NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Tim McCarver thinks the Mets’ owners will eventually need step away.

“I personally feel the Wilpons have to sell the ballclub,” McCarver said during a Tuesday conference call to promote Fox’s 2011 baseball schedule.

The club’s embattled owners recently filed legal papers disputing a court trustee’s claim that they owe more than $1 billion because they should have known their investments with Bernard Madoff were fraudulent.

McCarver called the Mets’ financial situation “deplorable” and “agonizing.”

In January, Fred Wilpon and his son, Jeff, announced they were looking into selling up to 25 percent of the franchise because of “uncertainty” caused by the  potential $1 billion lawsuit.

“I don’t see how they can escape by selling a minority position, particularly when they don’t allow any control,” said McCarver. “I can’t see any other way for them to go but to sell the ballclub.”

McCarver echoed the sentiments of Hall of Famer and former Montreal Expos manager Frank Robinson, who told the New York Post on Monday the Mets’ players will “hear it from the loudmouths in the stands” all season long.

“They are going to be asked questions about these off-field matters all year, every place they go,” McCarver said. “I would not want to be a player on the Mets right now. Not because they are not talented enough, but because of all the questions surrounding the team this year will be about the off-the-field problems. It’s very difficult to play under those circumstances.”

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  1. floyd bannister says:

    i hope he’s right….the mets need owners who care about giving the fans a winning team…..

  2. Harold jones says:


    ya gotta believe.

    Mets all the way baby. A parade down braodway.

    Eat your heat yanks

  3. Herbie Original Situation Raskin says:

    I totally agree and I knew it would come to that the minute it was reported that they were borrowing money from the league!!! The Wilpons are done as the Met’s owners!!!

  4. CRY BABIES! says:

    Sports Illustrated baseball preview for 2011 has the Mets finishing in last place with a 74-88 record.

    Are Mets fans now going to cancel their SI subscription because of their prediction, which is no different than Robinson & McCarver stating the Mets ballclub will have a hard time dealing with the Madoff Mess?

    Mets fans are such cry babies.

  5. jim says:

    its time for the wilpons to sell do the fans a favor,McCarver is an A hole

  6. John says:

    Why do people still care what that blowhard McCarver has to say? I swear he must have pictures of someone at FOX, how else does it explain that they keep him on their broadcasts? At least ESPN wised up and duped Miller and Morgan this year.

    1. John says:

      Oops make that “dumped”, not “duped”.

  7. Rich from Lake Como says:

    The question is no longer “if” they have to sell; it is “when” is it going to happen. The longer this franchise is in limbo, the worse it is for all parties.

  8. Jon says:

    The Wilpons will indeed have to sell the team, the debt on the construction of City Field is choking them as much as the Madoff thing. Add some bad luck to an excessivly leveraged situation and you have the recipe for disaster. as to McCarver, he does indeed have an axe to grind with the Wilpons, and with his ego, it’sa big axe. He overestimates the effect the finciacal situation will have on the players, they aren’t standing in the batters box ruminating about the Wilpons net worth…

  9. KENNY says:


    1. Ed Z says:

      I hope McCarver’s prediction comes true. That would be the sect scenario for all Met fans if the Wilpons have to sell. I dont see the Mets winning ANYTHING while they are in control.
      The Mets fans deserve better. Cutting payroll is not going to draw fans to the ballpark. Met fans are dying to come out a view a winner, not a small market team that the Wilpon’s are bringing the team down to.

  10. fred says:

    I they lose the case they sell and thats it,there is no point of selling a minority stake like that you will be taking the whole team down with you,if they truly love there team and baseball they should sell for the good of the team and save face.

  11. Nelson says:

    I don’t believe what ever the Wilpons say about the financial picture of the ball club. They earlier clam on WFAN sport radio that the ball club had no financial worries,soon after they are selling a minority share of the club to raise cash and then they have borrow millions of dollars from MLB to meet daily operation expenses. Come on sell the ball club already, you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

  12. Richard Smith says:

    I believe if the situation worsens as time goes by it may become necessary for the Wilpons to sell. If they are truly innocent of knowing the true nature of the Madoff scheme they are no more guilty than anyone else who may have profitted from it. They are not the SEC who also did not catch the full scope of Madoff and they may be in the cross hairs because of the high proile nature of the NY METS.

  13. Scott says:

    Yes, I agree with McGarver who may be right for a change. I just wish they would get it over with. I was born within the hour the day the Met’s became a franchise so I have a soft spot in my heart for that team. Nonetheless, the Wilpons need to step aside and sell the team. They owe that much to the general pubic and baseball fans who don’t really need to see this garbage spread through the news all the time. As owners, they lost control of life’s greatest achievement anyway, RESPECT !

  14. Seth Galonsky says:

    Well if McCarver (who has had a grudge against the Mets, specifically the Wilpons, since he wasn’t retained by the team over disputes w/Bobby V.) is as reliable as The Post reporting this, who can only ID Hall of Famer Frank Robinson as “former Montreal Expos manager,” who can take his opinion seriously…?!

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