Spate Of Outrageous Behavior Caught On Tape In Subway Has Us Wondering: Which Is Worst?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What’s going on underground these days?

Maybe it has always been this way and cell phone cameras are only now capturing the bizarre behavior aboard the New York City subway system.

We’ve rounded up some of the worst offenders and want you to sound off. Which is the worst of the worst? Help us give them a loud Bronx cheer, and hope sanity – and courtesy – is restored among New York’s ridership.

(credit: YouTube)

WARNING: Video contains profanity. Click here to see video.

Our first contender for a CBSNewYork Bronx cheer is “Bloody Loco.” In this extremely NSFW (language) video, you can see a subway rider keeping his cool as a young, aggressive man who identifies himself as “Bloody Loco” threatens to attack him and demands repeatedly (and loudly) that he “recognize that s*** ASAP.” Kudos to the book-reading passenger, who stayed completely cool throughout the encounter. “Bloody Loco” asks if they want to get off the train so they can “shoot it up right now.” reported that the cool rider is a man named Daniel, who said that the incident began when he accidentally bumped “Bloody Loco”‘s leg. We recognize you, Bloody Loco: have a Bronx cheer.

Spaghetti Fight On Subway/YouTube

WARNING: Video contains profanity Click Here to See Video

Our second contender for a CBSNewYork Bronx cheer is the spaghetti fight lady. While eating and drinking on the subway is a hot topic and deserves to be debated, attacking someone with your spaghetti dinner is outright rude. The confrontation between two women who had a difference of opinion over how appropriate it is to eat on the subway quickly escalated into a full-blown brawl. Throw your spaghetti on the subway (let alone eat it)? Have a Bronx cheer.

(credit: YouTube)

Our third contender for the CBSNewYork Bronx cheer is the subway flasher, Mario Valdivia. Valdivia was arrested after exposing himself to Nicola Briggs, who was recently honored as a “shero” for her courageous stand against him. Valdivia was sentenced to four months in jail. Subway flashers, have a Bronx cheer.

(credit: YouTube)

Finally, we have people who think it’s a good idea to bring rats onto the subway. This fellow has been caught on tape at least twice putting a large white rat in his mouth. Click here and here to view them.  We’re not sure if it’s the same guy, but here we have a video of a “double threat,” someone who decided to eat pasta with his pet rat sitting on his leg. We think there are enough rats on the subway. They’re already climbing onto people in the train, we don’t need any more – let alone these gross-out antics. Bring rats onto subways? Have a Bronx cheer.

Now it’s your turn, New York: who’s the worst offender? Take our poll and sound off in our comments section.

Comments (23)
  1. George says:

    NY’s starting to descend back into the morass it had seemed to escape for 20 years. It’s sad.

  2. Brooklyn Native says:

    In the 1970s and 1980s, when I lived in the city and rode the subways regularly, these sorts of things happened on a regular basis. Packs of young male thugs rode around together and harassed people. Rarely did people give up seats for the elderly or for pregnant women. I was in the city a few times this past fall, rode the subway all over the place, and was pleasantly surprised at the politeness I witnessed. People of different ethnic groups, including young men, offered their seats to people who might need them – in at least one case, just to save the person a short walk to where other seats were available. Needless to say, I was astonished at that. Not that I never saw politeness when I lived in the city, but it was far more rare. Unfortunately, the bad behavior I witnessed then hasn’t gone away completely. But in my experience, it’s not as frequent.

  3. deshawn says:

    The spaghetti chick is nothing but pure trash. She obviously doesn’t know a thing about class. It’s people like her who make the world a worse place. She acts like a neanderthal and yet gets all self-righteous when called on it.

  4. sawnetbean says:

    You should never get in a confrontation on the subway. You don’t know what type of nut you’re dealing with. So try at all costs to ignore what is going on around you.

  5. murray hill says:

    This is one of the primary reasons why I left NYC years ago. Commuting on the subway has become a debasing, degrading and dangerous affair. Society as a whole has become less civilized and pretty much anything goes. Capturing the worst offenders on camera may be a useful way to take back the night if they are subsequently arrested and fined, but a more likely scenario is that they will bask in their 15 seconds of fame while the overburdened legal system will not have the resources to bother with these relatively small offenses.

  6. Sydelle Houston says:

    I am positive that having no home training shows when it comes to rude and stupid behavior on NYC subway trains and buses. Stupid is what stupid does regardless of race. I do so hate when selfish people eat on the crowded trains and buses; when I go to sit down, I don’t want to sit on grease left by a inconsiderate rider who decided he or she could not wait to get home and eat. Trains/Buses are for transportation and restaurants are for dining. As far as Bloody Loco goes, he looks like he needs professional help. The man he was yelling at recognized this and let it roll off of him. Good man.

  7. FormerCommuter says:

    That Loco guy wouldn’t have been so loco-vocal if he could have seen that guy”s shoulders. I could see them, right thru that blue sweater, and they are verrrrrrrrrry nice. That’s one dude who does 100 pushups a day. I’m guessing he’s working his way thru school as a bartender, because bartenders are experts at listening to crazy rants. He could have taken that loco out in a second. Nicely done, Mr Blue. Unfortunately for Mr Loco, he really is crazy and needs either more meds or less drugs. LOL at ace-f***-sap, tho. That was funny.

  8. brooklyn4ever says:

    It is called PUBLIC transportation for a reason. If someone does not want to deal with the PUBLIC underground nonsense, then take a cab. There is no reason to be rude. There are enough ignorant, obnoxious people above ground to deal with, nevermind having to deal with them below ground too.

  9. hi says:

    I used to live in NYC,most of the time,the minorities are always the one who are acting like animals.There will be a big earthquake in NYC soon,because God wants to get red of bad people.

    1. Atiya Islah Williams says:

      I think the word is “rid” not “red’. I think God wants you to go to school and stop being racist and ignorant. At least this minority can spell.

    2. Not A Minority, Yet says:

      Not so. The so-called non-minorities are just as capable of being pigs. I have seen popcord stuffing, beer sloshing, open-mouth chewing, and drunken behavior by every type of person imaginable on the trains. Your other comment is so inappropriate that it does not justify a response.

  10. Railien says:

    What do you mean going downhill – we’ve been on the express in that direction for years!!!! People shoving and pushing their way to get on a subway car as the doors are closing, leaving all kinds of garbage on the floor, spilling drinks (of who knows what), rude behavior – this list goes on and on.

    A whole lot of people need to learn how to act with civility rather than being attack dogs looking for someone to bite. You only find this on the subway. Thank God my trips on Metro-North are quiet and peaceful!!!!

  11. Joe says:

    People talking on their cellphones, who needs to hear your damn personal conversations! Women thinking that every guy on the train is out to sexually abuse them just because they look at them, ladies grow up and give it a break!

  12. Vin says:

    Can everyone just please turn down their Ipods, Iphones, Ithis, Ithat so that the rest of don’t have to go deaf on the train, boat, bus or subway?! Many thanks. By the way, can I have a bite of that spaghetti? Seriously folks. Pick your battles. Aside from a loco person or flasher there are worst things to get worked up over. Turn It Down! Please.

    1. FormerCommuter says:

      Vin you evidently don’t remember the days of boom-boxes. Ipods and such are a huge improvement.

      1. BigEz says:

        @ Former commuter.
        So true but the threshold of annoyance increases.

      2. Jamal says:

        At least back then it was (usually) just the one song playing on the box, and person would often stop once enough people gave them the “turn it off or it and you will end up on the tracks” look. People seem to have lost that ability.

        The problem with people listening to music players, which really started with the walkman, isn’t the player or even the music. It’s the headphones. Too many people insist on using super cheap headphones that leak and have to be turned up just so they can hear the music over the train.
        Better headphones are not that expensive, folks. Take a friend so they can tell you if they can hear what you’re listening to.

  13. John Q says:

    Looks just like the subway I grew up with in the 70’s. Very refreshing.

    1. FrmrCmtr says:

      @BigEz: Also true. Invest in hearing-aid company stocks. This entire generation will be deaf by the time they hit 35.

  14. Jojo says:

    People have become more uncivilized. You can clearly see that Loco is well Loco. That you can ignore. However, the woman eating and getting into a brawl with a woman who asked her to stop is by far the rudest. She contributed to making the train filthy by throwing her food. Simply low class

  15. bob says:

    Bernie Goetz….we need you!!!!

  16. General says:

    Let’s hear it for the cool headed people who don’t bother with the ignorance of others. Our society is a mess and nobody seems to really care that they are a disgrace in this world.

  17. Gregg says:

    If subway passangers are a reflection of our current society,we are going down hill !!! Years ago when the subways had graffiti and no air conditioning ,believe or not people were more civilized and friendly !

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