Racist Answers To Questionnaire Sends His Honor Over Edge

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Was she trying to get out of jury duty? Or when she wrote in the questionnaire that “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians” are the three people I admire the least — is that how she really felt?

Either way, it did get her off the jury. But, as CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports, that was only the beginning of a drama between juror and judge.

The courthouse where Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis presides has been abuzz over the action he has taken against a potential juror when he questioned why she wrote things like quote “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians” are “the three people I like the least.” A lot of people thought she was trying to get out of jury duty.

“She’s trying to get off jury duty. You can’t second-guess her. This is how she feels. Not a right way to feel,” said Matt Kagan of Brooklyn Heights.

The juror is a young Asian woman, and she had written that she has a relative who’s in a notorious Chinese gang. So Judge Garaufis sarcastically asked, “Why didn’t you put ‘Asians’ down also?”

The juror responded, “Maybe I should have.”

The judge then exploded, saying “This is an outrage, and so are you!”

He excused her from the panel, but then ordered her to come to court – every day.

“Outrageous! I might’ve said ‘outrageous’ That sounds like me. It is outrageous!” Fordham Law Professor Jim Cohen said.

“Now it would be a very different story if the judge held this particular juror in contempt, but merely because the judge found the answers to the questions on the questionnaire offensive, does not give the judge the right, ah, to, extend jury service — or to do really much of anything!”

Cohen also said suppose the woman wasn’t trying to get out of jury duty. Suppose those racist answers that she gave were how she really felt? Cohen said even though it’s despicable to many, the judge would still have had to let her go because of that perceived bias – instead of keeping her in perpetuity.

Most observers believe Judge Garaufis will dismiss the juror soon, hoping she has learned a lesson about jury duty.

Think the judge went too far? Agree with his wild stance? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Patrick says:

    every day? what if she gets sick one day and can’t make it?

    1. johnnie says:

      Our legal system needs a reality check, along with our political and corporate system.

  2. Dougie Fresh says:

    personally i think you are all taking this to heart when in fact you shouldn’t. Everyone, and I mean everyone in some form or another, is a product of their environment. If an african american, haitian, asian, or hispanic robbed you at gun point, raped you, or showed a general lack of consideration to others and their well being, would you not have the aforementioned hatred/ appaul for that individual? And I hate to say it, but I would. I wouldn’t goes as far as to lump everyone in a particular race to my dealings with the one individual, however perception is reality, and if something that had happened that gave that perception of these people, then why is it the jurors fault that she has had a bad experience with people of these races??? Again, not trying to chose sides here, only stating facts. And the facts are that more than likely this girl may have been racist, but at the end of the day, until you know what her life was like and what she has gone through in her shoes, all of you are just a wrong for judging her without having the facts. You want to talk about being biased, you should all look in the mirror.

    1. khayce says:

      agreed! and yet the beat goes on unfortunately.

    2. yokolee says:

      ………many people i know dislike Jews, go figure

      1. Rodin says:

        Jews like Asians. Asians like blacks. Go figure.

    3. bubsy says:

      Aren’t Haitians short for hispanic asians?

  3. khayce says:

    Another sad account of ignorance feeling emancipated; because racism at anytime is ignorance; and if one feels so incline to pursue this do it in a place where your idealism and appearance reflects. Why live in pretense?

  4. Sara says:

    We don’t want her on a jury anyway. Anyone who would choose to legally declare such prejudice (whether true or not) doesn’t deserve the right to judge others. Jury Duty is a right, not a penalty. Other countries don’t even offer you the chance to share in the legal system.

    1. Hale says:

      said someone who is unemployed or get paid for the full day of work while on jury duty

  5. Todd says:

    I see nothing wrong with this.Anything that will get you out of jury duty is a +.
    My order would be illegals first though.

    1. Kate says:

      For all those wanting to get out of jury duty…shame on you. You were fortunate enough to be born in this country, where you have freedoms so many people would die to have. If you can’t do your civic duty then get the heck out of my country. No one is too important to serve!!!

      1. sumday says:

        hey look I don’t mind serving on a jury at all- it is the only time my vote will truely ever count, but I’m hear to tell you the trueth I could never vote someone guilty for a law I don’t agree with- so I’ll serve on your jury but as a jury member I DECIDED THE LAW so any cases involving solely drug use or prostitution my vote is not guilty- I don’t care what you tell me the law is- as a jury of their peers I find no crime committed period. This is just who I am. I’m not capable of condeming a person based on a law that I don’t agree with. Nor would I convict on a letter of the law approach but would on an intent of law, so if you ran a stop sign in the middle of the night without another car in sight for a miles then not guilty it is.

  6. flattop says:

    I’m married to a Chinese woman and, yes, Asians are as racist as anyone. They have their “5000 years history and civilization” that makes them far superior to us barbarians.

    Somehow, I just can’t see a Kimshi squat making anyone superior.

  7. ep_vet says:

    The judge should hold her in contempt, the way that we ALL should.

    1. Bruce W. Cobb says:

      This reply is to GO jUDGE!!! i am a practicing attorney in Texas. I occassionally
      represent people in Federal District Court. That conduct is not proper for a US
      Disrict Judge.The jurors’ reply was racially biased but,It was candid.As an attorney conducting jury selection, I need to know this info to make strikes.
      Without more evidence, no way exists to determine whether these statements pose a ruse to evade jury service. The judge may require her to observe jury
      trials for a week. What the judge did was excessive and may prompt
      discipline by the Judicial Council for Second Circuit.

  8. Matthew Milder says:

    Hey, she used polite terms…African-Americans (instead of the well known ‘N’ word), Hispanics (instead of, say ‘Spic’), and Haitians instead of…well, whatever they all Haitians. It’s against the law to treat other people differently based on sex or race. It’s against the law to discriminate when hiring, firing or working with others based on race or sex or religion. But last I checked, it’s not against the law to ‘not like people’…for whatever reason you want. You can’t force everyone to ‘like’ everyone. Nor should you. There are plenty of people in this world I don’t like…of course my reasons aren’t based on race, religion, sex…or even politics, and it shouldn’t be held against me if I say so. If someone I really didn’t like was involved with a court case, I’d be obligated to let the judge know those feelings. As to the persons smart-ass response to his questions: what’s new? Has anyone noticed that nobody is courteous anymore? When was the last time you heard someone say ‘thank you’ to a waiter, or a stranger who holds a door open for someone…or even seen a stranger hold a door open for someone. Idiots spout off rude comments online, they’re vulgar, insensitive, and often hurtful. So it’s no surprise to me that some “Joe/Jane-off-the-street” behaves that way to a judge in a courtroom. God bless the US-F’ing-A, where you can say what ever you want to whomever you want…even if it does land you in jail.

  9. Ryan Whitaker says:

    If she had said she likes African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians the BEST – nobody would have seen that as being racist. What did the court expect? Would it have preferred she give a blase beauty-contestant response instead? “I like all people everywhere all alike.” Who would have believed THAT? Her answers were not necessarily racist – she might have very valid reasons for putting some groups ahead or behind others on her “like” list. We all have likes and dislikes. Its human nature to have preferences – and if there are preferences, there are necessarily the opposites. .

    1. Ryan Whitaker says:

      Of course, you know what they say about judges?

      You call an attorney with an IQ of 140 ‘Professor.’
      You call an attorney with an IQ of 100 ‘Counselor.’
      You call an attorney with an IQ of 50 ‘Your Honor!’

  10. john says:

    Thought one was to answer those questionaires as truthfully as possible. Everyone has and intolerance of some group or other. That goes for judges as well. We are all human. I do not flaunt my intolerances and keep them to myself unless asked. I have nothing to hide and will answer honestly. I answer those questionaires with all honesy. It;s the way I feel. Simple.

  11. A Proud AMERICAN says:

    One thing I (and possibly everyone) should have noticed is that NOWHERE were the people she objected to were described as being AMERICANS! Seems to me that no one wants to be associated with being an American anymore. It’s always This American or That American.

    1. Rodin says:

      That’s because “American” is a non-entity. We’ve never stopped being whatever we came from.

      1. Paul says:

        BS. I am American! Anyone who feels the need to hyphenate their heritage into it does not deserve to continue to be here. Either you are American, or you aren’t.

  12. Rodin says:

    @ 3-name-Windon

    “didnt you know that whites particularly white men cannot be discriminated against!?” (your punctuation needs improvement so readers can understand what you’re saying, sensible or not.


    Never mind that I’m Puerto Rican. I was a not-quite-dead, white, male, Eurocentric, not Hispanic ENOUGH teacher for a black, incompetent department head at a “top” NYC art school hell-bent on ‘diversity’ fired after 12 years of impeccable ratings from students and administrators and a 40 year career in education. I was not alone. She destroyed the AE program. She was fired for incompetence the following year. So was the ‘dean” that named her.


    You black? Got MORE news for you. By and large, Asian women prefer black to white men. (I also spent three years in East Asia and the student body at the school I refer to above is 65% Asian.

    1. Rodin says:

      Guess I posted in the wrong space. Please see
      Jason Ryan Windon
      didnt you know that whites particularly white men cannot be discriminated against!?
      April 7, 2011 at 2:32 pm

      It’s a gem.

  13. Jerry Doody says:

    This judge is a power-tripping buffoon. Here in the quart of pubic opinion, he would be found guilty, and sentenced to being sat upon by Leroy Comrie.

    1. 90% of the people commenting can't even spell! says:

      In the COURT of spelling and grammar, you would be found guilty…it’s called COURT, not quart…quart is a measure of liquid…idiot

  14. Fallout says:

    She doesn’t like African Americans, Hispanics, or Haitians? She must have spent a lot of time in South Florida. Live down here for a few years and you’ll understand. Hell, I may start a fan club for her.

  15. redpill says:

    23 people i dislike the most?
    cops, lawyers & doctors ..
    not necessarily in that order…

    1. redpill says:

      that was 3 oooooopsee

      1. mommyof3 says:

        don’t forget judges..lol

  16. Robert says:

    I hope she remembers to get her check every day, and refuse to go through any medal detectors. She has a court order, if the goon at the door turns her away, it will be him in trouble.
    In Texas wearing a Star Trek uniform gets you off as well, never heard if he was wearing a phaser at the time.
    I long ago decided on these ‘questionairs’. All answers are
    “not applicable, I can render an impartial verdict based on the facts presented and the law.”
    That is why I could not sit on a trial of clinton, if I had to let him go because the prosecuter blew the case, it would kill me.

    So what was the trial about? I wouldn’t want to sit on a jury to aquit a cop when I need to be home to shoot the rioters when they try and break in.

    1. Rodin says:

      “medal detectors”? Are these for military personnel?

      ‘questionairs’ ? “questionNairEs.

      “clinton”? What does this have to do with C-linton, Bill or Hill?

      1. pentup says:

        @RODIN. Here he comes, the grammar and orthographer, can’t help himself .. Needs to correct everybody. Hey, English is not everybody’s primary language. Do you get off feeling superior?

      2. Rodin says:

        It’s not mine either. Maybe that’s why I exercise extra care rather than come across as an illiterate. No excuse!


        That’s my ONLY point. I’m sick and tired of ‘moronics’ in these posts. You have an opinion? State it correctly. It’ll carry a lot more weight.

        Saving grace? The NYPost is worse.

      3. pentup says:

        I wish I have the time like you do to insult and correct people who you don’t know. And calling people moronics. You must feel as superior as GOD. Your facade is crumbling that you feel you have to impress people by the way you speak and write correctly. It has nothing to do with illiteracy , you seem to get the jest of the writing. I Hate nothing more than people who feels the need to suppress and insult people. Feeling mighty proud of yourself because you can type a perfect sentence. What a shallow person. I feel so sorry for you.

      4. Rodin says:

        1 – I’m a non-believer.

        2 – You feel alluded to? Sensitive? If the shoe fits, wear it.

        3 – Review before you post rather than rant at being corrected. I’m doing you a favour.

        3 – “people who feelS”, FEEL.

      5. Rodin says:

        PS –
        I paid my dues. I’m retired. What I do for ENTERTAINMENT is not for you to judge. I’m having fun. You’re all so FUN.

        “jest” – You mean “j-i-st”.


      6. PT says:

        To Rodin:

        You mean “g-i-s-t”.

  17. lawdog says:

    Apparently he skpped law school on two very big days. One when they taught the first amendment and the other when they taught “ultra vires”, from the latin and meaning without authority!

  18. nyk says:

    Stupid question, But IF I am asked who are the three people you admire least- Just what is the “correct” response?
    1) judges (for playing God)
    2) cops (because most are jerks)
    3) Bloomberg (because he is acting like Hitler and taking away our freedoms in NYC)
    I don’t know what one expects when a question like this is asked..guess they want to see something like this
    1) Hitler
    2) Gadahfi
    3) Timothy Mc Veigh
    common- this question will only get a personals personal view- so who cares who she likes or dislikes?

  19. John says:

    Don’t read too deep into this story. She was only trying to get out of jury duty, and I’ll bet that’s it.

  20. CSI says:

    Who cares. People are racist. Maybe the judge is trying to get his own morning time court TV show.

  21. Rodin says:

    @ Brown (?)

    Someone must’ve objected to your rant cuz I can’t find it. Too bad. I would have left it up just to show you off.

    “Asians are ALIKE!
    Let me tell you that Asians are definitely racist. As many of you have stated; she was speaking the truth on how she feels and that is really how she was raised, as a racist…. GO JUDGE!!!”

    Spellcheck! Grammar check!!! Before you go rambling again,

    GO TO SCHOOL.!!!

    1. BROWN says:

      thank you Robin for your well respected input, NOT. Robin, please stop trying to gather attention by making ignorant postings to everyone. No one wants to waste their time with your nursery school behavior.

      I would have appreciated that they left my comment up as well to educate you and have simple/ignorant individuals such as yourself educated. It was knowledge and did not include any profanity or anything that would result in being disrespectful. It’s a shame that who ever pullled it would try to silence me from speaking the truth.

      It was removed because the truth hurts and some people would rather cover the truth and be lead by false information and ignorancce; just like what you are trying to stir up.

      Please stop posting comments to gather focus on yourself and let intelligent folks address important issues that are being spoken on.

      Go spell/grammar check your life.

      Now that’s minutes of my life I took out of my busy schedule to speak with you that I will ne ver see again; and the time typing to you made my stomach sick…excuse me while I go meet with the porcelin gods in your honor and yack!

      There was one intelligent response to my post from a gentleman called Ben, then minutes later it was removed…I wonder why.

      Ben, thanks for your well appreciated post; thanks for acknowledging life with open eyes and displaying your wisdom and goodwill.


    2. Rodin says:

      Here you go again. Tried to tell you, CHECK before you ramble.

      Can’t even get my name right: “Ro-D-in” like the sculptor, NOT Ro-B-in like dah boyd.

      Ignorant, racist rants like yours was are deleted and not all that often. Yours was especially noxious. It wasn’t Ben who was deleted. It was YOU. ‘Ben” was collateral damage, removed as the result of removing you..

      “PorcelAin”, not porcel-i-n”!

  22. NYU Law Student says:

    The judge needs diversity and sensitivity training. Every juror is entitled to his/her opinion whether the judge agrees or not.

  23. 50 Cents says:

    But it’s ok for Blacks to be racist.

    1. Jason Ryan Windon says:

      didnt you know that whites particularly white men cannot be discriminated against!?

  24. Mr Armenia says:

    worst jury duty unrpofessionalism ever

  25. pentup says:

    I don’t care what race you are. I believe EVERYBODY is racist. just a matter of degree. Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Asians Whites are all racist. What she said is wrong, but what if that’s what she truly feels. Is she not entitled to her own opinion. We would like to live in a perfect harmonious world, where everybody respect and love each other. But that’s not the real world. We live in a world where to many evil and bad things happened in our lives. And so become a jaded. I think the judge is wrong. He is supposed to be FAIR and not take side. It is still America, the best country in the world, where we can still voice our opinion. Right , wrong or indifferent. So lets all back off and pretnd that we are not racist.

    1. SueDenim says:

      Trying to pretend that everyone is racist underneath to excuse your own racist feelings?

      This is a particularly prevalent and malignant lie, so let’s put it to rest, shall we? It i not true that “everybody is racist”. Some of us genuinely do not give a damn what geographical area of the world people hail from, or how much melanin they have in their skin cells, or what the proportion of their limbs length to body mass is, etc, etc.

      Race is meaningless. Some of us have the good sense to recognise that. Others like to pretend that because THEY are racist, everyone else must be too. Sad, really.

      1. pentup says:

        You have a lot of nerve to judge me @ Sue Denim. My family comprise of multinationality. My brother in law is puerto Rican , my sisterin law is black and my other brother in law is asian. So dont you call me racist. Looks whose talking. You are probably the biggest racist pretending to sound like you have “good sense”. maybe you havent had very bad experiences yet and thats why you live in a rose colored world. I am just saying to pretend that we dont have racism to some degree is full of sh###t. so stop rambling on.

      2. Rodin says:

        I’m back from my nap and refresheD, not ‘refresh__’, sonny. I’ve even walked the Dogs.

        You’re really bent out, pentup. Great self-describing moniker! You’re more fun than I ever expected.

        Never been FIRED? I have, many times, usually when standing on principle. It’s not what it’s jacked up to be.

        BTW, I didn’t call you racist, just “a lousy writer”, but, come to think of it….

        Now, instead of ranting on, why don’t you answer my simple question: you black, boy?

        SO FUN!!!

    2. Juan says:

      Leave the Puerto Ricans out of this

      Thank you

      1. Rodin says:

        @ pentup

        You might not be a racist but you ARE a lousy writer. Go learn some grammar and orthography before you post again.

        @ Juan

        I second the motion!

      2. pentup says:

        @ RODIN, YES SIR. COPY THAT., know what k**s my s. Voicing my opinion, not in school at this moment

      3. Rodin says:

        pentup? Probably tight-@rsed as well. Not good to kiss, maybe to KICK.

        “…not in school at this moment?” You should be or back at, if you ever were.

        Boy, are you a sucker for punishment!

        Listen, if you answer and don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s time for my nap. Plus, I have other ‘followers”.


      4. pentup says:

        @RODIN yes grandpa go take a nap. Then you will wake up refresh to continue to correct everybody. You definitely have a complex. No wonder they FIRED you. You are all talk and probably less talented than your motor mouth. Go say goodnight and good riddance

      5. Rodin says:

        Sorry, previously out of order.but I admit my mistakes, don’t get all ‘pent up’.

        I woke up from my nap and refresheD, not ‘refresh__’, sonny. I’ve even walked the Dogs.

        Ever get FIRED? I have, many times, usually when standing on principle. It’s not all it’s jacked up to be.

        BTW, I said you’re “a lousy writer” not a racist, but then….

        Now, rather than skirting the issue, tell me: are you black, boy?

    3. GinLyn says:

      People have a tendency to prefer those with a similar genetic makeup to themselves. This is for many reasons, especially conservation and heritability of ones DNA. We protect and live with (for the most part) people that look like us! It is a valuable and powerful survival instinct that has shaped evolution throughout history.

      Another fun fact:
      This judge is out of line… he doesn’t have the authority to penalize anybody with anything who has not been charged with a crime.

  26. Ben says:

    “Asians are Racist, period.”
    Ah…the irony.

    My friend, I understand why you may feel that way about Asians, but don’t you think that calling ALL Asians racist is a bit hypocritical? And does your limited experience with Asian people, as unfortunate as it may be, grant you carte blanche for the judgement of all Asian people?

    I’m Korean and I have dedicated my life to fighting the systemic failures that cause homelessness, most of whom are black and hispanic. My four closest friends, who I love as if they were my own brothers, are white, black, Iraqi and Samoan. And I’m not just some multicultural anomaly. I personally know of thousands of Asians who respect all races and want peace in humanity.

    Yes, your experience with Asians hasn’t been exactly pleasant and this racist juror certainly didn’t help change your views. But fire can’t put out fire, and hate can’t put out hate. All of our noble leaders who have helped bring peace to humanity have taught that FORGIVENESS through LOVE is the only way to end the vicious cycle of hatred and racism. To label all Asians as racists is only perpetuating the racism.

    My friend, try to forgive the Asians who have done you wrong. I completely agree with you in that racism is taught. We as humans are not born racist. Thus, the racism you encountered from the Asians you know is just the unfortunate byproduct of their upbringing by racist parents. And who knows why their parents were racist. Perhaps some wrong was done to them by racists in the past. I am not trying to justify her racism; I am only illustrating the idea that fire will never defeat fire. Just take a look at the Gaza Strip. They are all “justified”, but it will never end until someone summons the courage to love and work towards reconciliation.

    FORGIVENESS is the only thing that will save our human species from killing ourselves and to LOVE is the bravest thing that a human can do.

    1. BROWN says:

      thank you very much for your reply, much appreciated, honestly.

      But I still feel that the judge should send her for three years of racila counseling at four times a month.

      1. Rodin says:

        “racila”? What’s ‘racila counseling’.

  27. Shlongo says:

    hi guys

    1. jamal says:

      who let this jerkoff into the party?

      1. badman says:

        sorry – I was watching the door but had to go to the can

  28. Rodin says:


    1. jack tripper says:

      sleep tight!

  29. Moral Truth says:

    Most asians are law abiding….check out the police arrest stats and the prison ethnic/racial stats…..the numbers don’t lie….and that’s the Moral Truth.

  30. Glenn says:

    She was just being honest, I see nothing wrong with that. I also think the judge overstepped his bounds, he CANNOT legally order her to serve more than the mandated time if she is not chosen for a jury. His order will definitely be rescinded very shortly, he had better learn the law as a jurist.
    I have spoken and I am right.

    1. pentup says:

      I agree with you Glenn.100%

    2. John says:

      I would love a life time job as a professional Jurist. I wish it pay a little better though.

      1. Juror #1 says:

        Me too, I love jury duty.

      2. Rodin says:

        @ John

        Jury duty makes you a ‘jurOR’ not a “jurIST.’

        “I wish it ‘paID’, not ‘paY.’

  31. David Goldstein says:

    She spoke the truth and now she got penalized. She had a valid reason for not liking someone because of personal experiences. I don’t like some particular group of minorities too and I’m not a racist.

    1. voiceofreason says:

      I agree David. I’m not a huge fan of coloreds either but that doesn’t make me racist. She did have a valid reason.

      Kudos David

    2. Troll Mcgee says:

      I hate black people as well. I’m totally not a racist either, guys

  32. Glenn B says:

    The judge should be removed from the bench – forever. He clearly has violated this womans first amendment rights and others.

  33. Auburn Dale says:

    Does a judge really have the right to force somebody to give up her job – that is, take away her income – without due process??

    1. Isabella says:

      Honestly, it’s a Freedom of Speech issue. She is more than welcome to say she dislikes the entire human race and thinks everyone not like her should go jump off a bridge -as long as she doesn’t force anyone against their will to do so. The judge acted improperly since what is “offensive” to one person doesn’t really matter under the Constitution.

  34. J says:

    Asians are so closed minded !

    1. Rodin says:

      CLOSE-MINDED, like “open-minded.” Get it?

    2. Moral Truth says:

      Most asians are law abiding….check out the police arrest stats and the prison ethnic/racial stats…..the numbers don’t lie….and that’s the Moral Truth!

      1. jack tripper says:

        that is definitely Moral and the Truth. Holy cow! you are so moral!!

      2. badman says:

        Moral truth is a ching chong chinaman

  35. Craig Michaels says:

    If that was her opinion, so be it. In California, racist attitudes are allowed in our jury system. Time to get with it new york, and that judge needs a spine.

  36. jaypee says:

    This judge is out of bounds and he will get in trouble for abuse of power. Maybe she doesn’t like these people. That’s okay by me. I have my felling towards certain groups myself. Just as other groups still dislike whites. Look at the Black panthers and their diatribe.

    She has a right to speak her mind constitutionally. The judge violated her rights. Politic correctness is out of hand . It is okay to dislike different groups of people .

    Too bad for the sensitive liberals.

    She should get a good civil rights attorney and sue him and the State.
    She must act quickly since there is a 90 day rule to submit a Notice of Intention with State cases.

    1. bill says:

      So quick with the advice. Read the story stupid …. its a Federal Judge in a Federal court room. Not a State case.

      1. Rodin says:

        Does it make any difference?

      2. Ryan Whitaker says:

        “State” can also mean government in a generic sense, btw.

  37. New yorker says:

    Like many ASian people I know. They like to take advantage of our system. They want to.become americams but dont repect the laws

    1. HP says:

      New Yorker,

      Americans, not americams. Go to school.

      1. NEW YORKER says:

        Don’t worry I will type americans 100 times so I don’t make the same mistake again…… HAPPY NOW????? I was typing from my phone you silly HP.

      2. ham07 says:

        @ New Yorker
        What does asian have to do with it. She didn’t want to do jury duty. Ever been on a panel, more than 3/4 of the panel will say anything to get out of getting assigned a case. She was not tactful. Has nothing to do with Asians not respecting the law etc. Every non Asian I know doesn’t respect the law either when asked to do their obligated jury duty. I think you are more racist than she.

  38. Rodin says:

    I LOVE HER!!!

    (…and I’m Hispanic)

    1. white man says:

      I love you! mamacita!!

    2. TOM says:


      1. Julie says:

        Amen! This women exercised her freedom of speech. I am retired military and I have defended my country and it’s people. At least we are free to express ourselves even if others don’t like what we say. Open your mind and perhaps you may learn something from an opposing opinion.

  39. Jen says:

    Being a racist is of course distasteful but it is not against the law. The judge should be held in contempt for violating her civil rights. She should also file a suit against him. The judge is suposed to be a judge-not a dictator.

    1. Joe says:

      why is it distasteful?

  40. melektaus says:

    The only people benefiting from having such a moron on the jury will be the prosecutor.

  41. John Tse says:

    I’m glad the judge throw the book at her, she deserved it. It is a privilege to be an American citizen, we have to do our civil duties regardless of race or creed. She is a disgrace to the Asian community, Asians will be looked down upon if they keep ducking their civil duties. We are busy with work and other activities, but that no excuse. I am Chinese-American myself

    1. Ryan Whitaker says:

      John: She DID her civil duty! She responded to the jury summons and questionnaire. She answered honestly. The judge dismissed her from jury duty. Nothing uncivil about any of that. What did she do to deserve to have the judge throw the book at her? Express her personal beliefs? What law dictates our personal beliefs? It is also the privilege of American citizens to believe and say what they want. Would you have preferred she lie to the judge just so she could serve on the jury? How would you like it if a potential juror lied just so he/she could sit on a jury deciding your fate?

  42. African Bone says:

    The Asian woman, has not gotten a piece of the African Bone, yet. As soon as she does, she will come to love the fellas

    1. white woman says:

      That sounds tempting………….now you have me curious African Bone. Is your bone bigger than the white man? I hear it is

  43. Curmudgeon says:

    No matter your race, would you want this woman sitting injudgment of you? She is not fit to serve jury duty.
    The judge has abused his power. He cant have the authority to force her to come to the court house every day.

  44. ertdfg says:

    Andrew, Alexa, really?

    We need a country where any member of the government can detain any person without due process for any reason without criminal activity or charges? You want this?

    Fine, I’ve got to become a Judge; I’ve always wanted to keep someone licked up inn my basement; this would make it legal… right? Or is it only when you agree with the action that it should be legal, constitutional, and reasonable to hold someone without due process?

  45. Shanita says:

    I think the judge did the right thing because just “maybe” by sitting on the jury every day during various trials, and hearing the various circumstances in peoples lives will open her eyes to see “why” people (of various races) are or become the way they are. Nobody is the (negative) way they are for just no reason. Something happens to them at some point in their lives (usually childhood) that causes them to become the way they are, and if all we ever do is just look in from the outside and never really try to understand, but be quick to judge, then we are no better. Also, maybe the judge should have tried to find out why this lady feels the way she does.

    1. Rodin says:

      None of the judge’s business.

      “Shanita”? African American, I take it?

  46. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


    1. khayce says:

      statistically caucasians due to priviledge and entitlement have over generations dominated the criminal and welfare systems in where it was created current stats couldn’t compare. the point i was born african american and raised east new york brooklyn cypress hills projects took full advantage of the educational system here and currently a writer; and it’s people like yourself and this young lady that begs to question in a city so diverse why are you here if your unhappy. it isnt like its going to change for you or her. obviously by your response and thank you for your honesty; this great educational system that you learned from; not surprisingly did you a disservice. as a recommendation the next time you need to share a thought to which you are well within your right to do dont sound so ignorant while doing it.

  47. alanwillingham says:

    This woman is not acting like proper sheeple are supposed to act in the New Liberal Utopia…. She is apparently still clinging to some old fashioned notion of First Amendment guarantees meant to protect an individual’s right to express unpopular thoughts and beliefs…. Anyone who does not parrot the current Politically Correct talking points must be vilified, ridiculed and subjected to whatever punishment may be required to force compliance…. This is why we have judges… to subjugate the population and dispense with the US Constitution in accordance with the pronouncements of the Uber Elite Masters to whom all mere mortals must bow

  48. Auburn Dale says:

    Of course, the judge is forcing her to be fired from her job and thus permanently (at least in this economy) depriving her of an income.

  49. terry says:

    the judge is wrong,if they did that to me they would hve a hung jury every time and Id tell the judge that and she should apeale

    1. Andrew says:

      Terry, you are a special case of person that believes that the Constitution is just a picece of paper that allows you to spew this kind of vomit. I hope you do have to serve jury duty, and that the judge holds you in contempt and keeps you in jail until he or she feels ready to let your pathetic excuse of a corpse out.

      1. ertdfg says:

        Andrew, you are a special case that wants a fascist dictatorship where a person can be held indefinitely without due process.

        You were clearly born in the wrong country… can I help get you back to North Korea where you will be happier with a government that can arrest or kill anyone without any legal justification required?

        Or am I wrong? Do you just support all forms of kidnapping instead of fascism and a dislike for any type of due process? I don’t want to put words into your mouth; why are trials bad and a Judge unilaterally and indefinitely detaining someone without due process is good?

  50. Alexa says:

    I think she’s both racist and wrote that because she figured she could get out of jury duty by appearing overtly prejudiced. The judge was right. She should go to court so she doesn’t get her way and so she can learn about the hard work that’s carried out by the court system.

    1. jk says:

      she was just being honest. who actually likes, african americans, hispanics and especially haitians!!!

    2. RAB says:

      Not only does she need to learn the valuable lessons of serving on a jury, it also underscores the basic problems we face today. For anyone to stoop to that level of behavior shows how little respect they have for the very hard-fought battles of the past, just so we can participate in a real democracy. This is the real thing folks. You get an opportunity to play a vital role in executing government for and by the people. The Asian lady needs to learn that this is not just the land of opportunity, but it’s opportunity that broke many backs of our forefathers and mothers…opportunity that she and her ilk should come to recognize and treasure.

      1. ertdfg says:

        So RAB she should learn that a Judge can ignore the law, due process; and hold anyone indefinitely because a Judge is like a Fascist Dictator of a country with full control over life and Death?

        I don’t respect that; and I’m not going to pretend to. If the Judge doesn’t have the respect for the law to follow due process and either charge her or release her than the law has no meaning to him. If he has no respect for the law, why should I have respect for his as a Judge?

        She should respect this “opportunity”?

        The Opportunity to be held against her will by a single government official, deprived of a trial or due process, and given the choice to obey or be held for life? I’m thinking there are a lot of countries where you can have that “opportunity”… I don’t think it’s quite as rare and special as you seem to think it is…

      2. comentator says:

        “…opportunity that she and her ilk should come to recognize and treasure…” – or, if not, should she be arrested or stoned or what?

      3. Ryan Whitaker says:

        Sheeesh, RAB. How do you know she doesn’t respect the opportunities this country offers? That is irrelevant to this matter. She responded to a jury summons – respect. She answered the jury questionnaire – respect. She showed up at the appointed time – respect. She responded honestly and truthfully to questions from the judge – respect.

        She did not do anything wrong at all! She is not under any legal duty to think or believe in a prescribed way. The judge had no authority to punish her for her opinions or beliefs. Her First Amendment right to free speech did not end when she entered the court.

        I’ll enjoy my First Amended right by saying I think that judge is a pompous, imperial ass who is not worth the price of the toilet paper he uses to dab in his opinions!

    3. ertdfg says:

      The Judge would have been right to hold her in Contempt of court. that’s a criminal act, she would have had the option of a trial, an appeal, and due process.

      Unilaterally deciding that as Judge he has supreme power to hold her indefinitely against her will without even the accusation of a crime, much less due process… that doesn’t seem right.

      Giving a Judge Absolute Power over all people seems like it might end up badly. Requiring them to follow the laws and the legal system along with everyone else doesn’t really seem like too much to ask for, does it?

      1. Ryan Whitaker says:

        I agree, ertdfg. Once the judge dismissed her from jury duty, the court’s personal jurisdiction over her ended. Judges may only issue orders to people for whom the court has acquired jurisdiction. Once she was dismissed, she had no duty to return unless she was summoned again. This judge needs to take a refresher court in basic procedure!

    4. Ryan Whitaker says:

      Racists are also entitled to their First Amendment rights! Just ask Farrakan, Pastor Wright, or Charlie Rangel!

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