NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police have arrested a man in connection with a beating that left a toddler fighting for his life.

The New York Police Department says 19-year-old Kysheen Oliver has been charged with assault.

Police say Teyuana Cummings left her 17-month-old child with Oliver Thursday while she took her two older children to school. Police say Oliver is her boyfriend.

On Friday, police responded to a 911 call on Fountain Avenue in East New York. The caller said a child wasn’t breathing.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported the child was suffering from both internal and external injuries. Some of the injuries were apparently old enough to suggest a pattern of abuse.

The 17-month-old is in critical condition at Brookdale University Hospital.

A neighbor told Jones he never saw Cummings abuse her children.

The city’s Administration for Children’s Services asked the Family Court to place Cummings’ other two children into the agency’s protective custody.

It was not immediately clear if Oliver had a lawyer.

Does the city do enough to protect children? If the allegations are true, what would be the appropriate punishment? Leave a comment below…

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  1. Paula Davis says:

    I fell that he should get what ever they o to him in jail. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye but when you do this i can’t stand it. That’s a life that he just destroyed. I also would like to say that if this baby had old injuries then the forster mother knew what was going on. I just want to encourage everyone to keep this baby in your prayers and ask God to handle what needs to be done because we are not the judge or jury he is. God will make him pay for this believe it. Also those guys in jail will do to him what he has done to that baby trust me. These children that are being abused are our future let them live.

  2. joujou says:

    It is up to every single person, every human being to treat our children well, as a community, as a city, as a state and country, WE MUST PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, it should start in our own homes especially, we cannot blame others or the government. We must protect our children, dont abuse them verbally, physical, sexually, mentally……….why destroy the human race this way? Let’s love one another, let’s start there, loving and respecting one another.

  3. shakia mitchell says:

    first of all the lady was not a young girl with three kids, she was a frown woman in her 40’s, only one of the kids was biologically hers, the other two were foster kids. An earlier article stated the woman would leave the baby strapped in his stroller, crying in the hall with the door locked. who really abused the baby? find out the facts before you post!!!!!

  4. yvette says:

    once again lost children raising lost children, please let me elaborate….this young girl has 3 children and no morals about being a mother. this young mother and every other young girl who decides to be a mother thinking its cute and an easy way to get some money from the city because thats the way it has been for generations i hold all of them accountable for their actions….there should be a law imposed that they(she) and the boyfriend are responsible for anything that happens to that child, maybe then we will stop having all of this senseless killing of children. by doing this the mother will wake up and realize that she can’t shirk her responsibilities off “as a oh i did’nt know and a oh i did’nt see him hit the child in front of me”. this b.s has to stop once and for all, this nonsense has to be addressed, the congress and the politician have to address issues that are in dire need of attention instead of bicycle lanes and stupid issues of the like.

  5. bigmamamuley says:

    Georgia: Can you tell me how you know there is some mythical time as judgment day? Have you seen the mountain top. There might be a time when you do meet your maker. He is coming as another Jim Jones, to deliver you some of the Kool Aid, that all of his followers must drink.

  6. kendra says:

    if ask me i don,t think acs does enough at all cause they are very backwards a lot of the times ….there are alot of incedents that are very mescellaneous and they rather go after the people who take care of there children and the 1 ,s that don,t try and prodect there chidren from more serious types of abuse weathere it,s mental or emotional……

  7. kmreiser says:

    II hope God hears my prayers for this child. I hope all who turned a blind eye suffers dreadfully. Most of all, I pray this little boy gets a parent that loves him. Give him to me. I will raise him as my own and show him love.

  8. Richard Wexler says:

    Sadly, New York City, once a progressive leader in child welfare reform has regressed in recent years. The city now tears apart families at a significantly higher rate than many other large metropolitan areas, including places where independent monitors have found that child safety has improved.

    In contrast, in New York City, after entries into foster care soared in the wake of the death of Nixzmary Brown, safety outcomes for *all* children worsened. Even as they took more children needlessly, caseworkers had even less time to find children in real danger.

    The other consequence: More pressure to lower standards for foster homes, which can increase the already significant chances of abuse in foster care itself. Details are in my organization’s report on NYC child welfare: and updated in this post to our Child Welfare Blog:

    Richard Wexler
    Executive Director
    National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

  9. Diane says:

    Why would you beat up on a baby that is not even two years old? I know you are just a punk, that should have the same thing happen to you. Here’s hoping once you go to jail the gaurds look the other way.

    1. tarsha says:

      shut up

    2. tarsha says:

      he his not a bad person she the one they need 2 check with her drunken behind

  10. fanci says:

    you have to know better to do better

  11. Harlem Going H.A.M. says:

    That young man is lucky the police got to him before one of her family members. He should receive a good ass whipping equal to one he gave that baby, and then he’ll be in the hospital figthing for his life too. As a father, I can’t understand how a person can punch and hit a child. He might be beating that young lady up too. Lastly, those child and women beaters don’t mess with men. I hate people like that.

  12. Old Man says:

    Remember-It’s “OK” and POLITICALLY CORRECT for you LIBERALS to DEMAND the PARENTS have NO RIGHT to know of teen pregnancies, abortions, etc,! This young girl has THREE KIDS and WHERE THE HECK IS THE FATHER!!?? Accepting this girls actions as OK or “just COULDN”T BE HELPED is pure BS!! Nowadays even people in their mid-20’s don’t act responsibly—does it sorprise ANYONE this teen is in the predictament she is in!!? Morality has taken a GIANT step back wards and this is ANOTHER EXAMPLE! Yep—-it’s OK!

  13. maxx says:

    Simply a case of “Ghetto Trash” behavior. And how old is she?
    3 kids? . . . again, “Ghetto Trash”

    1. BigEZ says:

      Maxx – what are you talking about???? Are you saying this doesn’t go on outside the hood?
      This happens all over the states and the world.

      1. sean says:

        1 time can happen to anyone but 3 times is Ghetto

    2. Harlem Going H.A.M. says:

      It appears you are talking from your experience of being a ghetto trash eater. Watch your mouth Maxx.

    3. joujou says:

      She’s in her early 30’s and has a 19 year old boyfriend…………….

  14. annie murray says:

    Sad!!!!! Never have I seen such abuse on children as what I am seeing in our country today.

  15. Sean says:

    Old injuries as well? Immediately remove the other siblingsfrom the home and lock the mother up with the boyfriend she trusted!!!!!!

  16. Amy says:

    Assault? He should be tried for attempted murder!!

  17. Montina Howard says:

    this is very unfortunate, i am the mother of six children and never left my cchildren with anyone especially someone i just call my new boyfriend, these young ladies need to wise up real quick,your children are suffering and for what, she could have took that other child with her.for some reason they just want to be able to say he watched my kids but it’s not even worth it.

  18. Mr. Putnam says:

    Once again an innocent child is victimized due to the animalistic behavior of an adult. The perp. deserves the same medicine and what is a 19-year-old unmarried girl doing with three small kids? That’s the real problem!

    1. MsDAK123 says:

      Mr. Putnam, it doesn’t say how old the mother is, but it mentioned the age of her boyfriend as 19 years old.

  19. Glenn says:

    Unfortunately they will keep him in protective custody on Rikers Island. They should put him in general population so he can experience a dose of his own medicine.

    1. Georgia says:

      America better wake up and get some people in that White House with morals….They can all stick their heads in the sand and believe there is no judment day or there is no hell……but time will tell when they all stand before the maker of this World and have to answer to their behavior…..

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