they added some offensive help before the deadline!

7:37: Sloppy, sloppy play by the Knicks and the Magic are on a 14-0 run. At least I think that’s what was just said. There was a Peyton Manning ZigTech commercial running on the other TV at the same time.

7:33: Tyler Myers (6’8″) could be playing in either one of these games.

7:31: According to Wikipedia, Morrison is a free agent. I wonder if he knows anyone can write anything or change anything on Wikipedia. I say this because he should probably change his picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Morrison

7:30: Remember when people thought Adam Morrison was better than J.J. Redick? Where’s Adam Morrison? I’m being serious. Where is he?

7:26: I think Clyde should be the only Knick to call Carmelo, “‘Melo.” It should just be a thing for teammates. Like I wouldn’t call Derek Jeter “Jeet” or “Jetes” to his face. Well, I wouldn’t talk to Derek Jeter in the first place because I would probably wet my pants, but if I did, I wouldn’t call him that. It would just be weird because I’m not his friend or his teammate. But it sounds cool when Clyde says it. It didn’t sound cool when Mike Tirico said it 1,429 times on Sunday night.

On a semi-related note, I never refer to the Yankees as “Yanks” or Red Sox as “Sox” or Patriots as “Pats” and so on. Just not a fan of it.

7:24: I can’t wait for Dwight Howard to be a Knick in a couple of years. I just hope the Phillies aren’t interested in him when he becomes a free agent.

7:22: The Rangers have one shot on goal through eight minutes, and I’m not surprised. That’s not good.

7:19: The audio of this experiment would make a good mash-up. I have Clyde Frazier talking about “boxing out” in my left ear and Ed Olczyk talking about “active sticks” and “forechecking” in my right ear.

7:16 Brad Boyes is getting a lot of hype since the trade deadline was so bad. He is no longer the player he once was, but he there is the chance that he could recapture some of his old scoring magic down the stretch for the Sabres. I remember when the Bruins traded him for Dennis Wideman. What a disaster that was.

7:12: Sideline reporters are pretty close to unnecessary. Rinkside reporters are completely unnecessary.

7:10: I know the Knicks are +7 and +250. I forgot to check what the Rangers money line does for the purpose of an all-New York parlay for the night.

7:00: The NHL and NBA trade deadlines have passed, so what you see is pretty much what you will get from the Rangers and Knicks from here on out. With both teams currently in the playoff picture, they are both jockeying for better position as their respective seasons wind down over the next the five and six weeks.

The Knicks are coming off their significant win over the Heat on Sunday night and the Rangers are coming off another one-goal effort and 2-1 loss to the Lightning on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully both teams can make Charlie Sheen happy tonight and do a lot of “winning” and increase their postseason odds.

Two games at 7 p.m. Two TVs. Two remotes. One computer. One epic live blog.


WFAN’s Neil Keefe will be live blogging tonight’s Rangers vs. Sabres and Knicks vs. Magic right here, all night.

Check back for updates.