Allegedly Turn Animals Loose In School, Face Criminal Charges

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It was supposed to be a senior prank, but now three students in Woodbridge said they’re facing criminal charges — and may not be able to walk through graduation ceremony and take part in other senior activities.

Does the punishment go too far?

It wasn’t the T-shirts that got two 17-year-olds in trouble, but the actual chickens they said they released into their high school as part of a senior prank back in February.

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“So we confessed. We told the truth. Now we’re getting charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, not allowed to go to prom, not allowed to go to graduation, and all that,” Anthony Cesareo told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Cesareo and Tyler Bruno said they bought live chickens from a store in Newark and pushed the chickens through a window at Woodbridge High School in the middle of the night. A janitor found them in the morning before school started.

“Just how harsh they’re being with the punishment and everything, the seriousness of a not serious prank,” Bruno said.

Cesareo, who was suspended from school Wednesday, spoke to Sloan with his mother and two friends who face the same consequences.

“They’re taking it too far, way too far,” Anna Cesareo said. 

The school’s principal wouldn’t comment and Sloan’s calls to the superintendent haven’t been returned.

Police said they can’t release information on the 17-year-olds because they’re juveniles, but they gave Sloan the report on 18-year-old Bryan Pater, saying he’s been charged with trespassing.”

“I am very worried,” Pater said.

Pater said he’s not happy about the charges and of not going to the prom.

“For us not to be there, it would just be heartbreaking,” Pater said.

“It’s not fun anymore. No one knows how to have a good laugh,” Anthony Cesareo added.

It may have been a joke to them, but police said it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt.

The teenagers said they got the chickens from a live poultry shop in Newark, but the shop denied it, saying they don’t let live chickens leave their premises.

The 18-year-old faces a $1,000 fine and six months in prison, but it’s unlikely he’ll face any time. A judge can give him community service.

Do you think these kids are being too harshly punished? Offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Edi's son says:

    I’m not sure, but I don’t think the cops can pick and choose the calls the get sent to. I do agree however that the punishment is a little much.

  2. tornado 2828 says:

    the students with chickens should say they were just practicing an ancient muslim custom….the marxist superintendent, the principal, and the flunkie,goon-like woodbridge teachers would all applaud and oversee an awards ceremony where the kids receive students of the year trophies !!!!!!!!

  3. Jd Noland says:

    I guess we need some more natural born killers to liven things up!
    Schools can not dicipiline students with out Cops any more !
    Jesus Christ this Country needs to get a grip!
    Cops catchin chickens and murderous tthugs goin free!!!!
    My kinda Country!!!!

    1. Richard says:

      cops didnt catch the chickens!
      no murderous thugs went free!
      but I bet next year the seniors think twice about their stupid prank!

      1. Tim Smith says:

        At least the kids won’t have to worry about pulling their trouser up, while not dislodging an enormous stick from their backsides. Double up on the laxatives, already.

  4. Grog says:

    This country has turned chicken over chicken chicken s##t !!

  5. James Nantz says:

    Again, why aren’t these genius authorities going after real criminals for once? That would be wonderful.

    1. Glen Smith says:

      Unfortunately Police are public servants so to speak, when someone calls it’s there job to go running. The school called and the police cannot just tell the school no we are not going to come and do a report for you sorry. No matter how stupid or lame, if a report and investigation is wanted that is what they have to do. It’s not the fault of the police but the fault of the school to get police involved in something so small.

      1. Tim Smith says:

        Maybe not. But they have the option of, perhaps, talking the school authorities down a bit, while trying to instill some common sense into them..

      2. Tom D. says:

        As a former Chief of Police, I would have had my officers investigate the complaint (the complaint cannot be ignored) and forwarded the findings to the District Attorney’s office and leave the decision there (along with my thoughts). I would not have arrested the students. Definitely an over reaction.

  6. Kestrel says:

    The must learn the ultimate power of the state, including arbitrary powers. They must learn to be good sheep.

    1. kurt says:

      I would have been in jail from 8th grade on if I was in the govet schools today.
      its sheeple.

  7. tornado 2828 says:

    i absolutely guarantee that if the pupils with the chickens were black, the incident would be ignored……..the american of 2011!!!!!! no wonder the kids drink and take drugs in mass quantities.

  8. Brock O'Bama says:

    Tis a bunch of blarney!

  9. Petrus2 from DownUnder says:

    Strike me pink!! Stone the flamin crows and starve the lizards!!. You poor Americaqns sure do have some right royal drongos running things over there!! Where on earth did you find them – is there some rock from under which they crawl – no one would claim credit for their birth – would they?? Every time I read of the over-reaction to some minor incident by your authorities I am glad I live “Down Under”. Keep up the good work – I need my daily laugh.

    1. Daryl Parks says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. I live in the States but I get the same laughs you do over this type of thing. This isn’t neat as bad as some of the things we did, especially on Halloween, like putting a horse and wagon in the school. Of course, that was 70 years ago when everyone wasn’t so touchy feely.

      1. Paul says:

        I am a teacher and in most schools this would have been too harsh of a punishment. However, in some of our more urban, low income neighborhoods there are too many idiots that will try to top the original act. By the end of the month you would have dead chickens, blind children, and some weird “chicken virus” affecting all the students.

  10. Andrewlee Foard says:

    Its way to harsh of a punishment. When I did my senior prank, we put a new car in the second floor of the school’s library and was arrested at gun point, but we only recieved a two day suspension and 50 hours of community services. We were still able to walk and participate in the graduation. If you don’t believe me, google Lakeridge High School, Oregon, 1980. This is a serious overraction by the school. Regarding the chickens, the prank lack originallity. I would have much better to have them released at a school assembly dressed up like the principle. That would of been funny.

  11. Xanryan says:

    I bet the teacers and cops are hen pecked, which explains their lack of humor

  12. Nanny Mo says:

    But nobody did get hurt. Now we’re punishing kids because some one might have gotten hurt. Make them clean a few school toilets, slap their wrists and let it go!

    Man, I’d hate to be a kid in public school today. They’re expected to be perfect adults and can’t get away with anything kid-like. Where do kids learn about mercy, justice and responsibility if schools smack them down so hard for something so silly. Clean up the chicken poop and let it go!

  13. Shelli Lipton says:

    They are old to know better. They took animals and abused them. Let them miss the prom. That’s a good early lesson in their shenanigans that put a live animal in jeopardy. They should also do community service for an animal clinic.

    1. lwlfnm says:

      You abuse chickens every time you eat them

      1. steaklover says:

        You abuse the food chain every time you write something like this. If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t. It’s none of your business what others eat.
        How many insects are killed to harvest you vegetables? There’s a reason we have canine teeth. So advocate if you like, but your freedom ends where my nose begins.

    2. Daryl Parks says:

      Horse hockey.

    3. Ray says:

      I bet those chickens are in someones pot this evening! YUM YUM YUM

    4. Jennifer says:


      Animal lover take it easy. Its just a school prank. Charges, really? and who was going to get hurt? A student ? from what? They are teenagers, charges is too much, maybe miss the prom if that. I do agree on the community service, that would give them the hands on for whats really out there. I seriously believe that this was harmless. That principle got a power trip.

    5. fasdfa says:

      ITS A SENIOR PRANK. the chickens were fine so shut yaaaa face

  14. anonymous777 says:

    the teachers and school administration should be arrested for the failed schools, for demanding too much money and benefits, and for converting public schools into marxist training camps.

    i used to live near woodbridge, nj…..they are good kids who attend the public schools……the school teachers and administrators????? not so much.

  15. HDavis says:

    Fire both the cops and school administrators for having no sense of humor. This ridiculous overreaction to everything has to stop!

  16. dave says:

    School administrators get more stupid each year.

  17. Jacopone says:

    Bloody Overkill! Letting a chicken loose in a classroom or on the campus was an ordinary prank when I was in school in the 50s. Is this the new penalty for “playing with your food? We do eat the feathered buggers, don’t we? Next, we’ll be arresting Uncle Jack, down at the farm, on a murder charge for killing chickens. The cops ought to have longer sleeves on their uniforms; the kind that tie in the back. Oh, does the chicken have a lawyer?

  18. Ray says:

    The students need to tell the idiotic principal and superintendent that it was as religious sacrifice and due to the first amendment freedom of religion all charges should be dropped. Oh yeah these Nazis SOB’s don’t believe in the Constitution.

  19. skippy777 says:

    i’m sure the students learned more from the chickens than from their marxist ‘teachers’.

  20. James says:

    Now that’s fowl!

  21. sawney bean says:

    If you do the crime, you got to do the crime!

  22. DrJ says:

    Comments all seem to “get it,” I’m glad to see. We did worse 45-50 years ago, and we still laugh about it. Sure, they should clean up any mess and have to stay after school a couple of hours, but that’s enough. Thanks, boys, for giving a retired teacher (me) a good laugh.

  23. Bubba Man says:

    They must have been killer robot chickens!
    OMFG! Where have all the grownups gone?

  24. Andrew says:

    “It may have been a joke to them, but police said it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt”. Whatever Barney Fife, did they release ninja chickens or what? Some of you cops are complete idiots!

  25. ian poultry says:

    Clearly these chickens were a major threat. They could have salmonella. They could have talons (large talons as napoleon dynamite noted). They could have been raise to be in chickenfights and hence be a real danger to each other. The department of homeland security needs to be involved here. Why are our tax dollars not being utilized to get to the bottom of this? I hope there is a class action suit against the school on behalf of anyone allergic to chickens or for whom chickens are sacred animals or unclean animals. Thank you.

  26. bloodaxe says:

    Maybe they were the wrong kind of chicken. If they were Rhode Island Reds it would have been OK.

  27. Michelle says:

    This school and the jokers who run it ought to feel embarrassed that CBS has brought attention to this school not for any particular achievement but for a few lonely chickens roaming the halls.

  28. Dean Ferdig says:

    Killer Chicken on the loose! Everybody! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!
    All the troubles in the schools today, and they are worried about a harmless prank?

  29. skippy777 says:

    millioins of ghetto students are dealing drugs and taking drugs every day in government schools…..but it is not reported by america’s garbage liberal media….main stream media works hard to trash white christian students while it also functions as african americans’ publicist.

  30. farm kid says:

    Actually I did this during lunch (class of 80). princpal just called the ag teacher and him get us kids over there to gather up the chickens. No cops involved. Everybody got a good laugh from it. The chickens came from the coup at home.

  31. carole says:

    In the 60’s, the seniors at my high school did pranks every year, like putting a calf in the Princiipal’s office, or putting an outhouse on top of the school. Everyone knew the seniors did it, and the seniors got to clean it up, pay for damages, etc. No one thought to involve the police. I think everyone was impressed at the ingenuity of the kids and the time and energy they expended in carrying out these pranks. Punish them? Never!

  32. Dave says:

    for gods sake GET A GRIP Leo”s
    My Senior pranks pulled off a greased pig couple of chickens
    and walked a cow up 3 flights of stairs
    AND a 20 year tradition of putting the Vice Principals ‘
    VW on the roof

    1. Coraline says:

      How did you get the cow back down the steps? They will walk up steps but won’t go down. Just curious. 😉

  33. jess says:

    I’d sue the cops for fake criminal charges. You can’t charge someone for trespassing when 1) They were not there 2) you never told them to leave and 3) You had previously invited them onto the property. The biggest being 1…that they weren’t even there.

    A big FU to the school and cops wasting my money.

  34. badman says:

    those shirts are awesome

  35. Tony says:

    *Napoleon Dynamite*Do those chickens have sharp talons?*Napoleon Dynamite*

  36. Roger in NC says:

    “It may have been a joke to them, but police said it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt.” Got hurt by what?? The chickens? Were the chickens armed? This was a PRANK, not a terrorist attack.

    1. Tina Miller Silverman says:

      I am LMAO at all of this…so petty…Senior Prank night always brings a laugh but the administration always makes it like they are all serial killers…hope they get off…or they can get a good portion of the people to NOT go to the PROM..make your own prom …dinner at a great place …a comedy show or something. Beat them at their own game…let them lose $$ on the Prom…time for retaliation…Graduation barring not appropriate…no one should go…get the diplomas and have your own presentation make the most of this stupid situation.

  37. nicolette says:

    Lmfao , I love my cousin, pater & ty – they shouldn’t get in trouble at alll, it was obviously a joke, everyone deserves to have fun their last year in highhschool

  38. vinko says:

    For christ’s sake the former Jersey governor was having daisy chains with boys at rest stops and he gets a slap on the wrist, Wow what is this US coming too, expelled for putting a couple chickens in the school. As the previous comment clean it up and life goes on. What a great prank, I wish I had done it.

  39. tonya b says:

    Is there some sort of chicken flu that could have done the students in? Get a life, prosecute the juvenile losers in this world who are commiting real crimes. Talk about making the authorities look like idiots!

    1. James Nantz says:

      These “cops” are too damn lazy and scared to go after real criminals and the actual violent kids so they pull this mess and make it sound like they’re actually doing something other than scratching their ass and eating donuts. If only these morons would realize that their actions just make them look like even bigger fools.

  40. Acerdude says:

    When I was in high school a friend of mine drove his dirt bike through the halls and made a quick getaway. No cops, no idiot teachers caused trouble. It was just fun.

    1. Sancho Panza says:

      “We told the truth”

      That is not too hard to do when most New Jersey high schools now have cameras all over the buildings.

  41. CPC says:

    The school is going too far…they are chicken s#%t to do this.

  42. Jeff LeF. says:

    Who collected the eggs?

  43. Julie Brackeen Koontz says:


  44. jake says:

    Don’t any govermit agents have a sense of humor any more? Of course they are being too hard on the kids.

    This was a great prank.

    Should have released them during school hours

  45. Maximus says:

    My god, it is a senior prank and a pretty decent one at that. This country has become way too sensitive. We have become a nation of pansies. Thank you liberals!!

  46. Bob says:

    I never recall of any student being attacked by a chicken. Huh! Say What?

  47. Marco says:

    “If a student got hurt”? Please.

  48. Jay Cunnington says:

    Back in 1967, a guy in my brother’s class smeared Limburger cheese on some steam heating pipes on the 3rd floor and closed the school for a couple of days. I don’t remember what happened to him, but the students all got a laugh out of it and the police were not involved.

    It makes you wonder what they’d do to him now.

    1. M Fortas says:

      Jail for 10 years min.

      This country is soooooo off course.
      Makes me sick to call myself an American. Really.

      1. stinkin says:

        just say Heil Obama!

  49. gary says:

    WHAT!!!!! it wouldn’t have been so funny if a student got hurt? How big were those hens?

    1. urdrwho says:

      Oh they must have weighed 60 pounds. How big do you think a hen can grow? I guess you have never even seen a chicken coop. So many pamper pooches living in the USA.

      1. Uncle Frodo says:

        Vicious ATTACK chickens! It is not the talons or beak to fear, but the anus! Deadly, slippery poop is expelled thereout. Union counselors, teachers and principals, living high on the hog and awaiting huge taxpayer-funded pensions, could possibly slip and injure themselves- oh, the HORROR! Taxpayers would have to foot the bills, but that’s irrelevant- the union school employees would be devastated by the pain and suffering of not being to see their precious little robots during the doctor visit- which is also taxpayer-funded-including the copayment.

  50. MLebeau says:

    This country has lost their sense of humor completely. Have the boys clean up the mess, get rid of the chickens and apologize to the student body and be done with it. It was a prank for chrissakes!

    1. DeeDee says:

      Doesn’t Woodbridge Township have anything better to do with their time and money?
      Consider the chicken prank ( way to go guys!) compared to vandalism, dealing drugs, weapons in school and other things that go on in High School lately.These kids deserve points for being creative and good humored.

      Let Richie and Potsy and Ralphie go to Prom and Graduation, and spend the taxpayer dollars on serious issues.

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