NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The Brooklyn teacher accused of making “Columbine-style” threats in a tirade at her school was out of jail Sunday night.

It took Sabrina Milo’s family two days to raise $100,000 cash bail and get her out of jail. Her defenders say it was all talk, and not a real threat, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Milo was out on bail, but she did not return to her home on Trossach Road in the Stapleton section of Staten Island.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Prosecutors said the 34-year-old was overheard by coworkers talking about shooting up the school, like “Columbine all over again.”

“Maybe she was just venting, she just felt she needed to vent and it was just something that she said,” neighbor Elizabeth Balestire said. “I don’t think it was a big deal.”

Prosecutors charged Milo with making “terroristic threats” – a felony that could put her in prison for five years.

Milo’s outburst, described as tearful and angry, happened in a teacher lounge at Fort Hamilton High School. She allegedly said she would “settle some scores” and “do what needs doing.”

Court papers quoted Milo as saying she “wanted to bring a machine gun under a trench coat to school, and it would be Columbine all over again.”

Milo’s husband, Lee Anderson, left court without comment. He is a retired military officer and Junior ROTC instructor – with access to weapons.

“In the current climate today…people take things more serious than maybe they really are, but that’s for other people to decide,” neighbor Sam Capri said.

Milo’s lawyer, Andrew Stoll, said the art teacher needs mental health treatment, but not jail. He said he believes the charges will be dismissed in the grand jury.

“No reasonable person who knows Ms. Milo would have believed that she meant her alleged comments as anything but an exaggerated, personal venting,” Stoll told CBS 2.

Milo got into trouble at the school a year ago for striking a student’s hand with a ruler. She was reprimanded, but returned for this school year.

As the investigation continued, police were getting warrants to search Milo’s home and her computer.

Dave Carlin

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  1. littlesoulsam says:

    Brian she is crazy,in need of intense mental therapy,years worthyou dont know ker like i do. I dont think she would hurt the kids but deci.ately the adults for sure. She lied on the wabc interview. She knew what she said was a threat butthe truth is she was shocked that her teacher friends would report her. She would not take back what she said and also said to one of them ” not you. I like you,in recerence to hurting them?she is a good lier but she cannot fool those of us who really know her,pleaze she can never teach again ever,

  2. Gail Garabedian says:

    On second thought, this teacher needs to be euthanized.

    1. Brian says:

      You need to be euthanized. How dare you make such a statement about my high school friend. Check yourself, lady!

  3. Gail Garabedian says:

    This is ridiculous and being taken out of proportion. Our nation has become so cripled from fear that the terrorists really did win. Stop wasting tax dollars that we don’t have and dismiss this case.

  4. whiteboyftw says:

    I would worry more about what is being taught in the liberal school system..That is a real crime

    1. Gail Garabedian says:

      Oh yes, let’s take this all out of proportion and exploit this for republican agendas. how typical.

    2. Brian says:

      Oh yeah it really is terrible…teachers are telling kids to verify information from multiple sources rather than just repeating talking points on (sly as a) Fox news. And of course, the school system tends to be liberal….conservatives generally aren’t too into education and thinking in general.

  5. Moral Truth says:

    This is a waste of time for prosecution and thats the moral truth

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