BUCHANAN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Using the Japan nuclear crisis as a worst case scenario, the Westchester Board of Legislators was set to meet Monday to explore the disaster preparedness plan at the Indian Point Nuclear power plant.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell previews today’s hearing

The facility is located just 24-miles from New York City and about a mile away from the intersection point of two earthquake fault lines.

“We have a lot of failsafe systems in place for Indian Point. And so far, they’ve all worked and I’m sure they’ll continue to work until they no longer do. And when they don’t, we’re impacting 20 million people,” said Marilyn Elie of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition.

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The Entergy Corporation which owns Indian Point, last week announced plans to conduct a safety review of their ability to respond to a catastrophic event.

A number of elected officials including Governor Cuomo, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have expressed safety concerns.

“I think we can all agree that recent events underscore the importance of understanding how earthquakes could effect our nuclear power plants,” said New York Attorney General Eric Shneiderman.

Entergy executives who are set to attend Monday’s Board meeting were expected to address a recent report that declares Indian Point the nation’s most susceptible power plant to a potential earth quake.

However, they said what’s unfolding in Japan was unlikely to happen here.

“Only if a tsunami could make its way, you know, up New York harbor and the Hudson River and somehow avoid New York City, and drench our plant, it just doesn’t seem very realistic,” said Jim Streets, Director of Communications with Entergy Nuclear Northeast.

On Tuesday, New York State officials will meet with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about Indian Point.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell on the meeting between NYS and the NRC

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  1. One Nation says:

    An earth quake was not the cause of the situation in Japan but the Tsunami. A Tsunami cannot get to Indian Point because of the geographic location of the plant, if you guys will study your maps accurately. If a Tsunami hits NY, we should be worried about Manhattan being washed away or flooded and not Indian Point. Indian Point is built to withstand an earth quake, if it ever will occur.

  2. Henry Becquerel says:

    According to the mayan calendar, the world will come to an end next year… we shouldn’t worry about Indian Point. Also, don’t forget about that giant meteor heading for our planet… the one that NASA needs to blow up, or else all of us will become extinct. And wait, if you are really quiet, you might be able to hear the locusts on the horizon, coming to eat our crops and take our children in the night… and I swear I think the Hudson is turning red from the blood of nuclear supporters in Albany. Perhaps we should all believe everything we read on the internet. (Just yesterday, I got a great offer from this Nigerian bank who wants $2500 in order to cash a $2,000,000 cash settlement for me…)

  3. Joe says:

    The last thing you do is shut your internet. Typical, sounds exactly like a dictator from a 3 world county would like you to do.

    WE HAVE GOOGLE – do a seach on past problems at Indian Point. It will scare the hell out of you. The last being a transformer explosion!!!

    A 40 year old plant in the middle of 22 mil people .
    Toyko is 200 miles from those plants. NYC is 24.

    Give me a break people are not stupid.

    1. Ray says:

      Transformers blow up everday in NYC should we shutdown all power lines in the city. Right on people are not stupid just uninformed

  4. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Why is Indian Point the nation’s most suceptible power plant to a potential earth quat? Do these people know what are they talking about? or they just want to create panic among new yorkers, because I hope if one day there is an earth quate in New York, I hope I am at the India Point Point power plant and not some other unsafe places. Indian Point is safe, secure and prepare to deal with any type of natural or any other type of disaster that can happen.

  5. DK says:

    PLEASE EDUCATE YOUR SELF….Indian Point is VERY safe. Maybe you should understand how nuclear power actually works and what actually caused the problems in Japan. A TSUNAMI can NOT hit the plant and that is what caused the problems in Japan. Please learn about nuclear power before you make such rash incorrect uneducated statements. I bet your electricity is coming from Indian Point. Maybe you should shut your lights off, stove off, heat off oh and YOUR INTERNET OFF… so you can see what it woudl be like with out that place running… plus it woudl stop you from making such stupid comments.

  6. ttc says:

    this place is old and dangerous, close it down before it harms many many NY and NJers.

  7. Mike says:

    If you live in the area you should be concerned especially when IP was built and a soda can caused major damage of number three

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