NEW YORK (CBS 2) —  Richmond police say a New Jersey couple who went missing last month during a trip to Virginia have been found dead in New York.

Detective Jamie Baynes said Thursday that 39-year-old Evande Orna (who also goes by Cassy) and 40-year-old Troy Edwards of Plainfield, N.J., were found dead in the trunk of a rental car in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

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(credit: CBS 2)

Police snapped pictures of a Nissan Altima after discovering two bodies stuffed inside the trunk.

Neighbors first noticed the car parked on a street in East Flatbush earlier this week and thought it seemed suspicious that no one had moved it.

“I noticed there were tickets on the car but no one knew there were dead bodies in there until cops came and taped it off,” one woman said.

A man from the neighborhood on East 52nd Street said police blocked off the entire area as they conducted their investigation.

“It’s just a lot of detectives. They were probing the area, not letting people through,” he said.

The pair reportedly rented the Altima to head to Richmond.

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Richmond police searched an apartment last week where the couple was believed to have stayed and found red stains, a stun gun, a roll of duct tape and a bottle of bleach.

Orna’s mother, Veronica Ramessar, repeatedly called her daughter’s cell phone last week, but there was no answer.

“Cassy we love you. Please come back to us. We miss you so bad. Could you help me locate my daughter, please?” Ramessar said. “Her last words were ‘Mommy, I love you a million times.’ Those were her last words.”

Police said the Orna suffered blunt force trauma to her head and Edward’s throat was slashed.

“We only see this on CSI, so this is definitely tragic,” one neighbor said.

“You know, I was shocked when I heard it. You know, I was a little bit shaken up,” another neighbor said.

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The medical examiner determined the man was killed by a single bullet to the head, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports. The autopsy on the woman will be completed Friday.