NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — 1010 WINS spoke with Parisian photographer Erica Simone, 25, who has been going around the Big Apple taking self portraits of herself wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Twenty shots, including Simone riding naked on the subway and shoveling snow, will be part of her new exhibit “Nue York: Self Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen” opening April 14 at the Dash Gallery in Tribeca.

Photo Gallery: More Self Portraits By Erica Simone | Audio: Full Interview

WINS: We understand you’re putting on a different kind of art show coming up. You want to tell us a little bit about it?

Simone: I’m basically exhibiting myself. I shoot myself nude in the city, all over the place, in really public places. I have a shot in the subway, library, deli, on the back of a motorcycle; there’s a whole bunch of them.

Credit: Erica Simone

WINS: Do you have to get permits beforehand or close it off?

Simone: No, I go in and I just do it guerilla-style. I mean, I literally set up and I’m in and out usually within 10 minutes, I mean sometimes it takes me a little bit longer depending on timing. I don’t tell anybody, I just go in, do my thing and run away and hope nobody saw me. Although, you know, cops — that’s the only thing that I worry about.

WINS: Have you ever had any problems?

Simone: No, I never had any problems – knock on wood.

WINS: Do you have someone take them [pictures] for you?

Simone: I take them all myself. I have a tripod and a remote control shutter release so I’m the only person who touches the camera and the only one to fire.

WINS: Did you do something with the blizzard?

Simone: Not this year, but last year. My shot in the snow…I did one right after the first big snowstorm but this year, no, I didn’t.

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WINS: Tell me some more places you did this.

Simone: … I’ve done it on Houston Street, Bleecker, Varick, mainly outdoors. I was in the NYU Public Library a couple of weeks ago, I did a shot in an airplane, all over the place. Down on Bowery by Jay Maisel’s building, construction sites, Meatpacking District.

Credit: Erica Simone

WINS: What kind of reaction or feedback have you been getting to these pictures?

Simone: So far a lot of great feedback, actually. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from both men and women. A lot of people are just encouraging it and saying that they like it, it’s brave, they like the artistic side of it. I’ve been getting a couple of sort of right-wing rhetoric but they’re not too focused on that, thank God.

WINS: No matter, you’re going to get a mix.

Simone: You take a risk when you go naked in public…they either praise or condemn…but overall a lot of really great feedback and good e-mails so I’m very happy about that.

WINS: It sounds like it’s a lot of fun, I’m sure it takes a lot of guts to do it.

Simone: It is a lot of fun, that’s most of the reason why I do it is because it’s so much fun and it’s thrilling. I’m not an exhibitionist, I’m not particularly somebody who loves to be naked, I’m not a nudist. But it is fun and it’s definitely an adrenaline rush and it’s different from going out and shooting other stuff, definitely more interesting.

WINS: Well if you ever had being naked in the city on your bucket list you could cross that one off now.

Simone: Exactly, done. Being naked in the subway, check!

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  1. Joe says:

    I just read that she was raped in Harlem. Yes, the rape was caught on film.

  2. stevieboy says:

    Just a girl having fun. I enjoy it!

  3. Dan, Boston, MASS says:

    All pictures made using photoshop.
    She didn’t nude on the street.
    Shame on her. It was not a honest game.

  4. Jack says:

    Lady, I must say you have more nerve and guts than anyone I have ever known, met or have seen. I think your works are amazing to say the least. Please be careful out there and if you are ever in or near Baltimore, Maryland…it would be an honor to have dinner with you and talk about you.

  5. M says:

    I like her spirit and the photos are good. I just hope she stops shooting in the US and continue in another more sane country as she is making herself subject to being charged as something like a child molester and ending up on a sex offender list for a decade

  6. Gary says:

    Erica I think its so awesome that you have the courage to shoot these pictures and go nude in public. You have nothing to be ashamed of and a lot to be proud of for taking your cloths off and doing your favorite activities, in public. You are a very sexy lady and a lot of men and women enjoy seeing a beautiful person like you out on the street with no cloths on. What you are doing shows a lot of courage on your part, and you are showing America that its ok to feel free and be so comfortable with yourself that its ok to go nude in public. I hope you never stop but keep moving forward taking more pictures of yourself on the street in the nude. This should be a new beginning for not only you but other people who desire to go nude in public. I would like to see you do a video off yours self out in public doing your favorite actvity in the nude. You have came along ways with this and I hope you decide to carry this on to a higher level and have fun. You could change peoples lives and show America that its ok to go nude and have fun. I wish I could meet you, look you in the eye and shake your hand. I praise what you are doing. America needs more ladies like you to take people into a the future.

  7. Garth Grey McGlasson says:

    Bless her heart. People are too self concious and arrogant. She’s saying, ” IN YOUR FACE, YOU UPTIGHT EEJITS!”!!

  8. Bored says:

    How about boring? Her only gift is for not getting arrested, but her “art” is that of a flasher.

  9. thelawspeaks says:

    She should be arrested like anyone else. Yet another narcissist doing this “for the sake of art.” This is no different than any smut mag peddling their nonsense except what – she’s an artist? Every porn queen says she’s an actress and every Centerfold girl is a model. Lock her up and then deport her.

    1. GK says:

      Sorry, she can’t be deported. CBS got it wrong. She’s American.

  10. Val says:

    I’m just curious where she puts her clothes before she takes the photo! I mean, she must be dressed to start out with, right? Anyway, it’s definitely “different”. lol

  11. As a health concern says:

    I just cant get over the naked subway… SO dirty! So many germs! Plus she’s putting her bare parts on the bench and putting her germs there.

  12. BelleAfriq says:

    Get over yourself. You are being downright awful. What she looks like doesn’t matter, it’s the concept here that should be discussed nothing else. I do know her and she is definitely not an attention seeker in the least. Don’t judge what you don’t know.

  13. Seymour Punani says:

    Me likee!

  14. Wrinkles to go says:

    Cant wait for her 40th anniversary follow up shots…

  15. YouKNowIt! says:

    spank bank!

  16. Big Nard says:

    I know her boo boo was cold.

  17. aavis says:

    her family must be so proud.

  18. Roy says:

    please tell us where she will be next……………….lol

  19. aavis says:

    who is she going to blame when she gets sexually attacked?

  20. Art, or attention-grab? says:

    Wonder if she would do this if she wasn’t hot, if she was an average looking out of shape slob.

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