Belligerent Outburst Stuns Owners, Scares ShoppersBy Lou Young

WEST NYACK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Rockland County are trying to track down the woman seen in a rather bizarre surveillance video.

Her belligerent, bottle-breaking display left many dismayed.

“Rex” the owner’s dog saw it all, and so did a battery of video cameras from multiple angles.

An angry woman went on a bottle-breaking rampage through a West Nyack liquor store. She didn’t steal anything. She just wrecked the place.

“I’m angry about this. In 25 years in this business I’ve never seen something like this,” said the store owner’s son, Chris Giacopelli.

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The store clerks told police the woman came through the door and walked right up to the counter wanting the jump the line, very angry. This happened at about 6:30 last Wednesday night. And if the people in the store were smiling about the incident a week later, as they told CBS 2’s Lou Young, at the time they were terrified.

The video shows her arguing with a clerk about 30 seconds after she walked in. A customer looks on, and Rex looks very concerned. During this heated exchange she asked to use the restroom and was told no, and that really set her off.

She’s seen on video heading to the back of the store and then clears parts of a shelf on her way out.

They were still re-stocking Wednesday and remembering.

She put just put her hand in here and all the way all the way down,” one person said.

“Then when she got to this area she grabbed this display here and threw it down to the floor — strong and angry,” another person said.

“It was very scary. I was terrified,” clerk Joanne Ghaharty said.

But it’s all on video. Police said they know she arrived and left in a cab and was dropped off at the Palisades Mall. They have a possible line on her identity but would like your help all the same.

“Oh this is quite unusual. I think that she had been drinking. That’s the information we have,” Clarkstown Police Sgt. Harry Baumann said.

If you know her you’re asked to call the police and its suggested you probably don’t want to make her angry.

Police said that when they catch the woman in the video she’ll likely face a criminal mischief charge.

Ever see anything like this? Please tell us your experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. ANTOINE THE ASS says:

    @ Antoine THE GUTTER RAT…..



  2. Ernaldo T says:

    This pig is probably a teacher…….

  3. Mr. Armenia says:

    Maybe the owner made racial slurs towards the lady that caused her to snap?

  4. david desmond says:

    execute her

  5. RufusVonDufus says:

    I think the owner of the liquor store needs a new son, one with balls instead of a slit! I wonder if he was wearing a thong?

  6. oknave says:

    When caught, she should get eric holder to represent her.

  7. mahone dunbar says:

    Black people do not like to wait in line. They’re special. Just ask them.

  8. Michelle says:

    She should have to pay double restitution and cleanup costs, if and when caught. Easy solution. But that won’t happen because American justice sucks. Instead she’ll pay a fine to the government (oh yay! they benefit) and maybe spend a little time (unlikely) behind bars–thus sticking to the store owner even more–as he pays taxes to run the prison and feed her. Real fair system.

  9. jenkins64 says:

    Check out how the dog is reacting to the situation in this video. This crazy lady keeps pushing her hands out toward the clerk. All of a sudden, the dog jumped up and put his/her paws on her hands. This dog actually put himself/herself between the two women in an attempt to protect the clerk. In my mind, this dog is a hero and is the most amazing part of this video! That’s a good dog!

  10. Weasler says:

    A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, “Wow! Where the hell did you get THAT?”.

    The parrot says: “Over in Africa. There’s millions of them!”.

    1. mystic7 says:

      You will be hearing from Jackie Martling’s lawyers 😉

  11. noseitall says:

    Yes, she is definitely “still at large”.

  12. wallace1303 says:

    Was the dog harmed? Has he been to a dog shrink to see if he has PTSD? This woman should be on the ten most wanted list from PETA.

  13. Perseus317 says:

    Criminal mischief? Isn’t there a stronger charge for this out-of-control hippo? At the very least, she should be made to pay for the damage that she did, and she should also be issued a “No Trespass” warning, so that she could be arrested if she attempts to enter the store again.

  14. also white says:

    ignorant racists

    1. Weasler says:

      What should we do? Search for the “real” vandal by checking all Irish males?

      1. RufusVonDufus says:

        Ha! Ha! This is probably pretty close to the truth as to what the local police are now doing only from fear of Eric Holder and the DOI (Injustice)! I feel sorry for anyone who tries to arrest and charge this mau mau!

    2. Alexandra says:

      That’s a contradiction in terms.

      Now I see what it is you “progressives” are “progressing” to–more ignorance. And it’s at your peril.

  15. Val says:

    Easy answer – keep a taser behind the counter. If the beeotch comes in again tase her fat welfare azz until her eyes pop out.

  16. Robert Courtney says:

    I read above that we should move to the country.
    It’s too late. Gasoline prices won’t allow you to live more than biking distance from work.
    Watch and see. And THAT is exactly what Obama and his commie/socialist/Marxist radical cabinet wants.
    Don’t believe me?
    If we don’t get a President and Congress elected that will encourage our own energy resource usage in 2012, 9.00 a gal is on it’s way.
    Watch and see if I’m right.

  17. Chucky says:

    Yeah… you guys stopped that comment section pretty quick didn’t you?

    Truth hurts fools !

  18. Liberte says:

    What the hell are you white people still doing there.

    Trust your instincts, move to the country.

    1. Jujubar says:

      We would but country people have enough sense not to let that happen.

      1. Real Rick says:

        You bet. We would have had her in our sights VERY quickly!

  19. Bill Rowlands says:

    Normal Jaboon behavior. I don’t know why anyone acts surprised.

  20. Kevin says:

    WOW, another CRAZY US woman. We raise such quality women in this formerly great country….

    1. c says:

      sickening . Also the male owner is a wussy. Tackle her or hang on to a leg until cops get their. Or RNC

  21. mountainman says:

    Where is eric holder when you need him, isn’t she one of HIS people.

    Ya gotta be proud eric!

    1. jenkins64 says:

      This is an epic comment! I agree wholeheartedly

  22. jeff says:

    Obama said the owner acted stupidly….

    1. Weasler says:


  23. joe says:

    how did i know she was black before i saw the video?

  24. biteme says:

    Sounds like Carrie Nation to me…did she have an ax?

  25. disfunctional culture says:

    Well, she’s probably got some kind of mental illness. Like ADHD, diabetes, auto-imune diseases….mental illness is becoming more and more common.
    Or she is acting out like spoiled child. Either way, the US becomes less and less civilized.

    1. Robert Lopez says:

      U have more excuses than porky pig has cartoons! Don’t ya know she has obaamy super powers!

    2. mystic7 says:

      You forgot alcoholism.

  26. stopdigging says:

    Its a chimp….out…she’s mighty scary…lettin’ it all hang out..
    its a chimp…out…..she’s on crack…thats a fact…givin’ whitey a heart attack….

    1. nicks says:

      shattered your illusions of love.
      is it over now,
      do you know how,
      to pick up the pieces and go on….

    2. Jujubar says:

      nice….a little “brick house” action…yeah, I caught that…

  27. expatriate? says:

    This is the kind of crud that makes me seriously consider relocating to Belize where people don’t behave like this and i don’t have to buy their food or housing.

    1. Weasler says:

      The key is, are there any schvartzes in Belize?

  28. DJ says:

    If that was my store, I would have dropped her with a shotgun blast to her head…

    1. Weasler says:

      And I would have PAID to see it!

  29. Jujubar says:

    notice she didn’t break any malt liquor…hmm…

    1. code word says:

      you saw that too? Very strange.

    2. Weasler says:

      I’m sure she spared the Ripple.

  30. Schwartze says:

    Nubian packie rage!

  31. Unimportant says:

    In other news, hey the Middle East is on fire.. Details at 11….

    1. Paul says:

      Is the Middle East ever NOT on fire? It’s been going on for 2000 years. They’re not happy unless they’re fighting over there. If they stopped fighting they’d all be miserable and might need to be on anti-psychotic meds.

  32. Dredd says:

    “She’s still at large.”

    VERY large by the looks of her!

  33. JaneStrange says:

    13% of the population yet 81% of the PRISON population :-p

    1. Sandy says:

      And yet they wonder why they are viewed with suspicion.

    2. Dan says:

      And they account for 15% of drug users (according to independent research), but over 50% of incarcerated drug users shows that it’s not RACE that causes them to be locked up more often, but RACISM.

  34. Python says:

    Whoopee Dooo ! You mean to tell me that with the whole middle east in flames , a US President who has no real policy on anything, and throws down the Constitution at the drop of a hat , an Attorney general who breaks the law , A treasury secretary who evaded taxes the enphasis today will be placed upon some disgruntled woman who busted a few jugs of Booze ?

    I’m sure the editors are only sorry they may be a drink short at toniights shmooze feast at the local well .

  35. David Goldstein says:

    Maybe she was angry about B/ack History Month?

  36. CrazyLikeAFox says:

    I hope she peed herself.

  37. David Arizona says:

    The taxi cab was purchased at a car show in Arizona.

  38. Bob Bobbins says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to retake elementary school English. Learn to write in complete, orderly, coherent sentences!

    1. dj says:

      A-hole….who cares about your stupid azz gramar lesson…puszy

    2. Ernaldo T says:

      Maybe the writer was black, you ax a lot….

  39. why not says:

    Always wanted to do that too. Nice one.

  40. Ceasar Johnson says:

    A poor opinion of black folks is crystallizing in the white public mind. It does not bode well for integration. If i were an educated fair minded black person I would start speaking out about black lawlessness(for your own sake)

    1. Paul says:

      That’s been going on for 50+ years. Only now it’s really justified. Even Upper East Side liberals don’t take black people serious anymore. Of course nobody will say that in public. You’re not allowed.

  41. James Johnson says:

    That is alcohol abuse! She should be locked up.

  42. Major Variola (ret) says:

    Negro, no surprise there.

    1. Freight Train Jones says:

      Some black person will critcize you for that word, meanwhile they won’t even think to criticize the rabid lady. And that IS the problem. Actually people that behave like that deserve to be called any word we desire.

      1. Concerned says:

        Yep I agree, she could of been anybody, but rabid is the word, to much alchol and the I need it now probably caused this. She needs help as we all do when we get to this point. God save her before she commits a murder.

    2. Sgt Hulka says:

      Sir, they prefer the term ‘colored’, Sir!

  43. tommy 02 says:

    Not to worry lady, Holder wont prosecute you, you are one of his people and are entitled to do anything your heart desires, as long as it’s against a slave owning white person!

  44. American says:

    Barack Obama has pledged to award her the Presidential Medal of Honor for her celebration of diversity and multiculturalism during Black History Month. Eric Holder has announced hate crime charges against the owner for failing to allow her use of the bathroom as well as not giving her unlimited liquor as a small reparations downpayment.

  45. Slam1263 says:

    What is wrong with all of you white people? Can’t you even try to behave in public?

    1. charles says:

      I guess you didn’t see the video, the lady was black

      1. Count Yob says:

        It would be giving her too much credit to call her a lady.

      2. Weasler says:

        You give her too much credit by implying she’s a human being.

    2. Ernaldo T says:

      Whats wrong with us whiteys? We put up with you sub human morons. Bang, problem solved.

  46. mr says:

    i hope when she gets caught she gets some jail time how can our justice system allow people to perform acts of violence randomly and then get a slap on the wrist and make her pay the liquor store back why should they take a loss

  47. hoah says:

    Just shoot the ugly skank.

    1. Ernaldo T says:

      with an elephant gun

  48. Sickofthem says:

    Really. Is it not justifiable to shoot a useless piece of human excrement like her? Nothing would give me greater pleasure.

    1. Weasler says:

      If nothing else, it would make great target practice.

  49. charles says:

    I think I had a run in with this lady about a year or so ago, I work in a liquor store in central NJ. And a random lady that looked similar to the one in the video got out of a cab, and starting yelling and acting very oddly. She flip flopped between loud and angry to calm and soft spoken within seconds. Her cab left without her and she flipped out on me. She got it in her head that I told her cab to leave without her. It very well could be her.

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