RIDGEWOOD, NJ (WCBS 880) – A new system at a New Jersey hospital connects parents and babies when they can’t be in the same room.

Imagine delivering a baby prematurely and then having to leave her behind for treatment in the hospital ICU.

Well, at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, Dr. Frank Manginello, Director of Neonatology, says parents can now have virtual visits with their babies.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack with Dr. Frank Manginello

Ryan Brock (seated) views his daughter Sydney via the Peek-A-Boo ICU system at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ - Photo: Valley Health System

Ryan Brock (seated) views his daughter Sydney via the Peek-A-Boo ICU system at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ - Photo: Valley Health System

“Leaving a baby behind is very difficult. Sometimes, the mothers are very sick, maybe in an intensive care unit here in the hospital and still separated from the baby. So, anything that their husband may tell them or any picture that they may see on their digital camera isn’t the same as actually seeing the baby itself,” Dr. Manginello told WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack. “So, that’s how this concept of setting up a Peek-A-Boo ICU really came about.”

LINK: The Valley Hospital

Not only that, this was a tough winter.

Dr. Manginello says, “So there were times when parents couldn’t get in to see their babies. So we have times during the day that parents can actually go on to their computer and, in real time, see exactly what’s going on with the baby.”

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Comments (7)
  1. sam says:

    Brilliant. My daughter, born at 27 weeks, was in the nicu for over 100 days. Wish we had this!

  2. Stephanie B says:

    I am a firm believer in Dr. Heidi Als work. I would rather see adequate space and time made for parents to be with their children.

  3. Kimc76 says:

    The NICU where I work does this during the winter months to avoid exposing the babies to germs. We have also used it when a father has been deployed or a mom is in ICU and can’t get in to see her baby b

  4. Katie Prosperie says:

    I wish the NICU my daughter was in back in 2004 had this. Right after she was born we had a bunch of tropical storms hit and we drive though most of them to get to the NICU to be with our daughter.

  5. Cheriann says:

    What a wonderful idea. Had a preemie in the NICU for 7 long weeks this would have made it easier on us. We are very thankful for all the Drs and Nurses who helped us get threw. We miss you guys 🙂

  6. Joanna says:

    Dr. Manginello & staff, You make the trials and tribulations that go along with having preemies seem like a piece of cake. We’re lucky for having known you….

  7. Lisa says:

    That is wonderful! I had my son prematurely there at Valley and while it was a wonderful experience, because of the amazing people that work there, it was also VERY difficult to leave my son. To be able to see him on a constant basis would have been an amzing gift! Great job Dr. Manginello!

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