Congressman Chastised For Constantly Interrupting Hearing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Congressman Charles Rangel caused a stir in court Friday while trying to lend his support for bail of Afrika Owes.

Owes, 17, had been a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Prosecutors say she was also a member of a drug gang that terrorized 137th Street in Harlem.

Owes was one of fourteen suspected  “137th Street Crew” gang members arrested last month. Prosecutors said the gang used shootings, beatings and robberies to protect their turf and gain street status on a stretch of West 137th Street. The gang allegedly openly dealt crack in apartment lobbies, near Harlem Hospital and near the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

Congressman Charles Rangel argues for Owes getting bail to Juliet Papa of 1010 WINS

The judge refused to release Owes on her own recognizance, saying tapes from Rikers Island have her involved in running guns and getting orders to “shoot for the head.”

The Abyssinian Baptist Church, which is located on 137th street, offered to post bond but the judge said it wasn’t clear if that was legally allowed.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell describes Rangel’s courtroom behavior

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports Rangel caused a stir in the courtroom, repeatedly standing up and interrupting the judge.

A court officer told Rangel three different times to sit down. When he stood up again, Judge Edward McLaughlin had apparently had enough.

“I see someone standing who should not be standing, unless you have a bad back like I do,” McLaughlin said. Rangel sat down.

Rangel says Owes was a straight-A student and should be given a chance to straighten herself out.

“All the discussions on the question of public policy boils down to a 17-year-old arrested student remaining in jail,” Rangel said.

Owes is due back in court March 22.

What do you think of Rangel’s courtroom behavior? Should Afrika Owes be granted bail? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. fish-head rahm says:

    charlie must owe somebody in the gang some serious favors!

  2. John C says:

    Rangle is a disgrace to his race, making all honorable and respectable black peopole look like crooks.

    1. Ernaldo T says:

      They don’t need his help. He is a disgrace to his species….

    2. theVictorian says:

      Rangle is typical of his race!

  3. Bill Canada says:

    Charlie need to learn to sit and shut up. He thinks he is immune from the same laws and courtroom deportment that regular citizens have to comply with. He is pompous arrogant. reticle orifice. The kid in question should stay in jail.

  4. T Clar says:

    Gosh what a down to earth all American story. Here we have that honest ‘ole
    Charlie Rangel just trying to look after his poor people and the Judge beats up
    on all of the above. Why we also have that wonderful waif Africa Owes with
    her all American name and her aerly efforts at Capitalism just she and her poor
    company just doing their street retailing to earn a little pin money for school. Boy
    what has it come to when such upstanding citizens cannot get a fair hearing in
    court? And you really have to ask what is wrong with this country? Shame!!

  5. John says:

    Africa owes alright…owes a lot me thinkgs…

  6. Ed McGuire says:

    Chuck needs to be hung by his toes till he pay’s all taxes he swindled outta the American people!

  7. cbinflux says:

    Charlie Rangel, what a great character witness!

  8. rafael says:

    He should be out of government. He is an embarrasment to the USA

  9. Jim M says:

    If she can “straighten herself out”, she might grow up to be an honest hard working Congressperson like Charlie.
    Sounds like the girl is either a very smart criminal or that her associates offered to cap a few teachers if she didn’t get the grades.

  10. martin r says:

    rangel should pay more attention to his own crimes he lucky they didnt put him in jail for tax evasion and other unsavory actions aslap on the wrist was nothing does he think she s innocent also ruunning drugs guns a boyfriend in jail let her cool her little behind in jail for a year or two with him (rangel)

  11. Bob A says:

    Must be a racist judge. Negroes can say and do anything they want. Just ask Obama’s attorney general. Its only white people who must act properly.

    1. cbinflux says:

      Eric Holder’s Motto:

  12. Rory Calhoun says:

    this would make a good law and order flick….right chuck……

  13. paul says:

    Proud to be a racist

    1. Joe Greeson says:

      Right on! White makes right!

    2. Colonel Sanders says:

      This is true. 99% are trash, but once in a while,there is a Condoleeza Rice.

  14. Cogiito says:

    I thought he was in jail. Oh, I forgot. It is perfectly all right for members of govenrment not to pay taxes. The law, like most all of them, apply only to the citizens.

  15. Jeffrey says:

    He is so worthless. If anyone was confused about his values, you would THINK this might help them better understand. Straight A student, Yea.. “my little angel would never do anything wrong”

  16. Eric says:

    He should be out of government. He is an embarrasment to the USA.

    1. Eric Jahnke says:

      Figures this piece of human waste would be defending another piece of human waste.

      Liberals … utter trash, all of them.

      1. DoubleKingChiliCheeseHairstyle says:

        Charlie Rangel has made racism cool.

  17. Joey Bagadonuts says:

    Something is VERY fishy here. I wonder if Rangel has been getting a regular envelope from the 137th St. Crew?

    I’d suggest looking at his tax returns…but we all know how futile THAT would be.

  18. MDWhite says:

    The rules for the rest of us just don’t apply, do they Charlie?

    By the way, tax time is fast approaching. Perhaps, instead of proving to the world what an enormous, pompous ass you are in court, you should be home working on your 1040. Only, don’t forget all those Caribbean real estate holdings this time.

  19. gordon says:

    Goes to show – people get the Government they deserve! His people just voted for him over somebody who sounded a lot more honest – not hard – so they got this dog barking in their yard for only God knows how long !

  20. Herbie Original Situation Raskin says:

    Hey Charlie, can you say… Tawana Brawly?
    I am sure there are plenty of murderous felons out there that are/were good students. But, let me also suggest the accused girl’s grades could be have been gotten by cheating, teachers being threatened, or paid-off for those grades! It doesn’t seem too far fetched to me!

  21. Apocolypse_now says:

    What seems be the problem here. Its not contempt of court because its Charlie, Dont you all know Charlie is not held to the same legal standards as average non-DNC surfs. He can omit and evade and elude on his 1040 too. Tolorance for me, But not for thee.

  22. pdav says:

    rangel is an idiot.

  23. Bill Mcneal says:

    mr rangel your jus t so ucky we don’t have an active STAR CHAMBER !!!!!!!!!!Or do we????????your not only a discreas to the congress but also the all the men that lost there live’s in the koren war that you were in (I bet a cook)Your making this u s a I love nothing more then a 2nd. class country all i the name of c.rangel , I hope your not around that much longerto help continue the distruction of AMERICA!!you no good S O B

  24. p3orion says:

    It doesn’t matter what her grades are, Charlie. Did you check the report cards of the victims?

    Straight-A student: let her out, of course.
    Straight-A student who’s also a drug-dealing gang-banger: leave her butt in jail!

  25. Wonder which is his mistress, the 17 yr. old or her mother.

  26. Bill M says:

    Isn’t that nice. Instead of helping the victims of her gang violence, Rangels worried about the gang banger having to be accountable for her actions. Then again he’s not accountable for his crimes, so why should she be.

    1. DoubleKingChiliCheeseHairstyle says:

      “Nailed it!”

      Not only nailed it, but got it out of jail so he can nail it again.

  27. typicalrangel says:

    T N B

  28. bigbiz2 says:

    When I saw the headline ..I thought finally they have this felon tax cheat in court for his income tax evasion!!! What gives?/ You mean he’s not going to be prsecuted ??OMG What a third world judicial system we have!!

  29. Hotcarl says:

    Rangel and Afrika Owes are both members of the same satanic cult that believes Lucifer is god. I hope people are starting to wake up because this has nothing to do with race.

  30. Joseppi Tanner says:

    Meanwhile we have a border agent killed in this country while he is carrying a bean bag gun! Where is outrage on this!

  31. mahone dunbar says:

    Shhhhhhh. Hear that sound? It’s racial civil war moving closer and closer.

  32. DEE says:

    Charlie sure knows who to stand up for , doesnt he? One crook to another. Birds of a feather…dont ya know….

  33. Joseppi Tanner says:

    I hope Newt Gingrich picks Allen West as his running mate , he would be a great and his a great example for all people to follow!

    1. Dee says:

      That would be a great team!!! Great Idea…

  34. JoBo says:

    nNext step is for Chris Mathews to have Rangel on “Hardball” & attempt to exonerate Charlie of any wron doing! Mathews, too, is completely lost when it comes to right & wrong.

    1. bbb says:

      Yeah right, Mathews will get that tingly feeling running down his leg again. I believe she should get bail, actually a one way ticket beck to africa

  35. Kini says:

    Just following the administration’s lead on not prosecuting criminals.

  36. Joseppi Tanner says:

    This guy continues to get elected by the drones in his district.

    Hold him in contempt and put him in jail!

    I’m sure Eric Holder will call and she will get off!

  37. Jsmith says:

    I guess this is a typical Rangel supporter.

    We can expect more of this, now that the Congress has established that Rangel is above the law and cannot be punished.

  38. Jack says:

    Of course he supports the bail, he can’t let his business go down the tubes can he?
    Lay off poor Charlie, he’s just tryin to make a living bro!

  39. Robert says:

    Old Charley needs to be in jail. He is so corrupt that I am suprised he is still a free man. Our law system is really in the tank with the present regime running it.

  40. pjohn56 says:

    Anything this guy lends his name to is immediately suspect imo. Rangel has been one of the most politically corrupt and activist driven “lawmakers” for decades now and if there’s something he is in support of I’d think there’s a strong chance that it is not exactly of the “straight and narrow”.

  41. james hartmann says:

    Charles Rangel along with this girl are the best example of what is wrong in this country. Both believe they can do anything they wish and no one can or should try to stop them, or evenhave the right to question their activity and then they have no responsibility in anything they do. It’s a sickness that overtakes people when they lose all thought of any responsibility to them selves as well as to any other person. It’s self worship of the worst kind and in harmful to anyone or anything they touch. This idea is running rammpant in our society. Just look at the teatchers or whom ever they are in Wisconsin and all the damage they have done and those people who would call themselves legislators there haven’t a clue as to what is responsibility. and our president encourages this kind of behavior yet. What a sad failing action all of that is. sickening.

    1. fred17 says:

      Right on! That’s why this country is pretty well finished.

  42. TOOGood Cha says:

    I Totally Agree w| Represenative Rangel For the fact that there were other teenagers that were arrested along with and sent home for whatever reason or that were granted bail that have more then one arrest in tha past .. Afrika is my friend and they way y’all are trying to make an example of her is ridiculous !

    1. Joseppi Tanner says:

      Yea heaven forbid anyone is made an example of. Social justice not Rule Of Law right?

    2. John says:

      Africa is a continent…maybe they should get together…

    3. Jack says:

      There is no substitute for intelligence !
      Playing the RACE CARD will not entitle you .

    4. New Ole says:

      Everyone knows that we all praise Africa–the immigrants from Africa in the past 30-40 years are taking their rightful place as the “Workers Making the Country Great”–as the Latino’s , Asian and Indian and Eastern European Workers have also—-the A A Bling, Gimme , Entitled folks are the ruinous result of Elite Liberal BS—a total Contrivance of Cancer rotting the Country to the Core.

    5. Jonathan Hilton says:

      His GRANDSTANDING and OUTRAGEOUS actions should have had him in CONTEMPT of Court..No matter how you feel of why HE was there..If it were YOU ..You do realize YOU WOULD BE IN PRISON NOW !!! Doesn’t it bother YOU there is a PORTECTED segment of the population who are ABOVE THE LAW??

  43. Joanne says:

    Rangel have to protect his “people” just like AG Holder does…

  44. skentsan says:

    He should stay the hell out of it. I wish the judge had ejected him or jailed him for contempt. Typical Congressman, thinks the law doesn’t apply to him.

    Oh, and since when is going to a prep school mean you rate special treatment?

  45. Ron Hellstern says:

    Blacks excusing inexcusabloe behavior in other blacks tears at the fabric of black society. Leadership from the likes of Rangel just makes black society more dysfunctional.

  46. guido350 says:


    1. Playrighter says:

      Please do not insult our porcine relatives.

  47. Forrest says:

    Charlie Rangel has created himself enough trouble of his own. He doesn’t need to create more. I think Al Sharpton or Rev. Jackson are more suited to this kind of grand-standing.

  48. daf62757 says:

    So this gang is being morally supported by Rangel? Well I guess I am not surprised.

  49. Gregg says:

    Rangel should be in the can himself and I’m sure there are young and intelligent gang members that would kill !

  50. Vincent LoRe says:

    I would have liked to see Judge MacLaughlin cite Old Charley for contempt and throw him in cell for a few hours. He’s got a big mouth, and he should be put in his place.

    1. John Frost says:

      Obummer and his people are bad

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