MILLERSVILLE, Md. (AP) — A man accused of stabbing his estranged wife to death in a New York City hair salon has been arrested in Anne Arundel County.

Police say 42-year-old Michael Kenny of Queens, N.Y., was arrested Friday night in the Millersville area after a slow-speed chase.

Anne Arundel police were contacted Friday by New York homicide detectives who reported that Kenny would be traveling to Millersville to visit relatives. Police moved Kenny’s family to the Eastern Shore and saturated the area.

He was spotted in a stolen van, and police say when officers tried to pull him over, he didn’t stop. Police used stop sticks to deflate the van’s tires, and arrested Kenny after using a shotgun that fires a beanbag to stun him.

Kenny is wanted for the slaying of Denise Kenny Thursday at a midtown Manhattan salon.

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  1. angelina says:

    We are living in crazy times. It seems as if crazy things are happening all over this planet. Nothing surpires me anymore and the crazy things people do. I guess one just has to brace themselvers before they leave their homes these days because one may not return. Stop the world I want to get off..

    1. Sam says:

      Yes! indeed we live in dark times. I think all these are happening because of the so called the internet revolution after the year 2000 . Internet bringing news so fast that is corrupting our brains, we letting to much information in to our brains. why babies are happy? because their only world is their parents. Humans are now acting more as an individual the fabric of the society is broken.

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