FBI Joins Investigation In Disappearance Of Isabella OleschukBy Lou Young

ORANGE, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Where is she?

On Tuesday night the FBI got involved in the desperate search for a hearing impaired teenager.

Isabella Oleschuk, 13, hasn’t been seen since Sunday, reports CBS 2’s Lou Young.

Firefighters from all along the Housatonic Valley fanned out for a grim search through the barren woods near Orange on Tuesday.

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Oleschuk has been missing since being last seen at her family’s modest home on Saturday night, an inexplicable disappearance that has now attracted the government’s attention.

The family’s minister said the parents are beside themselves.

“They’re rattled as we all would be feeling powerless and helpless. Not sure what steps to take, what to hope for,” Rev. Lee Ireland said.

A man presumed to be Isabella’s father — an Orange firefighter — shied away from CBS 2’s camera on Monday afternoon. Sources told Young the girl routinely fed chickens in a backyard coop every morning. The family said the chickens had been fed Sunday when they woke up.

So the assumption is that Isabella got up, got dressed, fed the chickens and then vanished. The question is did she leave on her own or did someone grab her?

“We’ve brought every resource we can to this investigation. We’re working closely with Connecticut police and the FBI. I can tell you we’ve brought in dogs, canine teams, searchers. We brought in aircraft; an FBI helicopter as well as a fixed-wing aircraft,” Chief Robert Gagne said.

Police have dragged a pond, and pulled surveillance video from false sightings in neighboring towns. So far, there have been no clues. At the middle school Isabella attends, friends are preoccupied with what happened to her.

“Her homeroom class was always talking and then the day she wasn’t there everyone looked at her seat and everyone was dead silent and heard it was really sad. We miss her. I want her to come back safely,” friend Lydia Cooper said.

Police had reports of sightings in both Orange and Fairfield, but both turned out to be false alarms.

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  1. J says:

    What sick, disgusting, evil people there are in this world. She’s a child and probably the victim of some filthy, wicked person. Man I pray to god that they’ll find her ALIVE and UNHARMED.

  2. Alan Foos says:

    If there’s no one else there for you, little one, you know Jesus will be.

    1. christopher Standley says:

      amen and amen

  3. Lynn Prior says:

    I cannot imagine what Isabella’s family is going through. I followed my 12 year old around today paranoid that I might lose him. I offer a suggestion, what if Isabella has decided to run maybe she needs to see your faces on TV making a plea to her. Maybe she is concerned that she may be in trouble. I don’t know I am just trying to think like a 12 year old. Since she is hearing impaired maybe the chance of seeing your faces would be reassuring. God bless all of you, we are all praying for Isabella’s safe return

    1. cyndi see says:

      I hope they have enough sense to check all neighbors, and the comings and goings of neighbors…get everyone’s names that live in homes in sight of that childs home. It is someone whom has been watching her….Just like that little girl in florida with the drunks and druggies…she was alive for a few days right down the street,while they were taking turns raping her…. wasn’t she??? I hope they find her NOW.

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