NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In a shocking case of mistaken delivery, a local dentist received a UPS box filled with marijuana.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola: Baby Wipes and Marijuana

Dentist Richard Lyons’ office was going through a typically busy, but overall quiet, day on Friday until a strange package showed up at his Chinatown doorstep, reports CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

It said it was from a Gwendaline Lyons in Katy, Texas.

“I have no family in Katy, Texas,” Dr. Lyons said.

Lyons decided to open up the box anyway.

“Then I see it – just a little piece of green – and I knew what it was; I immediately called the police,” he said. “It was stinking up the entire office. It was reeking so bad that the police officers had to use masks.”

Police were trying to figure out why Dr. Lyons was the target of such a delivery. Dr. Lyons thinks a drug dealer was supposed to intercept the box.

“That’s not normal that it was delivered here,” Dr. Lyons said. “Forget that it’s not normal it was delivered here – it’s not normal that it can go through UPS.”

CBS 2 attempted to search for Gwendaline Lyons on the Internet. While there were hundreds of results for the surname Lyons in Katy, Texas, there were no results when the name Gwendaline was added.

“I would like to get to the bottom of this to know just what the hell is going on,” Dr. Lyons said.

A spokeswoman for the NYPD said investigators were taking all necessary steps to find out where the package originated.

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  1. Perry Mason says:

    This Doctor’s assistant got to it first but the smoke was meant for
    Lyons then he panicked and called the cops as an innocent victim.
    That’s a lot of income in that amount of weed ,and can take care of
    your friends as well.

  2. nathan says:

    Did you see the shoulder-length ponytail on Dr Lyons? Sure this delivery was a mistake? Does your dentist look like that? Mine sure doesn’t.

  3. Trish says:

    What an idiot!!! calling the cops…as if. Now the cops are having a party.

  4. magno says:

    god dr. lyons sounds like a tremendous pusssy. did police really have to wear masks because of how strong the marijuana smelled, giveee me a breaaaak

  5. Jesse says:

    The police needed masks? That’s absurdity. What a dork of a dentist.

  6. Hector says:

    “I would like to get to the bottom of this to know just what the hell is going on,”

    and all of his other quotes make him look like an idiot

  7. haleymocha7 says:

    if you noticed the bowl was half full, maby he took half out and reported the rest just to see if it would make it here from texas ummmmmm

  8. Gaomodimo Alex Nlisi says:

    owh god,y..i never receive such awesome packages….dude if u don’t want this package forwad it to me..

  9. Towelie says:

    Remember, don’t forget to bring a towel… do you wanta get high!

  10. Sammy says:

    Quiz the so-called dentist’s workers,the masquerade’s drummer is lurking in a nearby bush.

  11. Frank says:

    oooh, weed! Quickly, call the SWAT team. OK guys, let’s get on with declaring war on the next oil-rich country.

  12. Spencer says:

    Probably one of his office workers placed the order “on line” and had it delivered to the office in the Doctor’s name.

  13. Robbin says:

    That’s Dr. Toothy in Chinatown! I hear his dental assistance are a Mr. Cheech and a Mr. Chong. LOL

    1. fern says:

      I wonder what Mr. Ashley Roachclips president of United heads for hemp has to say about this.

  14. The man himself says:

    Is it true that wisdom herb smells so bad such that one has to use a mask? Mebbe it was not weed for weed has a sweet smell. Funny how Babylonians pervert the truth.

  15. geauxghoti says:

    “Then I see it – just a little piece of green – and I knew what it was”

    Sounds like he’s had a bit of experience…

  16. survivor030406 says:

    Why doesn’t CBS report how many Americans die from prescription drugs taken as prescribed?

  17. Wilbur says:

    The drug war is stupid, and so is the dentist.

  18. Jesse f. says:

    Here is what I am surprised! What if the box had a bomb in it? Or Anthrax? I thought it was illegal to open a package that is not yours? I would have turned that box straight back to UPS or call the police to search or rid of the box. What if the MJ was laced with a chemical to kill a human? I am just shocked that anyone would just open any package not known of its origin or even if the receiver is not in the vicinity!

    1. Todd says:

      Wow! You amaze me? You reading comprehension is poor at best!

      The package was addressed to the DENTIST! Thus the reason he opened it!

      Duh, NOT winning! ha ha

  19. houari says:

    There must be somebody high who sent it, what do you expect?

  20. houari says:

    Maybe he wrongly ordered it under a different name for his medical use, who knows it has about 100 names.

  21. W. says:

    Hey Dr. Denist, So you would like to get down to the bottom of this right? Maybe you shouldn’t. With this being in the media, your and name and your business I think you’ve done enough. Keep your life quite as it was before and live a long life.

  22. noypi says:

    me too ilove herb

  23. Muselala kwakaba says:

    Oh gash!! Pliz UPS, next time deliver a wrong package to me. this time i should have been high and all day all night. I love weed, or should i say the ‘herb’

  24. TomNJ says:

    That UPS sticker was wrong officer. It only weighed 29 lbs, not 30. lol

  25. Willie Nelson says:

    If you receive something in the mail that you never even ordered, you can keep it for free.

  26. Mikeeee says:

    Maybe Ms Lyons was trying to sent it to a relative, and got the wrong address.

  27. dan says:

    Sure Dr. Lyons doesn’t know anything! Maybe it’s his wife’s package.

  28. yadorks says:

    Get a grip!! Its MJ!!
    Its not heroin, crack, coke or even a bad attitude!
    You Yanks really need to figure yourselves out.

  29. Omran says:

    Happiness knocks the door only once a whole life!

  30. Ronald Lemley says:

    Man, I wish someone would send a box of that to me!

    I sure wouldn’t call the cops.What a weenie!

  31. EdwinCalper says:


    1. Ronald Lemley says:

      If you think that’s so dirty, you don’t know anything.
      Cigaretttes are WAY worse as is booze.
      It’s only illegal because the government is ignorant of its many benefits.

      1. Johnny says:

        Car exhaust is far worse than cigarette smoke, yet they let you enter a building with a car! Go figure!

      2. survivor030406 says:

        no.. the government is not ignorant of it’s benefits. The uspo has over 1000 patents on mj derivitives. It is illegal because the government agenda is legalizing slavery.

  32. Aidan Anstey says:

    What does he mean, stink? I hooked up a drug deal once in my youth involving a kilo each of Sinsemilla and Thai weed. Nothing I’ve ever smelled was better than that Thai. Maybe he got skunk weed, laced with ammonia or something else to disguise the odor. Anyway, he was sort of dumb not to try it out.

  33. Rick says:

    I think boxes pass through the examination at UPS all the time. I worked at a printing plant in wappingers falls ny where a 10 lb box pot was shiped to by mistake. The police where called to pick it up

  34. Ron says:

    Can I have my …..never mind, I forgot what I was gonna say.

  35. Alan Foos says:

    Missed his chance. He could have used it instead of laughing gas. He could have done a randomized block statistical ANOVA to compare results.

  36. braian says:

    try connecting lady gwendolynye and king arthur…anybody see a connection in new york? no? sheesh

  37. Antonio says:

    How come the box passed through the examination of UPS?

    1. Bart says:

      You really think UPS examines all of the packages it ships? Or even ANY of them?

  38. Vipula Amarasekara says:

    Never heard of weed that stank! or UPS delivering such cargo.
    Mr. Dentist is plugging the wrong cavities.

  39. Jon says:

    Note; if weed wasn’t considered illegal, you can bet your ass he would’ve kept it. Funny how weed has no serious side effects aside from memory loss, which only happens from long term use, while cigarettes are sold everywhere but contain a long list of deadly chemicals. Silly government taking bribes from cigarette companies.

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