NEW YORK (CBS 2) —  Richmond police say a New Jersey couple who went missing last month during a trip to Virginia have been found dead in New York.

Detective Jamie Baynes said Thursday that 39-year-old Evande Orna (who also goes by Cassy) and 40-year-old Troy Edwards of Plainfield, N.J., were found dead in the trunk of a rental car in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

(credit: CBS 2)

Police snapped pictures of a Nissan Altima after discovering two bodies stuffed inside the trunk.

Neighbors first noticed the car parked on a street in East Flatbush earlier this week and thought it seemed suspicious that no one had moved it.

“I noticed there were tickets on the car but no one knew there were dead bodies in there until cops came and taped it off,” one woman said.

A man from the neighborhood on East 52nd Street said police blocked off the entire area as they conducted their investigation.

“It’s just a lot of detectives. They were probing the area, not letting people through,” he said.

The pair reportedly rented the Altima to head to Richmond.

Richmond police searched an apartment last week where the couple was believed to have stayed and found red stains, a stun gun, a roll of duct tape and a bottle of bleach.

Orna’s mother, Veronica Ramessar, repeatedly called her daughter’s cell phone last week, but there was no answer.

“Cassy we love you. Please come back to us. We miss you so bad. Could you help me locate my daughter, please?” Ramessar said. “Her last words were ‘Mommy, I love you a million times.’ Those were her last words.”

Police said the Orna suffered blunt force trauma to her head and Edward’s throat was slashed.

“We only see this on CSI, so this is definitely tragic,” one neighbor said.

“You know, I was shocked when I heard it. You know, I was a little bit shaken up,” another neighbor said.

The medical examiner determined the man was killed by a single bullet to the head, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports. The autopsy on the woman will be completed Friday.

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  1. MLS says:

    Where is that thief Al Sharpton when killings like this take place? Why isn’t he sticking up for all black people? Apparently he is only concerned where he can make money off the victims, ie Mr. Michael Jackson. You have watch that thief Al Sharpton; watch his hands while he is smiling at you otherwise you’ll have your wallet stolen!

  2. Mr. Armenia says:

    Sounds like it could be gang related

  3. molly says:

    was i correct to say this couple was from plainfield nj ….if so …that is some coincidence ,that the person killed them in virginia ,and kinda ,sorta , didnt no that they were dropping the car off by the mother of his childs house .. HELLOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fingers says:

    Crazy liberals and their illegal guns. An explosive combination.

  5. Mrs. A says:

    did someone say that the abandoned car was reported being seen first by Mr. Edwards (the dead guy) baby’s mama?? That is very strange and a bit too coincidental don’t u think????? Also, perhaps she was the jealous ex……i find it too coincidental that the brief evidence that was found in the apt in VA shows evidence of a murder cleanup and then just by the “stroke of luck” the car ends up back in NY near the ex girlfriend/baby mama’s home. did perhaps she or if she had help, they may have driven the car back home afterwards. it sounds sloppy and not very thought out…..basically from the characters involved it def sounds plausible.

  6. Sara Olander Jackson says:

    LOL…I just love it when people chastise others and manage to make a fool out of themselves. The word is spelled COMPREHENSION.

  7. Interloper says:

    I hope this doesn’t make my coke prices go up.

  8. jaybee says:

    This wasn’t a ramdom crime. One of the two people who were killed probably knows the killer. Possilby a drug deal gone bad or a jealous ex.

  9. PKT says:

    “Wow….reading comprehention people!”

    LOL If you are going to correct someone, start with yourself!
    However that might require some reading “COMPREHENSION”!!!

  10. Fitzgerald Grant says:

    i smell fishie fishienness in thisn one, i just hope who ever commited this crime hang from a rope.

  11. ziippy magoo says:

    The Wall Street Journal sez:

    On Wednesday, the mother of Mr. Edwards’s child noticed a car fitting the description of the rental parked near her home on East 52nd Street in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush neighborhood, the official said. Responding officers discovered the bodies in the trunk of the rented Nissan Altima at about 7:15 p.m., police said. There was a parking ticket on the windshield dated Feb. 28. A bullet was found on the driver’s seat, the official said

  12. Sam says:

    They don’t need an examiner. The guys throat was slashed & someone hit the lady over the head.

  13. Re says:

    To all those gals who think that thugaboos lives are sexy and glamourous, remember actress Rosie Perez being admonished by Wesley Snipes’ on-screen wife in “White Men Can’t Jump”, when she said “Wake up girlfriend, IT’S YOUR BOYFRIEND (that’s putting you in danger)!!!”

  14. jtorres says:

    Even if they find the murderers, arrest them and they say why they killed them, it will still make no sense to civilized human beings. Murder never does

    1. noemisandoval says:

      N.Torres does it murder ever make sense ? someone wanted what they had or didn’t have. and they were killed for it was random or not it still doesn;t make any sense.

  15. Kstar says:

    It dont make sense, but whomever did it gonna get caught….sound like they were killed in VA and them drove to NYC to cover up the fact…. SMFH

  16. RE says:

    To all those gals out there who think that thugaboos lives are sexy, and glamourous, remember actress Rosie Perez’s admonished state when she was tersely told in “White Men Can’t Jump”, “Wake-up girlfriend; IT’S YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!”

  17. smellytoes says:

    Could be possible love triangle or jealous ex. Alot of NYers live in Richmond.

  18. Tina says:

    Very sad makes no sense to me.

  19. MJ says:

    Very sad and disturbing.

  20. cat says:

    When do murders use any sense?

  21. kenitomendez says:

    ,,,it makes sense; if you transporting somethin’ the ATF might be interested in.

  22. Joe says:

    For all of you that are already confused. They were found because the N.Y.P.D. received a call from the Richmond, Virginia Police Department telling them the location of the car. What is unknown at this time is how Richmond P.D. got that information.

  23. Lem says:

    Huh? So they were killed in Richmond, VA, and then hauled back to the NY area? Makes no sense.

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