NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An NYPD cop and a California tourist who met at Macy’s – and later got engaged there – were married Sunday night in the store’s handbag aisle after closing time.

The flagship Macy’s in Herald Square was bursting with blossoms for the annual flower show on Sunday, just like it was two years ago when Moise Naolo and Santina Bowers met while admiring the same display, reports 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

“I saw her standing there, and I just had to strike up a conversation with her,” Naolo said.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon has more on the romantic wedding at Macy’s

He’s a New York City Police officer; she was a tourist in town from California.

“We exchanged phone numbers,” Naolo said. “We made plans to go dancing the next night.”

A long-distance relationship bloomed, and a year later, they found themselves back at Macy’s. Naolo coordinated with the department store to post a sign at the spot where they met that said, “Santina, will you marry me?”

“I dropped on one knee, as soon as we got to that window,” Naolo said. “I popped the question, and she said, ‘yes, absolutely.’”

Then, Bowers moved to Staten Island.

The folks at Macy’s liked the story so much that they offered to pay for a wedding at the store during this year’s flower show.

Santina picked out a dress from the bridal section – and the floral arrangements were already there.

The couple were married on Sunday night, with about 100 guests in attendance, right in the store’s handbag aisle.

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  1. Herald Towers says:

    Just read about this last week…it’s pretty romantic that they are getting married in Herald Square where they met. A little bit quirky that it’s at Macy’s, but the flower show is beautiful after all!

  2. BebReal Girl says:

    Santina you left out the part of the story of your trip to New York funded by your Boyfriend whom while your in NYC making dates hes at home caring for your children. Not a very good role model for your children. Once a cheater always a cheater. Come on Macy`s not a very deserving couple shame on you Ms Santina.

    1. Vincent Mongoose Kaje Hennerty says:

      How come you people wont show your real names?

  3. Carrie Ann says:

    To those who replied to my comment…
    Obviously you will defend her if you know her. But if you didn’t you’d be just as disgusted by her.
    O please. I bet she is lying about her age. Who doesn’t?
    I don’t care how sweet she. Right now she is looking dirty to me. Do her kids have different last names??? But the the better question is how many husbands did she have and what is her motive?
    You know happy endings only come after hard work and not leeching. Happy day.

    1. Kajerael says:

      Here you go Carrie, now you can see my face. Lets see you now. And even if I didn’t know my mother, if I read a story about some couple getting married I’d probably think about how cute it is, and hope I have a happy marriage. You on the other hand make people look like sad little creatures with no hope. After your comment you should look in the mirror and be ashamed of yourself. “O please. I bet she is lying about her age. Who doesn’t?” Well yeah, obviously you do, but she is not, and I would know 🙂 Her motive is love, and love is not easy to find. Now if I were to be a hater such as yourself, I might after hearing your story, say something along the lines of you stayed in your first marriage because you can’t get anything better. People like you make sane people laugh. And no, sometimes people just get lucky. You must not be one of those people though. So sorry. But hey! Haters gonna hate. Good day.

    2. Vincent Mongoose Kaje Hennerty says:


    3. RB says:

      OBVIOUSLY, her family knows her a lot better than you ever could. You may see our comments as being biased, but we are defending her based on TRUTH–which is something her family would know about–not solely on judgement or whatever you want to call your negative attitude and disdainful personality.

      At first I thought you just disliked her. Which is why I wanted you to know that what you were assuming was wrong. Now I see that you’re more of a person that likes to dig up as much dirt as you can on somebody you find to your disliking. I thought those kinds of actions usually ended for people in high school–but hey, I guess some people just never grow up.

    4. RB says:


      You shouldn’t be embarrassed when you’re corrected (Santina’s age). Just learn to admit and accept your mistakes, and you will be a happier person.

      Oh, and “Who doesn’t”? That made me laugh. I guess you lie about your age all the time, then, huh?

  4. DrkAnjl says:

    How can anyone say such ugly things when presented with the story of someone’s real life, fairy-tale love story? How rare and amazing is it that two non-millionaire, REAL people meet from either end of the country, fall in love, sustain that love until marriage, and because their story was so beautiful, and involved Macy’s, have the huge retail corporation reach out to them to make this one part of their dreams of life together come true? She’s a beautiful woman, whose fiery red hair contrasts exquisitely with her striking green eyes, not to mention her impressive curves…and he’s a police officer, which means (in New York at least, I’m in L.A.) that he’s a hero everyday, and judging by his proposal, a romantic. I wish them the very best, they truly deserve it. Also, with a mother that gorgeous, can you imagine how stunning a daughter she must have? Or how dashing a long-curly-haired swashbuckler of a son?!? Dreams sometimes find a way of coming true, long after you’ve woken from those of your youth. 😉

  5. carrie Ann says:

    shame on the bride. She’s a 46 year old marrying a guy nearly half her age. Has anyone seen pictures of her? Holy mackerel. She look like a clown with the orange hair, freaky green eyes and thick cake of concealer to cover all those wrinkles. I hope Macy’s is paying her enough to get plastic surgery. I hope he’s marrying her for her money because what can a women of her age offer a guy in his 20’s? She’s probably already in menopause. What will she do when her 15 minutes of fame are over? Is she gonna eat his money and throw him to the curb? Does anyone know if she has kids? Either way: I’m sure they are close to her husband’s age. Lol. My husband is 6 years older than me and I still remeber how awkward I felt when I married him. Imagine 20 plus year difference. It is a man’s place to protect his wife and not for the wife to babysit her husband. I pity him and wish him a lot of luck in the short time period they will remain together.

    1. RB says:

      Excuse me? First of all, Santina is NOT 46. Get your facts right before ranting. She’s 38. Second of all, YES she has kids. An amazing, artistic, beautiful and strong daughter who happens to be one of my dear friends and a wonderful, intelligent, handsome and charming son who I happen to be dating and in love with. You have no idea what kind of person Santina is and the things she has gone through that has made her the powerful woman that she is today. I would know, and I am proud and happy to know that I have had the honor of getting to know her and being a part of her life. I can safely say that a numerous amount of people, including me, are touched by her existence. Say what you want about her, but I want you to know that the assumptions and judgement you are passing upon her are beyond wrong. Good day.

    2. miss bowers says:

      shut up. Love is love. You don’t know her or her family. How dare you comment on the reasons as to why she is marrying him. I know these people.
      I can only imagine what you look like. Fat middle aged, most likely upset with your life???

  6. SR says:

    you guys are such losers…………… why are you saying such things to people you dont know? all you guys are just jealous that they are in the eye of the public when you people are prob 400LBS crying because you cant find true love. so STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. BigEz says:

      You have just proved yourself to be the biggest loser of them all!

      You come on here berating others for insulting people who you assume they don’t know only to do exactly the same thing!!

      Very foolish indeed!!

  7. Junior says:

    Perhaps the cop should concentrate on stopping crime rather than looking for sex.

    1. Momma says:

      Perhaps you should put a big L on you forehead so we all are warned when you are coming.

    2. Sanity says:

      Its commenters like junior who make a really excellent case against free speech.

  8. Dan Te says:

    By tying the knot in the handbag aisle the bride is telling the groom she is ready to take his money and place it all in her handbag.

  9. Bushelfoote says:

    Correction: For over *150* Years Macy’s has been helping to make the most of YOUR American Dream……

  10. Bushelfoote says:

    That is such a NICE Romantic New York City Story!!! CongratulationsTo The Happy Couple!!! Kudos to MACY’S for making it Happen….For over 100 years MACY’S has been helping to make the most of Your American Dream…..

  11. BigEz says:

    Makes you want to throw up!!

    1. lawyer for a day says:

      will Macy’s pay for the divorce lawyers, also?

      1. BigEz says:

        Jack@@S for the day!!

        Sorry do I know you?? How do you know if I am married?

        Another foolish individual..

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