BRONX, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Out of all 62 counties in the Empire State, New York City is home to the one ranked the least healthy by a new study – plagued a high number of premature deaths, overweight adults, and lack of doctors visits.

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The national study by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson foundation ranked the Bronx as the least healthy county in New York for the second year in a row, the Daily News reported Thursday.

Among the factors evaluated by researchers were levels of air pollution, smoking rates, obesity, teen pregnancy and access to healthy food.

As it turns out, the percentage of adults in “poor” or “fair” shape in the Bronx is 10 percent higher than the statewide average of 16 percent. Additionally, there are 8,139 premature deaths per 100,000 people in the Bronx, while the average statewide is 5,933.

And although Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens fared significantly better in the study – coming in at 25, 28 and 20, respectively – Brooklyn apparently has some shaping up to do. The county ranked 58th.

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  1. Red Sox Fan says:

    The Bronx is the least healthy because of the Yankees……

  2. Res Sox Fan says:

    The Bronx is the least healthy because of the Yankees….

    1. Jo Ann says:

      Oh yeah I do agree lol

    2. Jo Ann says:

      I totally agree; they can mess anyone’s health/esp people in the bronx AND it’s travalling to NJ too

    3. Paul Blackwell says:

      Hey, when the Red Sox get 27 World Series Championships, then talk…..true hater.

  3. Man says:

    Re: NYC

    You have been eating a lot “ignorance.” Tasty?

  4. nyc says:

    The Bronx ,where fast food, greasy food and lots of uneducated Illegal imigrants are, makes this a best example of how a area can have poor health issues ! Look at the area 25 years ago and see the decline ! Why dosen’t the State do something to improve the conditions ?

    1. CH says:

      The state does not want to do any thing for the reasons you staed above.

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