NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The cost of fuel oil is high and Suffolk County Police are working to make sure customers are not getting ripped off.

Dozens of fuel trucks pulled into the Holtsville, Long Island check point on Tuesday, but WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported some drivers were not allowed to drive out. Instead, they had to be picked up by a tow truck.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports on how authorities are making sure you get the oil you pay for

Authorities said the trucks had violations like faulty brakes or their measurement equipment was broken. Some customers who bought gallons of heating oil, received less than what they paid for, said police.

“First thing, they’re going to go through Consumer Weights and Measures, they’re going to look at the meters. All the meters in Suffolk County are sealed by the county with a lead seal on it. They’re going to make sure the seal is in place and hasn’t been tampered with,” said Suffolk County Police Sgt. Michael Mallon.

Bottom line, the consumer should get what they pay for, said Mallon. And it should be done in a safe manner.

“They have a calibrated instrument to make sure the consumer gets what they are paying for,” said Mallon.

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  1. Carlos Liriano says:

    the oil delivery trucks are run by the mob, they know how to work the meters so they can pump less oil and get away with it. good job Suffolk County police is doing, keep it up

  2. bugjackblue says:

    What?! If dishonest merchants can’t cheat consumers with impunity, the entire economy of NYC and nearby areas will crash overnight. It is expected, indeed it is REQUIRED, that businesses at every level of the NY food-chain cheat anyone and everyone they can at every opportunity. From neighborhood bodegas to regional supermarket chains to every automobile mechanic in the tri-state area, intentional mispricing, shortchanging, negligence, and fraud are the hallmarks of NY commerce, and any attempt at regulating such behavior is not only doomed to failure, but downright unAmerican.

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