NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey woman has been charged with four counts of animal cruelty after authorities accused of her dumping a starved 1-year-old pit bull down a trash chute.

WARNING: Photo below contains graphic imagery

Kisha Curtis, 28, could face up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or community service if convicted.

NEW MUST SEE VIDEO: Patrick Chows Down At The Vet! (YouTube)

On March 16, the dog was found in the garbage of a Newark apartment building after apparently having been thrown down a trash chute in a plastic bag in the 22-story building.

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When a maintenance worker discovered him, the pup was rushed to the trauma unit at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

It was determined the dog was severely anemic and malnourished. He received a blood transfusion and was later named Patrick.

Patrick the dog was found in a garbage of a Newark apartment building (Photo Credit: AHS)

Patricia Scavelli, an administrator at GSVS, said when hospital officials first saw Patrick they “didn’t think he’d make it through the night.”

Patrick will be put up for adoption if he continues to improve and recovers, doctors said.

Last week, Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, in Rutherford, was donating a portion of their proceeds to the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey after hearing about Patrick’s heartbreaking story.

If convicted, what sentence should the suspect get? Sound off below

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  1. Scott says:

    She should be thrown down a garbage shoot.

    1. osprey says:

      starved and tortured first please

      1. Flutistno3 says:

        I agree with what you two think!

  2. Blake S. Davis says:

    She needs to go to jail and the people who are serving with her should be told of her crime. Child abuse same thing. And people who do this are more likely to abuse children as well. When i see stories like this I despair of our race. If you care then donate to the ASPCA. Or volunteer – the most self-less thing you can do is to help animals.

  3. Zenos Pipkin says:

    Nina, maybe you did not see the picture of the dog, but if you did, and you think a fine is good enough for this woman, then you have no compassion, and I would not want you in MY family!

    1. Ilovemysheltie says:

      Seriously! Who looks at that picture and thinks “Who cares, it’s just like a goldfish, I’d throw it in the trash too”. Ridiculous! That poor little pup, I can’t stand these people that get pitbulls for show and then throw them out. It’s pathetic. My fiance and I just adopted a sheltie from the humane society. Somebody out there will love poor little Patrick the way he deserves. I wish him the best.

  4. Liz says:

    I’ll bet it was YOU.

    1. Liz says:

      My reply was meant for Nina.

  5. EnoughAlready says:

    I’m tired of posts from people who work abortion in on any topic. They would find a way to work it in on anything. They would post about it on an article on “Dancing With The Stars”. Just because someone has compassion for animals does not mean they have no compassion for humans, in fact, it probably shows a person is more likely to have compassionate for humans. Stick to the topic

  6. Alice Polarbear says:

    dogs have a much higher level of sentience than goldfish. And maybe this dog would have been healthy, had it not be starved by this piece of human debris!

    1. TruthMeister says:

      Actually, Nina’s comment brings up a valid point. How sentient do you need to be to be defended by human law? What about that teenager in NY that was arrested for harming her sibling’s hamster? Is a hamster just sentient enough? What about animals between gold fish and hamsters? Where do you draw the line? A squirrel got into a trap while I was away on vacation and nearly ate itself to death. Terrible thing, but should I go to jail for squirrel manslaughter? How about a praying mantis. I kept one as a pet as a kid. Cruel endangerment? In the far east they EAT dogs, so maybe its a societal thing. I don’t think anyone has the answer except that either 1) humans are unique, and then there is everything else or 2) we need to treat everything that feels pain and fear just the same as we treat humans in terms of care. That’s why I think sport fishing is cruel and is no better than what the woman did to the dog. Yanking a hook through your mouth (pain), pulling you by that hook against your will (fear), drowning you so you can’t breathe (torture), then throwing you back to your environment where you’ll probably die of infection. But I digress.

  7. B says:

    You’re an idiot.

  8. Renee says:

    Obviously you don’t care about animals. This woman indeed needs to serve time for what she did!!

  9. Paige says:

    Really, the woman needs to be starved in the exact same way then we will put her in a plastic bag while still alive and throw her down a 22 story garbage shoot and see how she likes that. People are sick! There is no punishment severe enough for her.

  10. Jan says:

    Human babies and dogs/pets are helpless…they are at the mercy of humans. Of course human life is more important…but this is horrid cruelty and my guess is that this creepy woman is capable of doing this to a baby or child…all killers of humans started by abusing and killing helpless animals.

    She deserves 5 years in prison.

  11. duh_swami says:

    An old German woman told me that her grandmother told her…’You can’t trust anyone who does not like dogs…And I don’t…

    1. L von Bizzle says:

      agreed!!! what’s not to love about man’s best friend??

  12. Allen Morgan says:

    Someone who abuses an animal is a threat to humans as well. She should be given the maximum sentence as if she had abused another human being.

    1. cottagevillebill says:

      Agreed!!! She should get the maximum sentence and be held reponsible for every penny that it costs for that poor dogs recovery. I also think that she should be prohibited from EVER having any kind of animal for life.

  13. valoispq says:

    Where do people”?” like that come from, how come they didn’t learn any civilized morals,Didn’t she go to school or/and live in a community with normal people she could learn off? How could you starve a dog that much and live with yourself, and the trash chute, how would you ever think of something that evil and degenerate. I think she belongs in a hospital for the criminally insane. Some part of humanity is missing in her, why doesn’t matter, she should not be around normal society.

  14. Michael says:

    we really are a twisted society. 4000 babies slaughtered everyday in this nation and one mistreated dog gets its own headline and the people come out with the noose. God help us!

    1. TruthMeister says:

      Hard to argue with your point Michael, even if I am only against abortion past the first trimester. Don’t be too hard on people though; the public cares primarily about that which the MSM determines they need to care about. If the MSM ran a story on a 6 month fetus that felt pain, already had a name (let’s call him Michael), and could be seen through an ultrasound kicking and having a good time – but was schedule to be hacked to death in the morning, well I think there would be quite a number of people that would be just as teed off. The MSM just doesn’t expose the reality of abortion, and we are a visual people.

  15. harry says:

    I hate political correctness and I love my pets but this is just wrong. I totally understand the frustration that leads to ignorant comments like this but I just wanted to say that this does nothing to help your cause. There are valid issues to be raised concerning blacks in the U.S. But animal cruelty is a human issue.

  16. Mike says:

    Maybe the perp. can call it a canine abortion. Then there wouldn’t be an outcry. Her dog, her choice.

    1. Hako says:

      She wasn’t carrying the pup in her body, it was perfectly capable of existing without her. She didn’t decide to euthanize or kill it…. she tormented and starved it. Your thinking is flawed, and your comparison to abortion is ridiculous.

    2. Dancer says:

      My God can people come out with much more verbal diarrhea. What has slowly watching a puppy starve to death got to do with an abortion I cant believe how many brain dead people there are.So if you were my husband I would have the right to starve you.. what bollocks!

  17. lina says:

    6 months and $1000 is not enough. The suffering she caused has earned her more than that. It was a horrible thing to have done and if it were up to me she should get the same sentence as attempted murder of a human.

    1. Gladys says:

      It is not enough punishment for how dreadfully she treated this poor dog.

  18. Kyle Salerno says:

    Like a few of the posters have said. Starve and malnourish this woman for an extended period of time, stuff her in a bag, and than throw her down a 22 story building trash chute. I dont understand some people these days.

  19. grim_reaper says:

    She’s probably killed preborn babies.

  20. Kat says:

    I’d love to slap her silly and then blow her head off. I hate creeps like this. They’re threats to everyone, not just dogs.

    1. Ron says:

      You appear to be a worse person than she is.

  21. John Hasham says:

    Anyone who could do this to a dog is a sociopath and not worthy of being called human.

  22. TomA says:

    Take the former owner to Animal Control and hold her for adoption for 72 hours. If there are no takers euthanize her.

    1. Mannie says:

      Why wait? Just toss her down the trash chute.

      1. Vince says:

        Put her in a bag first!

    2. Ron says:

      Are you trying to prove by your rhetoric that you’re as bad a person as her?

    3. Wally says:

      I believe she should spend her time with caring for animals. Let her learn how to love and care for a helpless animal and perhaps it will make her a better person.
      They do that in prisons for abused animals. The prisoners come out ready to deal with their problems.. And the animals go to loving families.

  23. AnJo1 says:

    Heaven help the community that is punished with any service from her.

  24. John Svengali says:

    Dogs are the noblest creatures God put on Earth for mankind. A person has lost their humanity (and is probably a sociopath) for doing something like this to a dog.

  25. Slam says:

    Poor pup! I sure hope Patrick is adopted by a loving family, so he can know that not ALL humans are sadistic losers like this woman. How sad that her heart is so small, and her soul is so sick, that she could torture this little dog. She needs help, but more than that, she needs PUNISHMENT!! Crime has consequences…

  26. Disgusted says:

    There is a special corner in hell for people like this

  27. Susan says:

    She deserves a lot more than a little jail time, a small fine and community service…she deserves to suffer and suffer for a long time. What a waste of oxygen!

  28. David Brooks says:

    Animal cruelty crosses racial lines – shame on the IGNORANT BIGOTS who have posted hateful messages here…you’re no better than the one you criticize. As for Ms. Curtis, she deserves jail, a hefty fine, and extended mandatory community service requiring her to serve in an animal shelter where she’s forced to care for and clean up after animals who have been treated the way she treated “Patrick.”

    1. jack says:

      David you have no spine or soul. This woman deserves a lot more than that.

  29. Rheinhard says:

    Should have dumped the “Broess” down the garbage chute. Hurry, before “Ho” drops another future criminal, adding to the “hood” population

    1. Yorlie Lover says:


    2. astrid says:

      go rheinhard…you rock…

  30. melanie says:

    I don’t understand why people get pets if they don’t take care of them. These are living animals that are completely dependent on their owners for care, like children. This woman clearly doesn’t have compassion for others, so it’s scary if she can do this to a helpless pup, what else is she capable of? She deserves maximum fines and jail time. THIS IS NOT OKAY!

  31. skello says:

    $1,000 is too lenient, though obviously this stellar representative of Newark couldn’t even pay $100 I can imagine. “If Convicted?” give me a break

  32. Ellen says:

    That dog did NOT get in that horrible condition overnight. He’s been starved and suffering for months. If only that c… kisha could be thrown in jail – and let the general population know what she is in for.

  33. Sharon says:

    Can you imagine the suffering this dog went through – how many weeks it whined and cried for food – while this woman watched, listened, and did nothing? My God! What an evil, evil woman! I cannot even think of a punishment that fits this crime.

  34. Frank says:

    I suggest starving the suspect to the same degree the dog was and then dumping her down the trash chute from the height…..Jail will do no good as the state will probablly have to care for any kids…..The dumbing of America continues…….

  35. Jason says:

    I’d have to agree 100%…..such a damn shame. She’s more of an animal than Patrick is. Why society allows these morons to exist is beyond me.

  36. Yer Makuh says:

    Kisha Curtis you are EVIL. You will meet me soon…

  37. Htos1 says:

    I see animals as soething to nurture and to provide good stewardship .Not as competition.

  38. JB says:

    Starve her, put her in a plastic bag and throw her down a garbage chute. Let her see how it feels. Will it teach her empathy? Who knows.

    1. William & Peggy says:

      We agree.

    2. thegoat1970 says:

      this woman is pure evil…

  39. nadine says:

    i think what comes around goes around .they need to give jail time to people who abuse animals no fine how is that gonna help the animals punch them all stiffer laws

  40. Hmmm says:

    I wonder what New Jersey spends on humane enforcement and how much Christie is cutting from it.

    1. Ron Reale says:

      I’m more interested in how much he put aside for the death penalty, hopefully he transfers every penny of savings to that fine purpose.
      Ron Reale

    2. Net Runnr says:

      Typical diseased liberal response. Now it’s the Republican Governor’s fault? Lock up this nutcase Kisha (ironic bc this sounds like a dog’s name), who is most certainly one of your fellow Obama supporters. This proves how you idiots think.

      1. valoispq says:

        I am a MR Obama supporter and I hate this woman and what she did – how did you put politics into this?

      2. Perplexed says:

        I am an Obama supporter and I am appalled at what this woman did to this puppy. How in the world do you associate President Obama and his supporters with this is beyond me. Oh yeah, you must be one of the ignorant tea party or conservative low information members. Anyway, this woman should have to pay for Partick’s medical care and premium food for the rest of his life. I also think she should have to spend 6 months to a year in jail.

  41. D says:

    I hope this thing suffers the worst possible indignities that life has to offer. I can only hope she is sterile and cannot procreate. May she rot in hell.

  42. badman says:

    make an example of her. she should fry for this.

  43. Daniel P says:

    People who abuse God’s animals should get at LEAST 10 – 20 years in prison.

    1. god...ppfpff please! says:

      who’s animals? Their Own.

    2. Oberon123 says:

      I totally agree, Daniel.

    3. Oberon123 says:

      Just to make it clear, I agree with Daniel, not the godnut who also commented.

  44. Micha says:

    I hope they lock the piece of garbage up. If she didn’t want the dog, she could have dropped it at a shelter. That action alone tells me all i need to know about this woman- she doesn’t belong in civilized society. She wants to act like an animal than cage her like one… make sure someone spays her too…

  45. Linda says:

    First of all Robert, trash comes in all colors. That said, is there any possibility of her getting jail time, a fine, and community service (preferably some kind of hard labor)???

  46. Doc says:

    I’m a retired Pharmacist. During my 50 years in practice I can’t begin to tell you the number of people who spent tons of money on their pets. Diabetes, seizures, high blood pressure and so on. Until recently there were no Rx plans to cover pets, even minimally. As one of my customers once said, and I paraphrase, dogs are people too! I agree. Good folks all and God bless them. This person should go where the sun doesn;t shine and the fire is on all the time.

    1. Madeline Carlisle says:

      Dogs are NOT people. They don’t even serve a useful purpose as do cows, pigs and chickens. Dogs are a luxury and anyone who spends “tons of money” on a dog in this economy should be ashamed of him/herself. People who spend exorbitant amounts on pets are no different than the person who spends money on other luxuries — jewelry, fur coats, fancy cars, fancy women, or whatever. Dogs are NOT a necessity and some lawmakers are finally beginning to realize this by innacting taxes on veterinary services for pets.

      1. Laura says:

        To quote: ” They [ dogs] don’t even serve a useful purpose”. Try telling that to the thousand of chapters of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Let us not forget about the canines who are trained as companion animals for elderly or handicapped. Did you forget about the brave canines who serve on thousands of police forces across the nation? So, in short, Madeline, next time you are attacked by a rapist, mugger, or strung-out junkie, I’ll be sure to tell the police force that you don’t want the trained police dog to take down your attacker because, after all, “They don’t serve a purpose”.

  47. Tsk-Tsk says:


    Every ethnicity has its share of a-holes. Like you, f’rinstance.

    1. Tsk-Tskisanahole says:

      Robert only speaks the truth and a limp-wristed child spouts propaganda.

      1. Tsk-Tsk says:

        I know you are, but what am I?

    2. Mark Matis says:

      Except some Preferred Species have more than their share. But we can’t talk about that, can we? The stench is overwhelming.

      And no, not ALL of this Preferred Species are like her. However, their share is FAR disproportionate to their population.

  48. Peter says:

    Denise I totally agree with you throw her down the chute and start the

  49. Denise says:

    They should throw her down the trash chute. I don’t understand how people can hurt animals and not feel a thing of remorse.

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