By Wayne Cabot

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – If you’ve ever stepped into an Irish pub, chances are you’ve heard the Irish rock band, The Pogues, playing on the jukebox.

You may not know the words – or understand them – but pretty soon you’ll find yourself singing along and banging your mugs to the beat.

The Pogues are playing Tuesday night through St. Patrick’s night at Terminal 5 on Manhattan’s West Side, and it may be the last chance to see them in America.

WCBS 880’s Wayne Cabot talks with Spider Stacy about their upcoming shows

Touring is winding down for the 30-plus year band, but The Pogues won’t be falling off the radar any time soon.

“This is probably the last East Coast tour…we’re going to be aiming more at festivals and just try to shake it around a bit, really,” said Stacy.

The band first played in America as Nassau Community College in 1986 and Stacy told Cabot the concert was “a disaster.”

“We were kind of playing in a corridor during lunch hour and really people weren’t paying that much attention…plus a campus cop took my beer off me cause I didn’t realize you weren’t allowed to drink alcohol on campus,” said Stacy, “And I was thinking ‘This is what it’s like playing in Amercia?'”

Thankfully, The Pogues and their fans have had many more successful concerts after that.

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