By Rich Lamb

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, the memorial at Ground Zero is coming together.

Memorial President Joe Daniels said the project is on time and will be completed as promised.

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“You’ll be able to circumnavigate both pools to find the name of any victim that died either on that day or February of 1993 or from the Pentagon or Flight 93,” Daniels said. “This is America’s National 9/11 Memorial and it includes all of the victims of that day.”

The memorial will feature the names of the 2,982 victims inscribed on bronze plaques around the two pools.

Daniels said so much demand is anticipated from the general public that the memorial will be instituting a reservation system that will go online this summer.

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  1. Michael Burke says:

    “America’s memorial” as Daniels calls it here will include nothing of the WTC, nothing of 9/11 and nothing that America embraced as commemorating 9/11. It will remake the site so it eradicates all trace and memory of the attacks. The jury that chose it said no history of 9/11 could be inlcuded in order “to protect the integrity of the design.” The damaged WTC Sphere, the last intact remnant of the WTC and the single most iconic artfiact of 9/11 has been banished from the site. The architect said it is “didactic.” That is, it would tell us what to think. Imagine ridding the USS Arizona memorial of the USS Arizona. Sorry, folks; these “memorial” is a politically correct sham. See “Save the Sphere” at petition online.

  2. Simon Goldfarb says:

    Burn the Islamist Dogs in their own satanic crude oil. Filthy Arab Swine.Mohammed is Satan’s son.

  3. Deb Elliott says:

    Actually, you giant ignoramus, it was 1962 when the site was selected for the original WTC. Groundbreaking in 1966, finished in 1972. As for the 10 years it’s taken for the memorial to be constructed, please remember back to the extensive time spent looking for remains to give victim’s families peace, then the massive clean up. Beyond that, the decision to make the memorial what it is didn’t happen overnight. There is a process to any large scale project like this and it takes time to select an architect, agree on a design, designers, engineers, etc.

  4. Auburn Dale says:

    “The memorial will feature the names of the 2,982 victims inscribed on bronze plaques around the two pools.”

    Really? I though it was supposed to be for only the police and fire victims, with civilians relegated to a footnote (if funding permits).

  5. Alex says:

    Really? So fast? I`m just wondering how much money was stolen for many years to complete it.

  6. Sam Salinitis says:

    What happened to building 7? Took 2 years to construct and complete the Old World Trade center and now it takes more than a decade to rebuild the New World Trade center? please. Should we blame the unions or the delusional man who claims to run the city of New York ?

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