Marilyn Leisz Claims She Was Misled By Dr. Paul Parker

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A jury is deliberating the case of a New Jersey woman who says an eyelid procedure gone wrong is the reason she can no longer close her eyes.

Marilyn Leisz said she went to a Bergen County plastic surgeon to correct bumps on her eyelids from a cosmetic procedure performed by another doctor and now she can’t fully close her eyes — even when she sleeps.

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“…To blink I really have to really squeeze my eyes to … fully close my eyes,” Leisz told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The married mother of two from Bloomingdale was in court Tuesday suing Dr. Paul Parker for negligence. Parker’s attorney told the jury Leisz was warned of the risks and that she never complained after the 2005 eyelid surgery called a blepharoplasty.

“This patient was given information about those risks,” the attorney said.

Leisz disagrees. Her attorney played the opinion of another doctor who said she wasn’t a good candidate for this surgery because she had had too many other procedures.

“He should have been honest with me and told me I was not a candidate and suggested other options for me,” Leisz said.

Leisz said she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She also says she’s losing her vision and lives in fear of injuring her eyes.

“All the favorite things I used to, like tennis, racquetball, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding, skeet shooting, gardening, I can’t do those things,” Leisz said.

Leisz admitted to having multiple other procedures before going to Dr. Parker, but said she may be able to correct the problem but she’s afraid to go under the knife.

Leisz is asking the jury for an unspecified amount of money. Deliberations resume Wednesday.

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  1. Sniffit says:

    The Bush Doctrine resulted in many current ongoing problems including our economy and what’s happening in Libya and Egypt. Or perhaps your biggoted conscience prefers to blame it on the black man in the white house?

    1. Good call says:

      Yo brotha – don’t be dissin my homey – it be tough to read dem teleprompters all da time.


      1. rundog67 says:

        Homey? What the heck man? What’s so good about Obama anyways? It’s racist voting for him because you don’t want to seem racist not because of his politics.

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    2. Eleanor Kaywork says:

      So now its racist ? More white people voted the black man in than they did for anyother black man or women that ran for any office . More white people go to black doctors than than black people do . When are you going to stop whining ?

  2. ExSophus says:

    Taking 2 minutes to search on the internet reveals on multiple websites the risks associated with the blepharoplasty procedure.

    “Impaired eyelid function” is one of the primary risks identified, and each site I visited recommended discussing EACH AND EVERY risk with your doctor BEFORE having the surgery.

    1. risse says:

      I agree–It seems that this woman may be addicted to plastic surgery, and instead of doing her research, She heard what she wanted to hear and that was a Dr. who said yes to her wants.
      And whatever happened to asking for a second opinion? Any surgery has its risks. Every surgeon will tell you that and if they dont …RUN–to a fully qualified Dr. with morals.

    2. Kate says:

      It’s all about the money. Am I the only person in this country who hasn’t sued someone?

    3. Dr. P says:

      It was on the consent… She just didn’t think it actually would happen.. now she’s mad. But she was consented for the risk.

  3. Nico says:

    This woman looks ghastly after umpteen surgeries. She looks like a freak, eyelids not closing notwithstanding. Does she think people are going to feel sorry for her because she can’t play polo anymore? She made her decisions, now she can live with them. She can look at the bright side, she’ll be set for Halloween.

    1. JPC says:

      You’re right, she can look at the bright side. In fact, she can’t stop looking at the bright side…

  4. Paul Begala says:

    Another Nancy Pelosi…..
    What is it with these shallow old narcissistic asshats? Haven’t they ever heard of “growing old gracefully”?

    1. Dr, Killdem says:

      If you live in New Jersey, why would you use a New Jersey plastic surgeon ? Because you’re stupid, that’s why ..
      There are no good plastic surgeons in Swampland, New Jersey you moron.
      All the good ones are obviouslty in Manhattan.
      This moron should have had a lobotomy.

      1. Priceless says:

        I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotmy.
        Obivoiusly speaking – oh you can’t spell – hmm who’s the moron now.
        Moron is the Welsh word for carrot – go nibble

      2. Uddercha0s says:

        This is for Priceless. Your name fits so well. It is spelled lobotomy and “obviously” you cannot spell. Your carrot reference might be relevant if this article had anything to do with Welsh. You, my friend, define the term moron.

      3. Some people are so dumb its hilarious says:

        Hahahhahaha Priceless, you seriously made my day!! Stupid people make me so happy sometimes 🙂

  5. Perseus317 says:

    Plastic surgery is big business. Lots of people want to have a nip here and a tuck there. I can see having plastic surgery to correct a true deformity, or to correct disfiguring injuries, but I can’t understand all of the people who seem to be addicted to it. I am reminded of the so-called “cat woman”, who had so many face lifts that she now has cat-like facial characteristics. In this case, I think that we are probably talking about an ultra-vain woman and a greedy plastic surgeon.

    1. Nico says:

      The plastic surgeon is just doing what the client is paying him to do. He’s not forcing his services on anyone. The blame lays squarely on the narcissistic woman.

  6. mojokabobo says:

    She deserves it. I mean, comon!! how the heck could she not have known that there were risks after having multiple surgeries on her eyes!?

    Bottom line, anyone who has more than one cosmetic surgery and something goes wrong… deserves it. Period.

    1. june621 says:

      I had to have the same surgery because of visual impairment, and now I also have the same problem as this woman. I had no other cosmetic procedures. Did I deserve it? No. And neither did she.

      1. Nico says:

        This woman didn’t have a visual impairment, she had an addiction to plastic surgery. That much is obvious to the most casual observer.

      2. jen says:

        The difference is you did what you had to do. She did what she wanted to do(multiple times) and it didn’t work out. Zero sympathy.

  7. bevysthots says:

    Wow -= that’s jacked up! I hope and pray she figures out how to fix that.
    Vanity – ALL is vanity as Solomon said.

  8. Dee says:

    I thought this was going to be a story about Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Nico says:

      Me too!!!

  9. Larry says:

    With all those extracurricular activities how does she have time to work to pay for surgery?

    Perfect candidate for someone to look for bigfoot, or aliens, or nessie.

    1. Gary F McLoughlin says:

      Answer: She’s probably a liberal and expects Obamacare to pay for it.

      1. Linda says:

        Give it up Gary. It”s getting old. The woman is a vain moron.. Get off the liberal kick. Has nothing to do with this article.

      2. jen says:

        Gary, Gary, Gary…don’t be tiresome.

  10. winston says:

    has she sued her hair stylist yet?maybe he has no insurance.that is the problem

  11. tanarg says:

    And why isn’t Michael Jackson’s doctor being hung out to dry as he should be?

  12. swis says:

    in the video, she doesnt give a full blink once. Only half blinks and they were quick too. Dont think any of us could blink that fast ony half way. Now, as far as the procedure itself, God made you a certain way. Why change it? Are you going to have all these augmentations and so called improvments after you die? No. Your life is only a blink of eye in your true exsistance in eternity. So why care about little imperfections you have now?

    1. ahapner says:

      Yes. great comment….god made you…nothing to do with evolution….god obviously made you with out a capacity for thought or reason, just to ability to believe in a sky-god.

      There is only this life to live…there is not heaven, there is no hell, there is no afterlife.

      Enjoy it while you have it, because it’s the only one you get.

      1. joe says:

        LOL, atheists and their “sky god”

  13. stu says:

    What was wrong with her eyelids to begin with? i assume they worked well before? Was her blinking too fast? too slow?

    1. bevysthots says:

      Something about bumps from too many other procedures that she needed corrected. And I’m sure they lifted them.
      This woman NEEDS others to tell her what to have done and not – seems she’s a tad co-dependent … sad!

  14. MineEyesHaveSeenTheGory says:

    I’d still h it it

  15. hiway280z says:

    Maybe that is how she pays for all her plastic surgeries.,sue the Dr.’s My dear even if you make yourself look better your body is still getting older. Face it. After so many surgeries they look like freaks anyway.

  16. seriously, why all the hate?!? says:

    Man, you guys are full of hate. Just because a surgery is elective doesn’t mean it’s centered around vanity. Lasik is elective surgery, is that done out of vanity? As many people age the outside of their eyelids drop and it greatly impairs their vision. Could you imagine going day in day wearing blinders? Would you not want corrective surgery if given the opportunity? Yeah, I know someone who had that same procedure and subsequently lost the ability to fully close her eyes. Now she is looking at skins grafts and a possible corneal transplant and no she wasn’t advised that this was a possibility. All of this because she wanted the same range of vision that she had lived with her whole life. The article didn’t tell us what this woman’s prior procedures were or why they were performed. How about climbing down from your soapboxes and reserving judgment?

    1. JohnG says:

      The LASIK and vision comments here are complete red herrings. The “Hate” comment is merely a ploy to squelch debate. Try again and do better next time.

      1. seriously, why all the hate?!? says:

        I’ve yet to see any debate. All I’ve seen is a bunch of trolls calling this woman a vain fool. Nothing in this story substantiates your failure message theory anymore than mine. And, that’s as good as I need to do until you say something intelligent.

      2. seriously, why all the hate?!? says:

        Btw, there are countless elective surgeries that have a profound impact on quality of life. Having experience in that field, you should know that.

  17. Rick O'Shea says:

    The worst part, she can’t wink when she’s flirting.

    1. Michael Bluth says:

      I wonder how I can talk you out of ever making that face again.

  18. JohnG says:

    Having some experience in this field, I can make a few educated guesses what the background story is here. This sounds to me like it began as a minor complication of treatment of the grooves under the eyes using an material called Sculptra, which resulted in some small bumps of fibrous tissue under the skin. The most likely cause for the bumps the patient developed under her eyes was faulure on the patient’s part to follow the first doctor’s instructions to massage the area many times a day after receiving her injections, which is necessary to disperse the material so the effect is spread out. No massage = bumps. Then, rather than undergoing steroid injections into the bumps which would have shrunken them, albeit over the course of 6 weeks to three months, she was in a hurry, and so, against the advice of the first doctor, she went all in a frantic, irrational and mindless panic to a second doctor to have them removed surgically, inherently a much riskier process than getting a few easy intralesional steroid shots. She then suffered a rare complication, about which she was no doubt warned by Dr. Parker prior to undergoing her surgery. Again, this is all conjecture, but it is all too famlilar a pattern of behavior on the part of certain female cosmetic patients. Now 12 people too stupid to figure out a way to avoid jury duty are going to judge this situation? In my opinion, this lady is a fool, and bad things can and do happen to fools, often as a result of their own foolishness. She, of course, accepts no responsibility for her actions, and instead expects the world to guarantee that she gets paid compensation for her own foolishness. Typical.

    1. Rich says:

      100% Agree (two thumbs up)

    2. bevysthots says:

      that’s about right John and it seems by her own admission – if they had just TOLD me that this was risky – I wouldn’t have done it – DUMMY! And FOOL!
      Vanity – ALL is vanity – as Solomon said.

      1. Grotto Frog says:

        When the Dr. tells you there’s a 90% chance of survival. Would you take the same odds and get on an Airplane with 99 other people knowing you and 9 others could die? Didn’t think so, but we let Dr.’s slide with stats like that all the time.

    3. lisa says:

      I think this lady is stupid.She should have had all those surgery in the ifrst place. Asnd to say that she cant do all those activities because her eys don’t close is the stupid est thing I heard. There are people that are with more sever problems that do all those activities. She doesn’t want to take responsiblity for her self.She should have just excepted that she is old and move on. Aslo for the lady that that had the child with cancer.That citualtion is totally different. Your child didn’t choose to have cancer.Thsi lady choose to have all those procedures.

  19. Victoria says:

    Notice to all Plastic Surgeon’s out there, keep this face out of your office. She is looking for her next victim.

    1. winston says:

      very true

  20. Harrison Ford says:

    Why did she let Harrison Ford operate on her, anyway?

  21. David says:

    Sniffit, you have obviously sniffed something. Please do the world a favor and jump head first into oncoming traffic

    1. Sniffit says:

      You must be a DrudgeDruggie. Nothing to add but ad hominem attacks. It only proves I’m right.

      1. thesaneinformed1 says:

        to Sniffit
        what do you read that you think you are informed?
        g.w. and mccain tried reforming left wing policies that forced all banks to loan $$ to people who couldn’t afford them
        sen. Dodd (D), Maxine Waters (D), acorn (D), obummer (D) all were involved in forcing subprime mortgages
        that is what caused the financial issue we face today, morons walking away from massive debt left for the rest of us to pay off
        blame the communist left for the economy that obummer forced on us, he has been pres. for over 2 years
        obummer was at the table when all these $$trillion bailouts were crafted by both g.w. and the dems
        I can disagree w/ obummer’s policies because I am sane and I know the facts
        I disagreed w/ 85% g.w.’s policies that didn’t make me a bigot then
        you are the bigot because you align w/ obummer’s policies because of the color of his skin
        judge a man by his actions, not his words
        btw, all drudge does is post links to stories of the day including huffpo links, he posts the stories rather than re-writing them
        communists, leftists, socialists, marxists, statists don’t like the facts because they can’t exist in the real world

        1. rundog67 says:

          Obummer!! Soooo funny!! I use that too!! lol Yeah poor lady. Stupid surgery guy.

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  22. Michael Conley says:

    maybe stopping after the fifth eye lift would have been smart..

    1. Face lift says:

      That’s correct and maybe a necklace since the skin has been up so much here pubic bone is under her chin. Has to shave every day so it’s not obvious.

  23. HA HA HA says:

    Thats what happens when you mess with what God gave you. Don’t feel bad for you at all!

  24. Ed says:

    What a INCREDIBLY stupid sow. Hope her old man left her.

  25. the big dinger says:

    total freakshow. no surgery will make her attractive. wear a bag over your mugg, lady.

  26. Peter says:

    Of the more than 10,000 surgeries this doctor must have done during his career, I see that one patient says she can’t close her eyes, one says her breasts point in different directions and the third says her nipples were misplaced. I think they should be referred to Dr Phil.

    1. Tesseract says:

      Misplaced as in lost, or misplaced as in not placed aesthetically?
      “Now where did I put those nipples?”

    2. Cleaning crew says:

      Ah I found some nipples in the corner the other day when I was cleaning the OR. Darn I thought it was pepperoni from pizza – tasted a little funny.


  27. Christina says:

    I am 51 and getting the ol’ lines and wouldn’t trade them for anything. We are a society of people who can’t get enough of themselves, and then when it all comes back to haunt them they scream and carry on and sue. Your choices got you in this situation. After the first botch job I have to ask why go back for more? Just looking at Joan Rivers should be enough ammo to stay clear of plastic surgeons. I think they are wonderful for people who have been disfigured, been in accidents, etc., but for the sake of pure vanity, well, you made your choice. You live with that choice. As a final comment, yes, I feel bad for her, but anyone who takes the risks must deal with the results.

    1. Toady says:

      Unfortunately we are a youth obsessed society. People also have cosmetic work done for the perfectly valid reason of staying competitive in the marketplace.

      Yes, age discrimination does exist.

    2. bevysthots says:

      I’m in my 50’s – mid actually – and wouldn’t change a THING – even if I had TONS of money – I likes meself as much as always. 🙂

    3. your neighbor says:

      Chrisitina – you are a fine woman – I see you every day and just wonder about you and those ‘ol lines.


  28. Moelmsch says:

    Vanity, vanity. Some people are never satified.

  29. Spiffy says:

    I had eyelid surgery four months ago and love it. My eyelids were really sagging and now my eyes are beautiful again. I had a full facelift along with it which took six hours under the knife. It’s made me look fifteen years younger and was well worth the money and the discomfort. It took me four years to get up the nerve to trust a doctor though.

    1. Steve says:

      Your money would have been better spent on therapy, sweetie. That’s how I learned to accept myself just as I am, and it feels sooo good!

  30. jvoe3211 says:

    Why do people want plastic surgery? No need to, unless the eyelid is hanging down over the eye and is blocking vision. All is vanity…everyone starts dying the minute they are born. No amount of plastic surgery will stop time. Those that do have it, look older… IMHO

  31. Our Society says:

    Ecclesiastes 1:2

    2 Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

  32. Jimmy Duhranty says:

    Can I sue the Federal Government? After what they did these past couple decades, I can’t close my eyes either.

    1. ML says:

      I agree, Jimmy. Sleep is hard to come by with these disgusting politicians–both RINOS and Democrat Marxists, both SELLING OUT with every bill they pass. I only believe Ron Paul anymore & Rand Paul & Michelle Bachmann & Jim DeMint anymore. They have been consistent for many years. We need to cut spending immediately or our children and grandchildren are toast. These self-serving, uncaring, traitorous politicians posture and preen for the cameras. We the People are done with them all–both parties.

      1. Chase says:

        Well stated, ML! I could not agree more. I hope the country lasts until November 2012.

      2. heavenlydays says:

        Honest, caring, thoughtful Republicans (the ones you call names) are DISGUSTED by the LIES and ANTICS of the INSANE PAUL FAMILY!!!

        REAL Republicans (the ones you hate and castigate) will NOT vote for the Paul family BECAUSE of the PAULS’ UN-AMERICAN, UN-CHRISTIAN, and UN-PATRIOTIC rhetoric!!

        Some Paulistas are Jew haters. Some Paulistas hate the military. Some Paulistas hate the USA. Some Paulistas hate blacks. Some Paulistas hate all nations other than the USA. Some Paulistas believe that a return to the “gold” standard will make them rich. Some Paulistas are filled with hatred for their fellow man and believe that everyone “but them” should be PUNISHED!!

        We fully understand the IRRESPONSIBLE CLAIMS of the Paul family and that is why they cannot gain more than a few percentage points at the polls!

        Intelligent people are TERRIFIED and DISGUSTED by the horrid Paul family for good reason!

        And, folks who waste their vote stopping Republicans from achieving a majority are otherwise known as Democrats. Ron and Rand Paul devotees are Democrat enablers!!

      3. Freedom says:


        It’s nice to see morons with uninformed opinions haven’t stopped posting in comment sections.

        Only the most terrible distortion of facts would bear even a single one of your accusations leveled at the Paul family.

        It seems that you have bit into the typical political smear campaigns as facts, which would make you the evil idiot here for spouting your uninformed hate for good people you know nothing about and don’t understand.

        Followers of the current political paradigm and suck ups to the liars in power right now are the equivalent to a suffer of Stockholm Syndrome.

        Kiss your chains and genuflect to your masters in every comments section you can you disgusting harpy.

    2. winston says:

      i love that comment

  33. Mel says:

    Why didn’t she get that snout worked on? At least she’s good to go come October!

  34. GenGwok says:

    And that’s what vanity gets you…..don’t feel sorry for her at all. Too bad she didn’t take her money and invest it into something more cause worthy. She’s an rich, vain New Jersey idiot.

    1. ML says:

      As far as being rich, have you ever considered why people play the lottery? Why do people watch “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Why do people watch celebrity shows? Because they want to be rich. Rich means you are not poor. Unfortunately, this woman did too much surgery. But don’t bash someone for their wealth. That is ridiculous, given the obsession American has with shows about the wealthy, & the amazing number of Americans that buy lottery tickets daily.

      1. Eye eye captain says:

        Not a valid anaolgy – I buy gas every week. Nothing to do with plastic surgery or being rich. They cut a nerve and should be sued – she can wear eye patches and say arrhh.

  35. Angela says:

    Unfortunately, ectropion happens much more than plastic surgeons like to admit. Eyelid surgery is very difficult. Once it is botched it can take many surgeries to correct for fully functioning eyelids. Repeated corrective surgeries and healing time could be why the long wait to file.

    1. winston says:

      except this is not ectropion,moron

  36. aelfheld says:

    Funny thing is, no matter how many surgeries she has (or doctors she sues), she’s still gonna get old and die.

  37. Jeff says:

    I thought this was a story about Nancy Pelosi.

  38. Susan says:

    Doctors are not my favorite people..that said, this woman is going to lose if the jury members have any common sense

  39. Brett M. says:

    She is a rich moron. That is why doctors always have patients sign a waiver saying that they know the risks. I, myself, has had plastic surgery but only because it was required for me to live a normal life. This article, although does not specifically say, implies that all the operations she had in the past was not required to live an acceptable life. If you are not satisfied with the way you look, do what 90% of people do and blame your parents.

  40. Retch T. Budtender says:

    “There’s news – then there’s Disturbing News.”

  41. merriman says:

    a little lagopthalmos (partial closure) is very common after this procedure and remedies itself over time. she’s after money

    1. Rette says:

      Yeah, then she can have more surgeries.

      1. aelfheld says:


  42. naro10 says:

    She wont collect a nickel. This patient had far too many surgeries. I’m with the doctor on this one.

    1. DixieRecht says:

      Right! I’m no fan of doctors and particularly plastic surgeons. It is ELECTIVE surgery and done for vanity.

      The report said she’s had many prior surgeries. Remember, Liberace? He could not close his eyes either due to so many surgeries.

      If the jury has any common sense they will throw this woman out of the court house and try to hold back the laughter.

  43. stumpy says:

    How soon before Nancy Pelosi sues her plastic surgeon?

  44. mrgrogro says:

    You really have to keep your eyes open and do your homework where plastic surgery is concerned.

  45. seanpatriot says:


  46. KAY says:

    How is not closing your eyes at night keeping her from playing tennis, horseback riding, skeet shooting etc… She is after money.

    1. Flicka says:

      really I think she can use a kotex and go swimming and kayaking

  47. Holly Golitely says:

    Why is she suing instead of having it fixed? There are risks with surgery. Someone who has been as plasticized as this woman knows that. I guess such a suit is this selfish, vain women’s attempt to win the ghetto lottery.

    1. winston says:

      exactly.she had 6 years to fix fraud.her ambulance chaser lawyer should pay the defense expenses

      1. Mike says:

        I pray you never are in the group of 100,000 folks who die each year as the result of preventable medical malpractice.

  48. jim says:

    Well, that’s what you get when you ask for the Nancy Pelosi “look”!

  49. says:

    LOL! My day needed this laugh.

  50. Kevin says:

    Too bad! You wanted to be unnatural, (the equivalent of what the US is today anyway), you got what you wanted….

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