NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A group opposed to a planned mosque near Ground Zero has asked a judge to overturn New York City’s decision to withhold landmark status for the building site.

The decision last August removed a significant obstacle to construction of the planned mosque.

The American Center for Law and Justice and a former city firefighter have sued the city, arguing that the Landmarks Preservation Commission was influenced by the Bloomberg administration in its decision.

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In Manhattan state Supreme Court on Tuesday, the ACLJ argued that the site was similar to nearby landmarks and so should also have been granted the status.

The LPC defended the decision, saying it was made unilaterally.

The judge said he’d decide whether the case should go forward in the coming weeks.

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  1. Carol Satterfield says:

    I’d like to give you something else to think about. Why are US citizens allowing certain individuals to bind us by calling us racists? Why do you become immobile because someone calls you a racist? Are you that insecure that you stop knowing, feeling, thinking something because someone calls you a racist? Especially if your beliefs have nothing to do with racism? Why are you letting others control you when you’re not guilty of anything?

  2. Carol Satterfield says:

    Isn’t OKing the building of a holy building by the same group of people to encourage others of their kind to settle and worship there–the same people who had destroyed a large building complex and lots of people in that general area, and to encourage those people to further the teachings and philosophy that led to the destruction of the building and people kind of sending a message of weakness and stupidity to the rest of the world?

  3. DD says:

    NO WAY should America allow the construction of this Mosque at these holy grounds! WAKE UP! This is nothing more than a clandestined action to plant Sharia Law right where OUTRAGEOUS harm was done to INNOCENT Americans at work at their jobs on 9/11!!! This is NO TIME for trying to be PC!! Do not be fooled thinking this IMAM is “clean”!!!

  4. Mohamed says:

    We need 24/7 protection from the bad people.

  5. nyer says:

    yeah yeah yeah.. i get it.. after this mosque is built the next step is to convert the entire US into sharia law..

    1. Michael H. says:

      You poor paranoid soul. Do you have so little faith in our constitution? You’re a sad excuse for a patriotic American if you think a minority religion is going to overthrow the law of the land when fundamentalist Christianity can’t get their own legislation passed.

      Go hide in your basement if you’re that terrified of the world.

      1. Mary says:

        There are cities that predominately Muslim. Dearborn Michigan for one. They play the call to prayer so loud that citizens have complained but the courts have upheld the right. There are schools that Obama has declared that Islam will be taught to Kindergateners and up. Sharia Law is part of the Islam Religion/Law. Wake the Hell up!

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