Fans: Late Start Compounded By An Uninspiring 45-Minute ShowBy Hazel Sanchez

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Charlie Sheen blasted his way into Radio City Music Hall on Friday night, but the mercurial former sitcom star didn’t quite give a “winning” performance.

It was just the latest chapter in the Sheen saga, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Despite a 30-minute late start there was a Big Apple welcome for Sheen on Friday night — a rousing standing ovation.

But the fandemonium was short lived. What was slated as a 90-minute show ended after just 45 minutes.

“I got kicked out once. I snuck back in and he sucked both times,” said Gene Cella of Selden.

“They were running around naked and booing and screaming. And it was horrible. For the money that we spent it was an atrocity,” Karen Kitrilakis said.

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“He was boring. He had nothing to say. He wasn’t … even his stories that he was telling about his hotel epics were boring,” added Christine Hayes of Ocean Township.

Sheen tried to entertain the crowd with stories of drug use and his sexcapades with prostitutes across the globe.

Loyal fans would not be disappointed.

“Broken foot, crutches and I am here to see Charlie. I love him,” Andrea Sobota said.

“Charlie Sheen delivered exactly what he said he was going to deliver. If these people have an unrealistic expectation then that’s up to them,” added Andrew Wright of Ocean Township.

“Seeing all the interviews and stuff, I thought it’d be fun. Turns out not so much,” Brian Shapiro said.

After lackluster shows in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland, fans in New York said Friday night was like a broken record.

“No, no, not worth the money,” Sarah Stocker said.

“Charlie, you suck! You should have kept your day job,” Cella said.

On StubHub, general admission tickets for the show were going for $30 and if you wanted to rub elbows with the tiger-blooded warlock, VIP-access tickets were $42.

People who forked over $100 to see Sheen at Radio City may not be so happy to hear that more than 400 tickets could be found online Friday morning for as low as $40.

A second show is set for Sunday at Radio City. Over 800 tickets are still available – some priced at $33.50.

Hazel Sanchez

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  1. Rob says:

    In New York they will boo you if you suck, or if they don’t like you.. well sometimes they will just boo.

    But.. if they paid good money to be entertained, you better be entertaining ;p

    1. Rusty B. says:

      You forgot to mention Sarah Palin in your rant lefty-boy.

    2. Sorely Frickey says:

      OK, enough of that. Now, try to chew gum and walk at the same time. Bull! It is possible!!

    3. Chico says:

      Are you kidding? The Bush-did-9/11 Holocaust deniers are mainstream left-wing, and some very far fringe people on the right who are just crazy. But it’s mostly people who just hate Bush. Come on. Go talk to the loons at Ground Zero. I don’t know why Drudge cites that Jones. He’s a kook of the first order. Mainstream conservatives, embodied by Rush Limbaugh, won’t have anything to do with him. He posted him once and then learned about him and quickly took it down. Of course, Jones freaked that meant he was PART of the conspiracy.

    4. Oh, Hi Mark says:

      Infowars is a far right site? Classic.

      I’m actually a fan of Alex Jones, he’s a very entertaining fellow – did you know that he’s red blooded? Did you also know that he is a bit of an aficionado of hymeneal hernias?

      Anyway, for the record, the far right is not into 911 truth or HAARP theories.
      Try again.

    5. TeeOff says:

      Dear Rocko – one too many “rock’os” in your pipe”. your logic is as sideways as it gets. How you connect Sheen & Alex Jones to Jessie Jackson is inexplicable – except to rock-ho’s I spoze. Drudge publishes links to real whackos too – like Alex Jones, Maureen Dowd, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Conason to name a few lefty loons as well. But lets face it – both sides of our “two party system” are one in the same – puttin’ on a show that sucks – just like Sheen, Jones & the reverend Jerimiah Wright – Jessie Jackson’s been irrelevant for years.

    6. Mark says:

      Wow, where do you come from awsomeville? I feel like maybe you never actually visited the city. You are one of those people that watches movies and judges places on that. No, the rainforest does not have alien predetors hunting people in them either. Read a book sir.

      1. Smaktakula says:

        No alien predators in the rain forest? Thanks for crushing my dreams, man.

      2. Michael says:

        Please don’t post again until you learn how to spell.

      3. RangelR says:

        Dang. That’s the whole reason I booked a trip this summer to Costa Rica. I was hoping to meet Jesse Ventura too. Now you’re going to tell me I should have gone to Minnesota a few years ago or something. Wow, nothing on the Big Screen is true. It’s like, the other day I took a $5 to the bank and deposited it. Before that, I wrote down the serial number. Next day I went back and withdrew $5 and the *serial number was different*. What the f#*$ is going on? See, this thread is funnier than Charlie Sheen’s show. Peace.

    7. "Wake up sheeple, know the troof!! " says:

      The “Bush did 9/11” aren’t JUST left wing, idiot. (although many of them probably were inspired by the conservatism/Bush hatred). They’re far, far-right. They’re government haters to an extreme. They hate Obama as much as they do Bush #41 and 43. If you can’t see that you’re a moron. They think Obama and Bush are basically the same. Why? Becaudse they think they’re both “pawns/tools for the New World Order.” Who’s the “NWO”? They think the NWO is a group of conspirators (who happen to be jewish, go figure) who want “global enslavement.” They hate Bernanke. For different reasons than the common concerned patriot/Tea Partier. They think he’s deliberately ruining America, rather than the incompetent, idiotic fiscally challenged buffoon that he is. Holocaust deniers are far right AND far right. You name ’em, fascists, anti-corporatists, theocrats, communists, neo-nazis, islamists, socialist anarchists, America-haters, anti-semites, a lot of what I just named are Alex Jones weirdos (who suspect everything (con-trails, fluoride in water, mind control, a shadowy puppet government) you name is, they believe it. G et on over to or infowars or a Youtube video featuring 9/11 conspiracy theories, you’ll find Obama hatred and Bush hatred. Hell, even Clinton for his big govt. agenda is loathed.

      1. greyfox says:

        “New World Order”? What idiot put those three words together?

          1. camryone says:

            Charlie, hang it up while you still have some dignity left. Face it, you’re washed up. Take a class. Help a Charity. Learn what its like to live in ‘real life.’

    8. Rock says:

      @TeeOff It’s not inexplicable. They’re all ethnic jew-haters. That’s all. They think ethnic jews are pulling imaginary strings to control the government and bring down America. If you had an iota of commen sense, you’d figure it out.

    9. Philip B Kirschner says:

      He is not a lefy or righty. He just does not fall into the created paradigm that the elite want. However, he is mentally ill. He needs help

    10. Rockyy says:

      @Philip Exactly my point. You’re a far-right (you idiots must think I’m a lib for calling out the FAR–FAR, that means extreme–right wing) wacko. The “elite” are what the Drudge/Alex Jones weirdos call the “shadowy” puppet masters(all jewish, but no, they’re NOT anti-semitic). A paradigm? Right, because the “elite” created it to fool us idiots, Philip’s above that. We’re too dumb to figure it out.

    11. El Capitan says:

      Media Matters or Mossad? Is there a difference? Just the number of times you post in such a short period of time with your level of detail is strange.

    12. Frank says:

      Just because you believe your lies doesn’t make them true.

      BTW – Chuckles Sheen offered to narrate “Loose Change” – talk about a mentally challenged idiot…..

    13. tnmccoy says:

      That was John Boehner’s picture over ‘WINNING.’ Dingbat! You have no logic or facts to criticize your betters.

    14. Dennis D says:

      Charlie was raised by Extreme Radical Leftist Martin Sheen

    15. Marilyn Troklus says:

      Anyone who buys a ticket to see this nut is as crazt as he is

    16. Reason 8200 says:

      In reply to poor Rocko, you sound just like charlie sheen angry at everyone you disagree with. Did you go to his show? Take a look at some of the things you crazies on the left believe like, socialism, marxism, eugenics, communism, wealth redistribution, class warfare. Take a look at some of the left wing networks like media matters and MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and NPR. Also, check out your guy obummers connections with the wannabe Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Soros, the race pimp Al Sharpton,and the list goes on.

    17. Steven says:

      Or that it was all George Bushs fault…

    18. john stiner says:

      That was House Speaker John Boehner sown as “winning”, not charlie sheen. Drudge Report was bashing Sheen with the rest of the media. Dummy.

    19. 4226 says:

      He is winning because of MORONS like you Rocko! Keep buying tickets to this loser’s show and he wins big time…

    20. Popeye Doyle says:

      Rocko, you must be an imbecile.. 9/11 is an inside job..
      Trying doing some research before you attack the messengers
      with your childish name calliing.. YOU ARE A LOSER..
      LOOSE CHANGE on youtube.. millions of viewers..

    21. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      You forgot to mention that Charlie Sheen provides a service in a voluntary exchange. He is not a school teacher, cop, soldier, contractor or anyone else that makes his living form extracting taxes from others with the threat of force if you don’t pay those taxes, fines and fees. If you refuse to pay those taxes they then send men in costumes to collect and if you resist they will use force with threat of death. — agrees

      How’s that government paid blogging gig working out for you Rocko? It’s transparent as glass to anyone with 2 brain cells.

    22. Where's Your Head At says:

      Hey Rocko Sheen called him” Chaim Levine” not “Hymie Levine” you lying Media Matters/ George Soros funded propagandist POS!

    23. lorrieo says:

      Rocko I do belive you’re THE LOON !!!
      You obviously don’t know anything about Matt Drudge or The Drudge Report….
      I seem to think you’re spewing garbage and lies on purpose. Who do you post for?
      Matt Drudge has links to all kinds of sites and people…and I’ve never seen anything anti-semetic unless it’s in an article written by SOMEONE ELSE and they are quoting somel oser who really is anti-semetic.
      Why don’t you reflect on why the current administration caters to the muslims, and apologizes all around the world for our wonderful countryThe United States of America!!! Our country and the citizens of this country give more than the rest of the world put together.
      Which country in the middle east is prosperous….I do believe that’s Israel, and it’s because they have lives, they don’t spend their days terrorizing people and hanging around thinking of ways to hurt their neighbors, no they go to work everyday like we do and are trying to have a country to live in IN PEACE!!
      Rocko get a life you can’t fool us…

    24. ghost says:

      Anybody that pays money to see that fool Charlie Sheen is a bigger fool than Sheen is!

  2. TJRedneck says:

    Only a bunch of idiots would pay anything to see this bigger idiot, but of course this doesn’t surprise me about New Yorkers when they vote in the biggest idiot, Chuckyou Schumer.

    1. Rob says:

      Do a little research on Schumer… you might be surprised.

      This is from a NY conservative btw..

      1. Harry says:

        Chuck the shmuck Schumer is just that !

      2. DJ says:

        Like yesterday, when he vowed that Planned Murderhood would “never, never, never be defunded”? I guess a NYC conservative and a real-world conservative are two different things.

      3. Clearhead says:

        I did, and I WAS surprised. I had no idea Schtupor was that much of a clown!

      4. Geo says:

        NY Conservative……..Oxymoron

      5. JR says:

        A New York Conservative is a flaming liberal everywhere except the east and west coast…

      6. al swearengen says:

        A new York Conservative? That;s funny. You mean like Mayor Bloomberg? Only the most gullible fool would buy a so-called conservative taking up for the bride of shmucky.

      7. miker5 says:

        Why do people trying to lend some credibility to their comments always through in the caveat that they’re a conservative? Is it because admitting you’re a liberal lowers your credibility?

      8. Paul says:

        Hey Rob, tell me about Schumer…

      9. Big Ed says:

        Please help Rob… All my research confirms my belief that he’s a typical Lib/Loon

      10. Yeah, right. says:

        Schumer is a tool. You pretending to be a conservative doesn’t change that.

      11. Blue State Disgust says:

        Get out, poser Rob. Geez, only liberal NY hacks are so full of themselves to brazenly shovel their steaming pile here, falsely repping they’re ‘conservative’ along with Mother Schumucker .

      12. MaryofAz says:

        Chuck is a baby killing communist.

      13. Honest John says:

        Your not a conservative

      14. Cuppa Joe says:

        Wow, why are all you ‘conservatives’ surfing the net looking up Charlie Sheen articl…..Oh, I get it. Makes sense. this Chuck guy seems pretty amazing too (or ‘to’ as some of you people would write). You all come back now, ya hear!!

      15. Ace Baron says:

        Just did research on Chuck….He’s a terrible lying politician. Did I miss anything?

    2. CCRider says:

      True dat! Someone has a lot of money to waste. Hard to believe that, in NYC, they couldn’t find something better than Sheen to spend it on.

    3. THE HOLOCOST says:


      1. Willy Wong says:

        You don’t like him, do you?

    4. Russ says:

      I think New Yorkers are funny because they actually still let carpet-baggers come in. Hillary? A New York Senator? Too funny.

    5. Big Ed says:

      Just so you know, southerners are not like they are portrayed in The Beverly Hillbillies… It’s just a TV show.. I mean really…Are all you Yankees like Snooki and “The Situation’?
      You probably are, but I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt….

    6. Heckler says:

      They voted for Obummer too. Worst President in history and he did it in only a few months! Get a clue New York!

  3. The Oracle says:

    No matter their stripes; politicians and actors, New Yorkers get it wrong not
    just some of the time but rather, all of the time. You’re all dumb losers.

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      As someone cursed with having been born in NYC (to my eternal shame) before fleeing for Texas I can assure you that that’s a stereotype which is closer to being 100% accurate than any other I can think of.

  4. Lucky says:

    Who gives a damn what New Yorkers think of anything? Same for Detroit. Come back to the West Charlie.

    1. LJV says:

      Yeah, come back to the west coast where evidently they’ll eat poo poo and like it.

    2. Cati says:

      No! Keep that pathetic cracked out loser! The West Coast has enough posers already!

  5. agent mom says:

    I seriously have to question the intelligence and morals of anyone who pays anything or even goes for free to listen to some out-of-control celibrity drone on about his inability to control himself and act responsibly. Those who are foolish enough to pay money for that, deserve to be disappointed.

    1. Obummer says:

      At least Lenny Bruce was FUNNY and IRONIC.

  6. Pizzacorner says:

    This is what Obama supporters do for entertainment. Liberals Suck

    1. Gina says:

      This might be Obama’s new gig after he loses in 2012. His shtick will be, Kenyan Blood, Losing.

      1. Heckler says:

        HAhahahahaha! Laughing my conservative, tea partying ass off!

  7. Navyvet8192 says:

    You gotta admire his consistency! His shows consistently SUCK! This show on life support should have the plug pulled!

    1. Gregg says:

      Well if everyone who purchased a ticket for this insanity demanded their money back , maybe it would end !!

  8. Cham says:

    Hey, everyone on earth is inclined to stare at a car wreck.

  9. roadmaster says:

    Lots of enablers out there, some even dumb enough to give up their hard earned cash to a washed up/has been, drunken, dopey fool.

  10. Sailordude says:

    I hope that the people quoted in this story gave fake names. I would not want to publicly admit that after seeing this drug addict rant for free on the internet, and after reading about how horrible the shows were prior to NYC, that you STILL paid large cash to see this loser. But that’s just me, I’m not an idiot so what do I know about how they think.

    1. Matt G. says:

      They are not smart enough to have thought of that

      1. joe says:

        I think the reason they paid is that they think that it might be the last time the public sees him alive. We all know that he won’t see 2012. Kind of like that pedophile Michael Jackson. I would have paid to see his last concert, despite the fact I though he was a deplorable person…like Sheen!! I have actually stopped watching the two and a half men show.

    2. torpedo of truth says:

      who is the idiot? you watch him in the internet, you did that and call other people idiots ?

  11. lukuj says:

    if you are dumb and tasteless enough to want to se this guy, you deserve whatever you get. Why would you expect anything but a trainwreck from him if you have even half a brain in your head?

  12. izzydunne says:

    Losers line up to see a man self-destruct in public, and they demand that the spectacle be entertaining. This is pathetic.

    1. bbop says:

      izzydunne, thank you for making what was probably the most thoughtful and concise statement summing up how deplorable this whole situation is.

  13. Ron Pavellas says:

    It is sad to see someone with talents, whether in acting or otherwise, deteriorate so publicly.

    1. jacquelinelinder says:

      Agreed. I personally find him to be very entertaining. Hope he gets well soon.

  14. Matt G. says:

    I bet everyone of his fans is an Obamacan.

    1. Rex says:

      Matt Drudge is just trying to support his anti-semitic buddies (Sheen and right-wing wacko Alex Jones). Drudge is clearly one of those “jews/the ‘illuminati’ secretly control all government OMG GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT” idiots. You’re all fools. To hell with any oaf who thinks Bush was “behind 9/11.”

      1. Cham says:

        Where did you get such BS? Drudge isn’t anti-semitic and he certainly isn’t a 9-11 “truther”. Why would you slander a man who has done more than anyone else to give credibility to the alternative media and end the monopoly of the MSM liberal/left narrative.

      2. jslab says:

        Obviously you don’t use the Drudgereport. You are so wrong.

      3. StJames888 says:

        You’re either a dyed in the wool SHEEPLE or a cointelpro plant eithrt way 99.999% of the world sees you for what you are…

      4. L.M. says:

        @Rex I think your comments are quite biased to say the least. Apart from the fact that you are just another brainwashed sheep or you’ve been paid to post these ignorant comments. Alex Jones is right wing? Uh, no. Actually, he’s smart enough to know that the 2 party system was designed to fool you. Do you actually still believe in the government’s conspiracy theory of 9/11? Do you not know that the government has a history of lying? You’re the one who sounds like a big fool.

      5. John says:

        Clearly not a Drudge reader. He’s simply a news aggregator. Plus, Matt Drudge IS a Jew.

      6. alfredo says:

        Rex you ignoramus, Rex you imbecile, Rex you moron.
        Matt Drudge is Jewish.

      7. lorieo says:

        You obviously don’t visit The Drudge Report and get your news, are you trying to convince me of this garbage or yourself….
        I’ve never seen anything anti-semitic, all I see on this site is the truth, I applaud the fact that I don’t have to peruse through all the liberal biased sites and pick out the truth between the lines ….
        And by the way If anyone supports anything global and against the American interests it’s Obama….who will be replaced in 2012 !!!!!!

      8. Where's Your Head At says:

        Rex,you moron MATT DRUDGE is JEWISH !

      9. terrapin says:

        Alex Jones is hero, you filthy NWO stooge. You ignorant stoogew

    2. Sailordude says:

      Definitely Obamacan’s, definitely.

    3. wddb says:


  15. sweeper2010 says:

    Why would this gink keep coming out on stage for these dumb-ass freak shows? Even Charlie has to know by now what a stupid flop he is. What a fool. He must have been under the impression that life consisted of the set of 21/2 men and life in his porno-mansion. Talk about being slow on the uptake !

    1. Phil says:

      You can’t understand why Sheen keeps “coming out on stage for these dumb-ass freak shows”? That’s easy. $$$$$$. He may not be as stupid a fool as you think.

  16. firstpoppa says:

    Fools paying to see a fool.

  17. rr says:

    New Yorker’s hahahahah, are we surprised that they spent $100 to listen to an jack ass–they keep voting for Chuck Schumer and he blabbers nonsense on and on — oh, there are so many more on this one . . . let’s leave it there

  18. John says:

    I remember back during the 2004 election when Martin Sheen was calling George Bush “a white knuckled drunk”. George Bush quit alcohol and went on to become governor of Texas and the President of the United States.

    Look what Martin Sheen produced.

    1. dante says:

      Just an awesome observation. Well done.

    2. Carlos says:

      How very true.

    3. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Best post so far.

  19. BigT says:

    Hahahaha. You fools would pay to see this Drunk and clown. If someone dosn’t give him something funny to say..he has nothing to say. A fool and his more are soon lost. You got what ya paid for.

  20. sgeilt says:

    …and yet there he is, still smearing his fecal excrement all over the wall and yelling “looky looky at da pretty picture i made ,mommy” to which the aiudience says…….too late……he’s got your money.

    1. ibquiet says:

      Edit your spelling please. If you are going to poke fun at people
      who are clearly stupid at least try to get the English language
      close to correct.

  21. bobbdel says:

    $100.00 LMAO SUCKERS !!!

  22. market rally says:

    torpedo of dysfuntion……shut it down.

  23. Charlie Sheen says:

    Only New Yorkers are f’ing stupid enough to show up – especially after I bombed every other show. I got your money anyway, aholes.

    1. Mo says:

      Typical Ignorant non new yorkers. As a new yorker I can tell you I nor anyone I know would spend a dime to see this guy. Unlike most the places you and everyone else here live, we actually have tourist who visit our city. Since where you live sucks you dont know about tourists. Those are the people who pay for this type of nonsense.

      1. ibquiet says:

        We send the loathing stupids to your town we do not
        have the time for them in real towns across America.

      2. Big Ed says:

        Hey Mo….. I live in Orlando…. We have lotsa tourists and lotsa ex-pat New Yorkers…. Most of the New Yorkers refer to it as a sewer…..

  24. Randall Lape says:

    Junkie/drunk , nothing to see here.

  25. Therealtorpedooftruth says:

    What was really important was the activity,backstage, where Boehner and Reid were hammering out a budget agreement. Sheen was, to use Obama’s favorite word, a distraction.

  26. EricG says:

    He will defeat himself in death.

  27. EricG says:

    Americans are stupid to pay tpo $$$ for his show. Everyboby is suffering with this economy and spend thier money on junk like this. This shows how the education system is in this country. The USA is one big toilet

    1. Bob Sacamanov says:

      Americans are dumb for buying tickets to see Charlie Sheen. says “EricG,” despite the niggling fact that the story says…Americans aren’t buying tickets to see Charlie Sheen,

      1. 567567gh says:

        Zionist pig

    2. Mike says:

      Man sucks to be you, a broke bum who can’t afford everything he wants so he goes on here to complain what other people are spending their money on….Average American Joe making a measly $50g’s hating life and living paycheck to paycheck

      1. Eric says:

        50g’s is broke? wow your an idiot

    3. Scott says:

      seems to be going that way doesn’t it?

    4. RTJ says:

      But that is just it dummy. Read the story. Apparently Americans are not going to see the show

    5. A says:

      Americans have also done more for this world than any other country in history. This world would be one big toilet if it weren’t for us Americans!

      1. BF. Paine says:

        Actually, the world really is “one big toilet”–it’s an American Standard!

      2. Ratt says:

        Don’t be so certain. We’ve turned killing babies into a viable business opportunity, and the babies that do manage to survive are fed a lifetime of pharmaceuticals while being taught, in schools, the value of death over the value of life. Perhaps you’re right, we HAVE done a lot for the world …. very very little of it good. Cognitive dissonance rules …. apparently.

  28. Alan G. says:

    Charlie is a sheenius! He put a lot of money in his pocket from the fools at RCMH last night. He’ll do the same Sunday.
    Not so crazy.

    1. Edward Barus says:

      Right. Charlie never had to split his 1.8M per episode. You think he’s getting the same deal on the measly 1000s he’s making with this? Hardly.

  29. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  30. Wolf says:

    This man needs some serious help. Charlie…. check into a rehab and get honest with yourself. You are a father. Don’t continue to be an embarrassment to your children. Show them your man enough to admit your problems and get help. Life will get better and your rewards will be your children loving and respecting you.

  31. bill burns says:

    maybe Charlie should be replaced with some colored rappers

  32. Mario Palias says:

    Everyone complains about the economy, then people are dumb enough to pay to see his show.

  33. RCDC says:

    Where is Charlie I use to know?

  34. JedEye says:

    Laying bets that Charlie will be dead in 6 months…any takers?

    1. EricG says:

      His 2 goddeses will drain his accounts before he is finnished.

    2. Big Ed says:

      Think he can take that Limey puke, Russell Brand, with him?

  35. JENIKENS says:


  36. NYC says:

    Cant believe people were stupid enough to buy tixs for his show. Thats what you get suckers!

  37. sandbaggowski says:

    I’ve got a violent torpedo of truth . . . in my pants.

  38. kendra says:

    is he suppose to do comedy or what cause i only know him as an actor and nothing else?

  39. Ellen says:

    He’a going to be at the Foxwoods casino, and rather see him then being at those slot machines hour after hour.

    1. greyfox says:

      Slot machines or Charlie? no contest “SLOT MACHINES”

  40. valoispq says:

    Love you Charlie, keep on going and show everyone what a strong man you are. You make me laugh even when I am tired or sad. Hope your shows are a huge success.

    1. EricG says:

      You are weak and a losser valoispq. You are a low life that takes drugs and gets welfare checks.

      1. Phil says:

        And you know all this how? You have no reason to attack that poster like that. Jerk.

    2. Sandy Lester says:

      Really. Why would you love a drunk, drug abuser, skank chaser?

  41. bklynmaxred says:

    Good Luck Mr Sheen. The world needs an honest enema.

  42. jerald says:

    just don t sit too close to the guy carryin the briefcase !!!

  43. Ant928i says:

    Why are people paying to see him in the current Depression? As was said in Rome…bread and circuses…

  44. L'evitra Qua'shaqua Krumpy says:

    I’d like to be tha meat in a Sheenwich.

    1. Kevin Provance says:

      And minorities wonder why white folks don;t like them so much.

  45. nathan says:

    theres a sucker born every minute and tonite radio city will be full of them

  46. edy says:

    This sas part is that someone’s willing to pay $100 to see this Bozo act like a clown. seriously, this guy’s looking worse every day. what have we come to as a nation. people are unemployed, others are dying around the world and people are paying money to see this guy.

    1. nyc says:

      Paying good money to see a freak show. Smart, rich entertainer with a drug/alcohol problem and other mental issues ! Only in America !

      1. greyfox says:

        I wonder who really is nuts, Charlie or the audiences that pay to see him.

      2. greyfox says:

        After careful consideration they’re both nuts!

  47. Marc says:

    Its all a scam anyone can see that
    Charlie is crazy all right…..crazy like a fox

  48. nyc says:

    Must be nice to have $ millions to blow ! Wish he was doing some good for the world with the money.

    1. Billman says:

      He’s helping Japan with some of the proceeds going to Red Cross. Duh!

      1. Edward Barus says:

        Saying you’re doing something, and doing it, are two different things.

    2. Cati says:

      People like him don’t give a good god damn about others, just thier own personal jollies.

  49. Garth says:

    Why or why do we pay so much attention to a useless drunken drug addict, when there are far bigger more pressing issues to focus on ?? If we all ignore this sleeze, he will shrivel up and eventually go away on his own…….

    1. Lindsay Lohan says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Garth.

    2. Phil says:

      LOL. You’re right there in the thick of things, paying attention to a useless sleeze. You need to practice what you preach.

  50. KW says:

    This is a replay of Anna Nichol Smith.

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