NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 12-year-old Staten Island boy accused of trying to rip the head scarf off a Muslim classmate during recess has been arrested on hate crimes charges, according to police.

The boy was charged Wednesday with assault as a hate crime. The boy is a sixth grader at the Dreyfus Intermediate School in Stapleton, and is being charged as a juvenile.

A call to his lawyer wasn’t immediately returned. The boy’s father says his son is also a Muslim.

Carol D’Auria of 1010 WINS spoke to the victim, who did not want her name used. She said the first attack against her was in January and detailed the incident.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria speaks with the victim of the alleged attack

“When I came up to the school, they just pushed me in the snow and I was in the snow.  And like they started to kick me and I said I’m a Muslim,” she said.

The third-degree assault charge is categorized as a class A misdemeanor, but the hate crime aspect bumps it up to a class E felony, according to police sources and as reported in the Staten Island Advance.

Police and school officials say the boy has a history of harassing the girl, taunting her and threatening her on at least four separate occasions.

The victim told D’Auria that in recent weeks she has felt “scared” after the same 12-year-old boy reminded her of the first incident, saying “remember I jumped you.”

The police report says he asked, “Are you Muslim?” while trying to remove her scarf. The girl suffered minor injuries.

The boy is facing disciplinary charges at school, and the case will be handled in Family Court.

School sources also said the boy went on a scissors rampage on Monday, running through a classroom and cutting a girl’s hair, according to The Advance.

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  1. Joe User says:

    What utter horse manure. This is NOT a “hate” crime, it is children being children. The so-called “Muslim” child was NOT dresses as the other children were dressed therefore was a target for teasing.
    You so-called “liberals” need to get off of your high-horse and let kids be kids.

    1. M says:

      So the boy shouldn’t be punished at all for assaulting another child?

    2. Pam says:

      JU you are an idiot. So you are saying that it is perfectly normal for children to to assault another child because they do not look or dress like anyone else. Children need to be taught better behavior and that starts at home. With parents like you, I no longer wonder why kids are so disrespectful.

  2. Elon Baker says:

    It is an assault, and needs to be treated as such. Combined with his pattern of prior incidents, it could be treated more seriously.

    However, there is no such thing as a hate crime – unconstitutional laws notwithstanding. People are legitimately punished for actions, not for thoughts. The sooner these fake “hate” laws are thrown out by the courts, the better.

    When governments get to begin punishing us for our thoughts, they will expand the types of “thoughts” they think should be illegal. Then, we will all be in danger from our own government. Read George Orwell’s book, “1984”.

    1. The Thought Police says:

      Sometimes I’d like to punish my boyfriend for watching the game shows on Telemundo. He claims that he watches them because “they are interesting,” but I know what he’s really watching.

  3. mike flynn says:

    hate and crime. two words. when used together, a little over-done. wouldn’t you say? if one trangresses another, damamge is done. no need to attach “hate” to it. there are rememdies and consequences already.

  4. Clemdane says:

    This should be handled within the school. It is sheer hysteria to call the police and the courts into a situation like this. If multiple trips to the principal;s office didnt help then expel him. Don’t arrest him for a “hate crime.” That is ludicrous.

  5. Alx1775 says:

    Can we please stop with the concept of “hate crime” in general?

    A kid assaults another kid and all we can do is ask if it was a “hate crime.” I think a review of hate crime charges vs incidents would find the application of “hate crime” laws in violation of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause.

    As for this kid’s behavior, it’s simple bullying. Beating another student would have warranted a suspension in my day. Now, well, we turn the other way until they metastasize into a problem that can only be handled by the judicial system. Brave new world the liberals have us.

  6. john from jersey says:

    In 6 years this kid will be strap a bomb to his body and running into a crowd of people. I suggest homeland security keep an eye on this kid. Also his dad is probably a womanizer. This is not a hate crime though.

  7. mohamed says:

    i think the 11 years old boy is the victim of this scandal,i know this family and are muslim

  8. mohamed says:

    how can a muslim be racist to another muslim,

    1. 2gruesome2b says:

      in iraq, do not sunni moslems clash with shiite moslems, killing each other as they would “infidel” christians?can’t americans see that there are forces at work in this nation, intent on destroying it and the democracy that made it great, and are using the old tried and true method of conquest, “divide and conquer”?

  9. James Ebron says:

    This is a result of what happens when adults fail too lead by example.
    Stop making kids think that muslim are all bad. Look at whats going on through
    out America….!!!!

  10. jerseyjoey says:

    This is a joke, Right?? Because it is to stupid to be real:: Liberal can anyone say Liberal, paaalease 911 ring any bells here, muslims are becoming the scurge of the counrty and the DA is right behind them in stupidity, and one wonders why nothing ever gets resolved, because it keeps going like this.

  11. valoispq says:

    Most schools in my area have a ZERO tolerance to any violence, weapons or bullying.. Everyone knows the rules are enforced. Things do happen but the punishment is swift, three days expulsion or more for serious problems. This child should have been sent home and expelled if it happened again. With scissors incident, call the police and scare the —- out of him. The young girl has a right to feel safe at school!!!

  12. Donny Osmond says:

    This kid’s first name makes me kinda antsy.

  13. Devenio says:

    Whats worse? Being an ignorant racist or wishing death on all ignorant racist? America is a racist country pure and simple. It’s backwards. It has the dumbest people on the planet. The Idea of America is a beautiful thing. The reality is very different. To all the racist people and their vile post in this thread – Please go someplace and die. You are a waste of space.

    1. BornHere says:

      OK, GO SOMEPLACE ELSE! No other nation puts up with so many morons out of sheer charity. You are a classic example. The unmarried parents of Mr. Daramy have not raised a good Muslim pre-teen, but a rotten hoodlum. He has harassed and assaulted others, and this crime is particularly vile. Supposedly HE is Muslim; would he want men to beat up his mother and try to rip her headscarf off??? Oh, dear — I forgot! His parents don’t PRACTICE Islam! And his father thinks his little darlink is being PERSECUTED; Daddy approves of stinky’s assault and battery of a GIRL, of his sacrilegious anti-Muslim attack, and also of robbing the pizza deliveryman. It’s just RACIST to say the punk is no good.

  14. Trishe says:

    This is not a hate crime, the DA is only looking to score points and the school is only looking to wash their hands. Charging the boy and sending him to juvi hall will only create a bigger criminal. The school is at fault because they did not interfer earlier which gave this boy permission to continue in a rampage. This boy used a scissors against another student…HELLO PRINCIPAL!!! he should have been expelled. His parents need help, they need to know how to manage this child. I feel for them and I hope they find out why he is acting so violent.

    1. jtorres says:

      He was disciplined. He was repeatedly suspended, up to for 30 days and nothing changed. His family keeps excusing (and probably condoning) his behavior as “boys will be boys” Boys who beat girls become men who beat women. Ordinarily I wouldn’t recommend jail but this is not the first time and not the first incident. Unfortunately, it may do no good.He sounds too far gone to bring back

  15. Moral Truth says:

    He is being charged because he is African American and that’s the moral truth.

    1. Mike says:

      Pull your head out of your butt.

  16. redneckwhitetrash says:

    I am sick of political correctness. This is not news. Anyone that thinks this is anything more that a gradeschool prank is suffering from a mental disorder.

    1. Joe LittleBear says:

      It is NOT making any impact on this young man totake him thru the legal system…His father will just pay a fine and he’s back to school with bragging rights…South Carolina still uses “Corporal Punishment ” today…. A good caning or paddling in full view of all his friend and classmates would take the wind out of his sails faster than anything…..ur courts have much more important matters and to give this young boy a police record will only keep him from getting a decent job later…

    2. LG says:

      And I am sick of the “good ol’ boy” mindset that condones harassment at any age. Your comments are abominable. Please, PLEASE don’t spawn.

  17. AmericanCabbie says:

    I didn’t realize that in addition to a cobra, a savage monkey escaped from the Bronx Zoo and committed this heinous act. Thankfully, both are back in captivity where they belong.

    1. M.F. says:

      That’s awful !!!!!! But, I laughed….

  18. eve says:

    THis may not be a hate crime, however it clearly shows this young boy as
    being a bully. He needs some kind of intervention. I don’t think it shows any puberty or girl fixation. He probably picked this behavior up from home…….Duh.

    There should be some kiind of punishment for his dangerous behavior and the school and his family should be held accountable. Hopefully, he will get help before her seriously hurts another student. In no way should this be tolerated.

    1. LG says:

      If anyone thinks that there is an issue with the boy’s home life, perhaps Youth Services should interview the family, just to be safe. He could be in a bad situation to be acting out like this. Maybe it’s not his family where he has learned this behavior–he could have an outside influence. There is no question that he needs help.

  19. Fritz Von says:

    Too bad you hate your children, because Islam is coming for them.

  20. Susan says:

    Sounds like this child needs lots of help. He shouldn’t be in the general population of schools if he’s using scissors capriciously or tearing off Muslim’s scarves and hurting them in the meantime, but this is a seriously disturbed child.

  21. Suzanne says:

    Too late for the kid – these actions are not pranks, they are evidence of some pretty deep underlying problems. Rampaging with scissors? Second episode of bullying (now with physical assault)? I’ll wager this kid has a long history – and if he is doing this at 12, he will probably earn himself a nice conduct disorder diagnosis soon.

  22. BFb says:

    Did anyone ask how the girl feel. That is the real point. She has become a victim.

    1. HelpTheVictim says:

      Thank you! Yes, the punk criminal is a lost cause, but this poor girl has suffered trauma apart from the physical injuries and the sacrilege. Who is intervening to help her after months of fear? She’s only 13, poor lamb. And punkie’s parents aren’t even apologizing!

  23. karen s says:

    spare me 12 yr olds don’t know what they’re doing. they know the difference between right & wrong. this kid is out of control, and his parents and the school cn and should be held responsible. any plea agreement must include individual & family therapy. this isn’t his first offense. what’s next? i student taught 4th grade and was assaulted by an 11 year old. kids are taught hate either at home or watching the media. the westboro baptist “church” has child members holding signs at their demonstrations (interference really with military funerals) saying thank god for ieds. actions have consequences.

    1. Muldoon says:


      I hope you kicked that little puke’s ass!

    2. LG says:

      “kids are taught hate either at home or watching the media.” I disagree that these are the only places a child learns behaviors. Look at his friends and where he goes when he’s not with his family. Ultimately, that is his family’s responsibility, too, but these behaviors do not always have to be learned at home or from media.

      You’d be surprised how young some gang members are these days. This kid needs an intervention.

  24. nature vs. nurture says:

    clearly this is the fault of the parents. the school is also partially at fault for not putting an end to the behavior of this child earlier. hatred of others is taught at home, especially if the kid is only 12. he hasnt been in the real world long enough to hate people and their actions on his own yet.

  25. Dee says:

    It was definitely a hate crime and he was well aware of what he was doing and targeting this young girl because of who she is. Also, why would a student who goes on a scissor rampage and cuts another student’s hair still be in the classroom? He couldn’t assault anyone if he was expelled and not allowed back in the classroom until some mental evaluation takes place.

    1. mollyd says:

      He needs therapy. His parents are probably tea baggers who hate muslims and watch fox ‘news.’

      1. patriot23 says:

        nobody needs therapy more than a mean little liberal, advocating choice as long as it is only about killing the innocent. taking the money out of the pockets of working people to pay for your idealism , pushy know it alls like you have no relevance , only loud mouths and cruel demeanors, unfortunately the ambiguity of the internet gives you a soap box to prattle from .

      2. KH says:

        Dude, read the part in the article where the boy’s father states that the boy is ALSO A MUSLIM. Can you people seriously not read?

  26. Suzan says:

    If he asked her if she was Muslim? Then he knew what he was doing. If this is occassion 5! then he needs to go away for a year or so….No video games no fun…no friends and Mom and Dad need to set rules and stand behind them!

  27. midi-man says:

    And to we are the highest think level of animals out there. Makes you think?
    We can not even respect each other. Forget about religion.

    1. wow says:

      And to think we are the highest thinking level of animals out there. Makes you think?
      We can not even respect each other. Forget about religion.

  28. Anya J says:

    Such venom from an uneducated racist. Do you really think that anyone outside of a KKK meeting cares what you think? Go to school and learn something. Stop being such an idiot. You’re not a prize to anyone. Believe it.

    1. patriot 23 says:

      there is no one more racist than the perceived minority, who use their national origin as an excuse to never be more than a victim.

  29. AGAINST RACIST says:


    1. русский алфавит rússkij alfavít says:

      …okay, not ALL paper is white, so to defame and stereotype ALL paper is simply not right! I’m actually looking at some yellow paper right now. You know, it just spoke to me in Chinese! I also have seen blue and pink paper.

    2. Bob says:

      The article did say something about his race:

      “The boy was charged Wednesday with assault as a hate crime. The boy is a sixth grader at the Dreyfus Intermediate School in Stapleton, and is being charged as a juvenile.

      A call to his lawyer wasn’t immediately returned. The boy’s father says his son is also a Muslim.”


      1. LG says:

        Muslim is a religion, not a race. There ought to be a test to determine if people are competent enough to post on the Internet.

  30. Mike N says:

    Not a hate crime. Just bad parenting and bad school officiating(probabky not spelled right)

  31. Jen says:

    This was not a hate crime. A 12 year old doesn’t know what a Muslim is, only what he sees on television or what he is told amd briefed on. I’m sure he doesn’t study who is Muslim and who isn’t. When I went to school kids always insulted someone different as in your a black or your a white. Just enough to know there is a difference without the actual meaning. This child is guilty of intense BULLYING and yes he needs his butt kicked!

    1. K.H. says:

      Dude, read the part in the article where the boy’s father states that the boy is ALSO A MUSLIM. Can you people seriously not read?

  32. Ceci says:

    The kid is a product of his envoronment.

  33. Jane says:

    The moron who gave birth to you instead of aborting you when she should have is the real animal. I bet you’re the kind who tells everyone at work that your best friend is black too. Typical coward hiding behind a computer to say things that you would not dare say to a Black person’s face.

  34. Robert Lew says:

    No this is not a hate crime. Hate crimes are in vogue today with law enforcement. This kid is a nut job and school administratotrs are wimps for they don’t expel these nut students because of political correctness.

    1. LG says:

      Yeah. You know all about what the school admins did and what the law allowed them to do because you got all your information from a news report, and now you are an expert about this situation. Congratulations! You should run for congress.

  35. Mike says:

    He is not actually going to be convicted of a felony. Most likely will plead to the misdemeanor assault, and get a sentence of community service and maybe a brief trip to juvie to see how it is. Hopefully he’ll learn, but probably not.

  36. Ron Moraca says:

    Yes, I do think that the boy’s actions constitute a hate crime. It’s already been proven that he has harassed the girl previously, with negative results where she is concerned.
    The boy’s parents are to blame for much of this, for they failed to discipline their child. They failed to teach him tolerance for other people who are not like him. They failed to teach him respect for other cultures than his own. In short, they failed to raise him to have empathy for other races, religions, styles of dress, etc. I feel sorry for the situation the boy has put himself in, but I do not feel sorry for his mother and father.

  37. TAMIKA LEE says:


  38. xyz says:

    the scissors rampage should have kept him out of school. WHere was the school while she was being bullied by this violent student?

    1. mollyd says:

      She’s a muslim. The school is probably full of bigots that watch fox ‘news.’

      1. patriot 23 says:

        There you go again you hateful little liberal , what a horrible existence you must lead so full of hatred for your fellow man.

      2. badman says:

        molly – keep on keepin on. this patriot 23 guy is obviously full of hatred of himself. It’s not a matter of conservative or liberal – he’s just a miserable human being.

        Patriot 23, you’re fat.

      3. K says:

        I’m a liberal. A flaming liberal. But I do also know how to read and here is what the article said:

        “A call to his lawyer wasn’t immediately returned. The boy’s father says his son is also a Muslim.”

        …. I loathe the teabaggers as much as the next human with a soul, but this isn’t about them. It’s not political at all. It’s about a disturbed little boy who has some serious, serious issues. Who, unless this article is incorrect, is also a Muslim like the little girl he harassed.

      4. patriot 23 says:

        I just consider the source . I just feel sorry for you self important , over educated liberal elites .

      5. badman says:

        patriot 23 = fat and his wife is fatter

        do you really think I’m “over educated”? you must be even stupider than I thought.

      6. badman says:

        and K, you’re absolutely right – whether or not this is symbolic of some bigger pattern of hate, this kid needs help. whether it’s because of some organic behavioral problem, or because of abuse or other problems at home.

        that’s why I say, it ain’t about liberal or conservative. it just looks like a lot of really unhappy people who hate their lives have found an outlet on this web for their pointless anger.

      7. patriot23 says:

        fat , my feeling are so hurt, you are correct I over estimated your intellect.Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

      8. badman says:

        so seriously, exactly how fat are you?

  39. Gregory says:

    This is absolutely stupid to charge a 12 year boy who is probabily experiencing puberty and girl fixation with felony for a prank. This kind of political correctness will only bred a severe backlask. Perhaps those in NYC should ponder just why those in upstate despise them and the city. There are consequences to over prosecution and pandering to minorities.

    1. LG says:

      I hope you never have a child who is bullied in school.

  40. mark says:

    coming to a tea party event near you… This little boy!

    1. mollyd says:

      Get an education……..communists are not liberals. Did you even get a GED?

    2. patriot 23 says:

      molly d poor fool(deep sigh)

    3. L says:

      Who happens to be Muslim!

  41. Another Real American says:

    Real American, you are the idiot.

  42. Chief Wiggum says:

    Kid should of been expelled not arrested.

  43. Bridget says:

    This kids parents did not do a good job with this young man. Racism always begins in the home. Its a shama that a parent will teach their kids to hate.

    1. Bob says:

      Yes, I am sure this young Muslim boy’s parents taught him to be racist against other Muslims. How do you people even know how to use a computer???

  44. Real American says:

    She’s probably a terrorist

    1. Bridget says:

      @real american, you are an idiot.

      1. Real American says:

        @ means at; & means and. Now who’s the idiot, terrorist-lover.

      2. Michael H. says:

        Bridget wasn’t saying “and”. She was talking TO you. On the internet, using the @ symbol means she is talking TO you. Don’t be so quick to call somebody an idiot when you don’t understand what is going on.

  45. Raheem Kowalski says:

    Why was this boy allowed back in school after the “scissors rampage”. Major school FAIL. Major Parenting FAIL.

  46. joe k says:

    A lovely young man, I am sure

    1. jnb757 says:

      A group reply
      #1 we do not know what racial background the child is
      #2 the school should have taken action MUCH earlier since this has happened before
      #3 to Gregory apparently you failed to actually read the article which said he had threatened her previously..
      #4 The parents should be held accountable for their son’s actions and either the entire family attends a course on racism or they pay a hefty penalty to the school so they can send the child for counseling,
      #5 the school should have expelled the child on Monday after the scissors incident.. perhaps even pressing assault charges with a dangerous weapon.. And send a bill to the parents for the costs to the school so the other parents do not have to pay higher school taxes.
      Yes, he is 12 but old enough to know better.. and at least 4 previous incidents.. this is the beginning of a lifetime of this activity unless something is done.. and? IT STARTS WITH THE PARENTS… Make them pay for the actions of their child.. they will realize that they either have to change their ways or move to another country… every country/race/religion has a small number of members who do not respect others and torment those who they feel are inferior..And it is a shame that those who feel this way do not move to a country that fits with their ideals instead of making life difficult for others in a country that was built upon freedoms…and built by the melting pot of immigrants but .Instead they blame others for their failings….

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