NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey woman has been charged with four counts of animal cruelty after authorities accused of her dumping a starved 1-year-old pit bull down a trash chute.

WARNING: Photo below contains graphic imagery

Kisha Curtis, 28, could face up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine or community service if convicted.

NEW MUST SEE VIDEO: Patrick Chows Down At The Vet! (YouTube)

On March 16, the dog was found in the garbage of a Newark apartment building after apparently having been thrown down a trash chute in a plastic bag in the 22-story building.

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When a maintenance worker discovered him, the pup was rushed to the trauma unit at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

It was determined the dog was severely anemic and malnourished. He received a blood transfusion and was later named Patrick.

Patrick the dog was found in a garbage of a Newark apartment building (Photo Credit: AHS)

Patricia Scavelli, an administrator at GSVS, said when hospital officials first saw Patrick they “didn’t think he’d make it through the night.”

Patrick will be put up for adoption if he continues to improve and recovers, doctors said.

Last week, Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, in Rutherford, was donating a portion of their proceeds to the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey after hearing about Patrick’s heartbreaking story.

If convicted, what sentence should the suspect get? Sound off below

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  1. Cynthia says:

    She should serve the maximum time AND pay the maximum fine. The penalties for animal cruelty/neglect need to be stiffer in ALL 50 states!

  2. Joe says:

    You must be related to the offender, seem to be on the same level…

  3. mojavewolf says:

    Excuse you,

    Glad to see so many people calling you out on your weak rationalization. People like you are why this type of behavior persists.

    The correlation between animal cruelty and human cruelty is strong. The same environments where all the crimes you mention exist are also enviroments where animal cruelty exist. Decent people don’t compartmentalize compassion the way you do. In doing so, you expose yourself as a phony. You don’t care one whit for human suffering.

    It’s good that people like you are free to speak your mind so that such notions may be publicly shredded.

  4. jonathan says:

    there is no excuse for this. If you feel like you can’t love an animal enough to take care of it properly, find it a new home. You have no right hurting something that is defenseless. Dogs especially because all they ever try to do is make you as thier master happy. They radiate love, and almost nothing you can do will turn them against you.

    1. Laura says:

      I agree. There really is no excuse, Jonathan. Especially when there are rescue groups for every breed and shelters in every county. As much as I abhor the thought, I would rather (even as a human) be euthanized than allowed to suffer or be tortured. There are too many phone numbers she could have dialed if she couldn’t take care of the animal if she had one ounce of compassion in her.

  5. Libbi says:

    A nation can be judge on the way it treats it’s animals. Ghandi

  6. Raheem S says:

    Yes this woman should be penalized but the racist and bigots it not the time to release your venom and hatred. That’s why the the world is the way it is now. Obviously this woman has issues. There is worst things such as child porn and child molestation. Get a real cause of activism and stop being a racist and a bigot

    1. heavenlydays says:

      Raheem: Since YOU do not believe that this is a real cause of activism, then move on to other stories.

      Your sick attitude (and your name) tell us all we need to know about you!

      I would say, shame on you, but you have no idea of shame!

      1. Kellibabie says:

        You, madam, are guilty of the same kind of ignorance as the imbecile in this article….lack of respect for humanity. I wish you luck in this life, god knows you are sure to need it….

  7. Amanda says:

    your a heartless sorry excuse for a human being. People have voices, and can cry out for help. You don’t deserve the right to even have a voice. Worthless PIG!

  8. Raheem S says:

    Yes this is a senseless act obviously this woman have some deep issues and should have the proper punishment. That dosen’t excuse the racist and bigots. there is more activist causes such as child porn and molestation etc. Stop damaging the United States with your hatred and cruelty you’re just as cruel.

    1. heavenlydays says:


      Do you care to tell us what country you are from? Your “concern” over the United States becoming damaged by the “hatred and cruelty” of animal lovers is an affront to the unique goodness of the USA.

      IOW, your post does not make any sense. Your hatred of Americans is sick!

      1. Libbi says:

        heavenlydays: Raheem was not commenting on animal cruelty, but the continued out-spewing of racism and bigotry as seen on these pages.. I agree with him.. what RACE the perpetrator is is of no consequence. This could easily have been a white person as a black person and yes, bigotry and racism WILL Be the down fall of the US if it continues. Those who spout such nonsense ARE just as blind in their outlook as those who would starve a defenseless animal.

  9. Lunar™ says:

    Based on all the replies to Jennifer’s comment, she hit a “troll” win.

  10. Stop Animal Abuse says:

    Sounds like your an animal ABUSER!!!!

  11. christina says:

    First of all animals are not stupid. They have been on this earth long before we were and they deserve our respect. Your contempt for animals speaks volumes about your personality and I would bet that while you speak of human suffering, you have done little to change it. I would be curious to know what you have done to make this change that you feel is so important. I don’t doubt that people suffer and no one is minimizing their pain. However, at least those who love animals are trying to make a change. They are standing up and fighting for the suffering animals endure at the hands of heartless people! When was the last time you saw an animal throw a human in a cage and not feed them? We have the power to make a change. So why don’t you take time to make a change instead of speaking so poorly about those that actually are doing something. I dare you!! And if that chnage is in reagrd to the human suffering you speak of then more power to you.

  12. kim says:

    Jennifer….you are a moron…..if you knew anything you would KNOW that there is without a doubt a causal link between ANIMAL ABUSE and Child abuse/serial killers….
    Maybe you should do a little research before opening your ignorant mouth!

  13. Tamera Smiley says:

    Most people who care about animals are the same ones doing good for fellow humans! The people with love and compassion are trying to make a difference but it starts with us humans being humane which the sad fact a lot are cruel heartless evil people! Any person who could do this to an animal is also capable of abusing children with no remorse as well!!! This is a very important thing to “focus” on! To protect and speak for those who can not protect or speak for themselves !!! How can you be so cold?

  14. Kim says:

    People hurting animals leads to people hurting people Jennifer. And people have a choice…we make the choices for animals.

  15. TOBERONI says:

    She should do the same time that Vick did. why they ARE LETTEEING HOIM PLAY FOOTBALL IS A MYSTERY. TWO YEARS MINIMUM

  16. Disgusted says:

    Beware of people who do not like animals. Serial killers don’t care for them much either.

  17. eschaf says:

    She should be given the same treatment she gave the poor dog… dump her down a trash shoot!!

    1. Jesse says:

      Sounds fair to me.

    2. Joanne says:

      In such case I can’t believe that a Mandatory Psychiatric evaluation is not in order, let’s see. Obviously this person is or can be dangerous and MUST prevented from re-entering society. 6 months for ATTEMPTED MURDER, is an absolute JOKE!…ON US the next victim…will it be you or someone you know?

  18. sam says:

    Jenn, you are a boob. Really. This is how child molesters, child soldiers, rapists get their start. Once they become immune to feelings like Kisha did, then they can easliy abuse a child, parent, stranger, animal or you. I feel sorry for you and whomever dates you or raised you, they would recoil in horror at your callousness. You need some professional help. Or better yet, maybe you should go and protest in front of the bakery donating funds and stalk the veteranarins helping the dog and finally firebomb the house of the people who adopt the dog. Now, THAT is the Change and Hope you believe in and subscribe to.

  19. Vicky says:

    It’s people like you that should be starved and thrown in the garbage. Anyone that would comment the way you did to such a horrific act doesn’t deserve to live!!

  20. Jamie says:

    Stupid animal? How can you beg respect for human beings but ignore someone torturing a helpless animal? If you want people to have respect for life, telling them to ignore animals is not the way to go about it. This woman bought or adopted this animal and it was her responsibility to care for it. When she found that she couldn’t, instead of doing the right thing and taking it to a shelter or just letting it loose on the streets for animal control to pick up, she imprisoned it in a plastic bag and shoved it down a garbage shoot. It’s not right and she deserves punishment, end of story.

  21. me says:

    jennifer if there are much more important things to focus on why are you here? loser. youre the stupid animal

  22. John says:

    I can’t believe what I just read. Jennifer do you not have any sense of shame posting your comment. You lack a moral compass, yet in your simple sick mind you think your right. You are just as sick as the person who put the dog into the trash. We are all animals you simple troll.

  23. Lauren Germani says:

    Anyone who treats animals this way doesn’t deserve to LIVE!!! I would rather help an animal out then a selfish rotten excuse for a human!!! Seeing the industry she works in I hope someone dumps her body in a trash bin!!!

  24. Amanda says:

    You would not be saying that if it were your animal or a family members animal…..Pull your head outta your butt lady….You say we should bring people hurting other people to justice (which I definitely agree) when the system protects the accusers more than the victums….. Its the stupid laws that need to be changed, & stupid ignerant people like you that dont really have a clue about anything.

  25. Joy Lerner says:

    If you LOOK at her profile on facebook and take a good look at her face, you can easily SEE how she is capable of doing such a thing….she radiates bad energies…I wish her the courage and strength to change who and WHAT she has become

  26. Me says:

    someone needs to hurt you

  27. Retch T. Budtender says:

    “There’s news – then there’s Disturbing News.”

  28. Sharon says:

    In addition to the fine, she should be starved then throw down a 22 story trash chute.

  29. Beth says:

    Does it really matter if the woman is white, black, red or striped?? The point is she abused and neglected her dog and should be held responsible for that!! If it were up to me, she would pay the highest fine and do time. The animal can’t speak out for himself, so people need to.

  30. Bruce says:

    When I look at the photo of this emaciated dog, I am amazed it is still alive. I hope that this animal goes to people who will take good care of her.

    It’s amazing to me that some people can’t seem to grasp that if you have a pet and you can’t take care of it, take it to the SPCA or someone who can help get it adopted to another person. What an idiot this woman is!

  31. Just Say'in says:

    Obama voter….

    1. Tippy2 says:

      LOL! Was thinking the same thing!

  32. KrisK says:

    This broad is nothing but a human trashbag! If she couldn’t afford dogfood with her foodstamps she should not have taken on the responsibility of becoming the owner of a pooch who relys completely on them for their survival. I’m so very happy that her community provides for such severe punishment like community service for a few months. What a joke. She should be expelled from her community and added to the rest of the losers in jail – she should also not be allowed to care for anything – including pets or children.

  33. CTague says:

    The point is not this woman’s color, its her lack of humanity and decency. She is obviously devoid of any morals and personally I feel that any person like her needs to be snuffed out immediately. She is the lowest of human race, she is not even worthy of the flesh she is made of! Jeffery Dalhmer started out this way by hurting innocent animals… get my point! I wish they’d lock her up and throw away the key, but that would be too good for her!. She deserves the worst kind of punishment, and she will get it because like they say, “What comes around goes around!” God bless you, Patrick! You are a beautiful soul and thousands of people love you and are routing for ya!!

    1. Michelle says:

      This monster needs to serve prison time! This cruel and heartless person, has nothing postive to offer society. Put her away before she inflicts anymore suffering.

      1. CTague says:

        She is a monster! The worst kind!

    2. Ctague says:

      How that dispicable thing can live with herself is beyond me? What’s scary is that there are more monsters like her out there who breed other monsters. She makes me sick.

  34. Old-n-grey says:

    This person should be ordered by the court to “volunteer” at an animal shelter for two full years. Failure to do so, means …go to jail.

    1. CTague says:

      She should NEVER be allowed around animals or children ever!

    2. Al says:

      How about jail first THEN service at the shelter?

  35. Dr. Bombay says:

    All races do this to animals. But the question is why do we protect some people with political correctness while others are not covered?

    Either we are all equal and all accountable for the same actions or we have a protected class. Protected groups always feel they are above others and untouchable, whether they be parasitical bankers, religious deviants or this degenerate.


  36. steven says:

    This story is tragic but the only thing worse than this story are the horrible comments following. This story has nothing to do with race, religion, sexuality etc. The woman who did this is simply trash. She could have just as easily been white, asian, latino or any other ethnicity and be printing all of the racial slurs you are just dimiinishing the tragic nature of her actions.

    1. Deborah Kay Skelton says:

      So true thanks for posting this comment..

  37. misterwax says:

    atta boy, Jeff…..I thought you you Yankees up in NJ were a bunch of liberal are cut from a different cloth.

  38. monica says:

    put her in a garbage truck full of smelly garbage and then shove her down the shute!

  39. kimberly singer says:

    You know some of you people are so pathetic,when the world is full of radiation,and poisonous fumes will you say a European Person cause that? Life is full of people from all races that do horrible things and that’s all you need to focus on but of course some of you never will.Ahhh…. the beauty of America in your face……

    1. Libbi says:

      I agree, it’s a sad day in American when we STILL can’t get past the race card.. this is NOT about race, it’s about inhumane treatment of an animal.. and this occurs with ALL races.. I know personally as i have been battling a mistreatment of an animal with my daughter’s boyfriend. He is White, I am white.. and he kicked the poor thing with a steal toed boot and broke it’s leg, yet i can do NOTHING, since i didn’t witness it.. the Laws are what needs to be changed, not the person’s race, and not the breed of the dog.

      1. P Williams says:

        Harrold,,,when a dog suffers like this, it changes the personality…it is probably so timid and afraid to be abused, it will cower for the rest of its life. It’s true that Pit Bulls do have a tendency to be more high strung than other breeds, but it also depends on how they are raised and treated by their masters.

  40. shadowbunny says:

    First of all being “African american“ has nothing to do with the issue at hand so chill out with the RACE card. Second I own three pets and one is a pitbull they are very well taking care of. This girl is just stupid and cares more about being a porn star then her kids or that poor dog.

  41. ace says:

    I hope someone Dexters that low life.

    1. Amanda says:

      That’s what I’m saying, I totally agree….. She’s probably just gonna eventually do it again!!!!!

  42. K says:

    The sad thing is, she only got a $50 fine. That’s it. That’s what the court system there thinks is appropriate for this kind of behavior. I think that court system is well over due for a change!

    1. Deborah Kay Skelton says:

      really? 50 dollars/??? we need HUGE changes

  43. kd says:

    She ought to be given the same type of ‘sentence’ that she gave to “Patrick”. Let her starve to death and see how it feels………….. She’s nothing more than trash–Patrick is 100 times more worthy than her………..

  44. Ray Ray says:

    Throw her down the chute and see how she likesit! Animals have feelings too!!! Let her rot in Jail!!!!

  45. The Observer says:

    She is the epitome of lazy.

    You’d think it’d much easier to feed a dog when your knuckles already drag on the ground.

  46. Adria Castro says:


  47. MnMclub says:

    I just went on the “SKANKS” facebook and reported her,she doesnt deserve a facebook page.May she die a SLOW HORRIBLE DEATH AND BURN SLOWLY IN HELL!!!!!!!

  48. WJK says:

    You could not be more correct!

  49. Mathew Sewell says:

    Whatever maximum penalty the law allows should be her punishment. Morally, she deserves to be starved as the dog was, and then sterilized. Sadly,that will never happen. Instead, a few years in prison where she can live like a caged animal would be thoroughly appropriate.

    1. Tinky Winky says:

      She should be put down.

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