Used To Entertain Kids; Owner: No Questions Asked If ReturnedBy Kristine Johnson

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (CBS 2) — To their owners, the puppets are priceless. They were used at charity performances and to entertain children in hospitals.

But now those shows can’t go on without their stars.

After years of using puppets to bring joy to children and adults, a Connecticut couple now is heartbroken. Their 20 custom-made puppets were stolen last weekend.

“They busted the lock, and, as you can see, they left the puppets’ wardrobe and just one puppet,” owner Dawn Thomacos told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

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Only one puppet remains after burglary as thieves broke into a shed in the back of the New Britain home.

“You can see where they sawed it off. They must have had bolt cutters,” Thomacos said.

Twelve years ago, Thomacos and her husband started putting on puppet shows for school children and charities. The puppets also had starring roles in a neighborhood haunted house and even had their own cable television program.

The puppets are worth about $10,000. Thomacos said a neighbor saw four people loading up a car late last week, but unfortunately didn’t call police.

“The kids just loved them. It’s a shame. You try to do good for the community, and a few bad eggs have to spoil it,” Thomacos said.

The puppeteers have just one plea.

“Put them in a garbage bag and toss them over,” Thomacos said. “I don’t care. Drop them off at the police station. No questions asked. We just want the puppets back.”

Thomacos said friends are scouring websites like eBay and Craigslist in case the thieves try to offer the stolen puppets for sale.

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