GREENWICH, CT (WCBS 880) – The humanitarian organization World Vision is inviting people to its moving exhibit in Connecticut about African children with AIDS.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau: Visiting The Exhibit Is Free

Brian Merideth, who arranged for this exhibit in Greenwich, says the tour, with vivid photographs and dramatic settings of an African village, tells the story of children suffering from AIDS who are sustained by just basic care and hope.

“I’ve told people a couple of times, ‘I really challenge you to walk through the exhibit without getting a tear in your eye, and just feeling these children and what they’re going through in sub-Saharan Africa.’ It’s a real tragedy that’s happening,” Merideth told WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau.

As the tour manager, Sean Salemi knows the story of these African children by heart – youngsters suffering from AIDS for most of their lives. He says the tour has dramatically boosted World Vision’s sponsorship of these children.

“It really impacts people’s hearts and, beyond sponsorship, it encourages people to really think outside of their own world and people get involved in all kinds of creative ways,” says Salemi.

Merideth says in Greenwich, there’s been an outpouring of sponsorships for these children with AIDS who suffer, not only from the disease, but the stigma of it, often leaving them ostracized and alone.

22 million people in Africa have AIDS, but that’s only the official count. The actual number is likely much much higher, since many shun testing out of fear.

The exhibit is Christ Church Greenwich at 254 East Putnam Avenue and runs through April 3.

For more information or to reserve free tickets, click HERE.

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  1. Mr Armenia says:

    Is this really appropriate?

  2. Gregory says:

    When will HIV / AIDS be a major target for eradication by the world community? If the disease mutates to spread in another series of modes, then perhaps sufficient resources will be devoted to prevention and cure. Meanwhile many innocent are condemed to suffer with little or no hope and help.

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