By Abby Sims
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Reports of Johan Santana’s cautious progress as he recovers from shoulder surgery should not be a dramatic surprise, nor should his current condition be discouraging.  It has been only six months since the tear in his anterior capsule was repaired and there are great risks in trying to accelerate his return. It is important to recognize that beginning a throwing program is very different than throwing off the mound and, beyond that, returning to competitive form.  The process takes patience and, though there are no guarantees that all will go optimally, let’s give the man some time.   No need for drama yet…

A huge shame for D.J. Kennedy, St. John’s versatile forward, who tore his right ACL in the first half of the Johnnies’ quarter-final loss to Syracuse in the Big East Tournament.  I feel for anyone with an injury, but especially for kids whose dreams are so close to being realized.  It isn’t only about how much his absence will impact St. John’s success in the NCAAs, but also how after working so hard all season, Kennedy will have to settle for being on the sidelines.  He should be proud of his contributions in helping his team turn it around to get to this point – It is a major accomplishment.  In my mind Kennedy exits a winner…Read more about ACL injuries from a prior blog on Da’Sean Butler.