Investigators looking For Link To Unsolved Atlantic City MurdersBy Peter Haskell

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Long Island investigators hope to be getting closer to finding the serial killer who dumped eight bodies in Suffolk County.

CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan got a closer look at the crime scene on Friday.

With the re-opening of Ocean Parkway, fluorescent orange arrows pointed to locations marking the four newest sets of remains. They may pre-date the four women found wrapped in burlap in December. These chilling finds were unearthed in thick brush, along a mile stretch between Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: Search Expands To Nassau County On Monday

“We have no information on the sex, or age or any other information on the four remains we found,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

Police told McLogan that with the assistance of the FBI and law enforcement around the country, Suffolk investigators are getting closer to finding the killer — crediting evidence, clues and anonymous tips.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera has the latest on the continuing investigation

“All it takes is one phone call — or an accumulation of a couple of phone calls — for this thing to get resolved,” retired NYPD officer and private investigator Jay Salpeter said.

“We’re aware now that we actually do have a serial killer.”

Police acknowledged they are re-visiting a possible link between the serial killer and the unsolved murders of four prostitutes in New Jersey in 2006.

“That is certainly part of the investigation,” Dormer told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell. “The homicide squad is in contact with Atlantic City Police Department.”

One of the New Jersey victims spent time on Long Island — in a Jericho motel — before she vanished.

The four prostitutes whose remains were first identified worked as escorts who advertised on Craigslist in various Motels across Nassau County. The first to go missing, Shannan Gilbert, whose cries for help triggered the search last May, has not been found, unnerving local homeowners.

“To find all these bodies here, we’re shocked. We are a very close community. We leave our doors unlocked,” Oak Beach homeowner Robert LaRosa said.

State police were out all day on Friday. Nassau Police officers on horseback will join them Monday beginning at Tobay Beach. Suffolk Police said they, too, will be back.

Until the killer is caught, Suffolk County Police said residents should be extra careful of any contact made with strangers.

Are authorities doing enough to catch the killer? Are you surprised someone could’ve gotten away with murdering eight women for so long? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. gary weiss says:

    i saw an suppicous looking man in jacksonville beach florida parked at a pet store with dark hair asian decent car was a malibu style of some sort turned in front of building like that that look to oh it was virgina tag ok maybe i see again an write tag number that look was what i say around man face

  2. Linda says:

    Have they questioned Brewer’s neighbor? Guiliani’s friend, the priest (and accused Pedophile). Maybe he heard somethng that night.

    Or something.

  3. Profile More says:

    So what’s the profile? Is this some sort of conservative religious nut who hates prostitution? Or a poor guy who resents not having the money he would need to actually get any action? If the latter, maybe he was beat up by a pimp for not having paid a woman before and now he wants to take what he believes should be free on this Earth? Obviously, he’d have to kill to do that because there would be an angry pimp looking to do some harm (for non-payment) otherwise. I’d like to finally see some profiling attempts that make sense.

  4. R.J. Kraske says:

    The Green River killed in his own neighborhood for 19 years. He was a painter at Kenworth for over 30 years, not a truck driver. He recently confessed to the 49th homicide last month in Seattle. Bundy had an IQ close to 135, Ridgway’s was 82. Bundy’s victims were mostly coeds. Ridgway’s were mostly prostitutes. Law enforcement received the same criticisms for both cases; “the police aren’t doing enough”. The FBI developed a generic profile that was of little use on Ridgway except to create tunnel vision in some investigators. Before it was all over the case cost $30,000,000 to King County. No single investigator “solved” it in spite of what any of the “Gee, I’m Great” books say that were published in the aftermath. The case was derailed at times caused by trusting to “experts”, interference by the media, tunnel vision by some investigators and some looking to make political capital out of their involvement.

  5. Geico Gecco says:

    They got the guy, arrest is imminent. ABC news reporting now.

  6. Tao4mind says:

    They are called lot lizards and phone calls to family are used to control the girls. The Green River Killer was working the girls at the truck stops while driving for the Kenworth Truck factory. He cofessed to 71 killings, presumed to be way over 200 murders from 1982 to 2001. The FBI has knowledge of the trucking industry and serial killers pimping young girls at truck stops, then dumping the bodies in ditches and wooded areas around truck parking. Truck drivers are forced to drive 16 hour days (against hours of service laws) 7 days a week and only given one day home time for every 45 days out. This creates a perfect home for serial killing pimps.

  7. LLEVA says:

    I have faith in our police that they will catch this piece of SH$T before another life is lost. Especially since he found some of his vicitms on websites… don;t they have ways to track PPL down from the internet? Isn;t that how they cau’t the “Craigslist Killer”? I don;t even buy or sell anything on craigslist anymore… there are to many freaks out there, and I think you become an easy target by ppl coming to your home. Shame on this person who is taking innocent lives… what a coward!!!

  8. taft says:

    DId the idiot in the article really saythey all leave their doors unlocked in the same statement about the multiple murders? ::shakes his head:: umm ok..

  9. vien rose says:

    And by the way? As far as serial killers being “smart?” Of course they are not smart.
    They kill defenseless human beings for fun, mostly women. IN the LI case, small women. Most of the missing prostitutes who have been identified among the remains there were tiny, as in, under five feet, or a bit over, and one hundred or so punds. Tiny, petite women. Thin as h*ll. He was picking them with forethought, in my opinion. Women he could easily overpower, women whose bodies he could easily dump without too much huffing and puffing. Shannan Gilbert, who remains missing, fits this profile. She’s about 5’3 or so and a hundred pounds soaking wet. residents at the apartment she shared with her boyfriend only saw her a few times and described her as “very skinny.” You can find all htis info by digging around on the web.
    The last person she saw last May picked her based on her physical statistics. He knew how small and thin she was before she ever arrived at his house. Interesting coincidence?
    You tell me.

  10. vien rose says:

    Interesting. Indrid Cold is the name of the caller who makes all the catastrophic prophecies in “The Mothman Prophecies.” Highly intelligent, prescient individual. What do I make of this being used as a handle?
    Not sure, actually. Perhaps Mr. or Ms. Cold is a psychic, or a profiler, or…. in the know. 🙂

    1. wanna be on the force says:

      Interesting. La Vie en Rose was a movie that came out in 2007, right after the N J killings. And, I believe the singer was, Edith Piaf….who sang Non, je ne regrette rien. I feel so bad for this poor soul. But I’d love to get the cuffs on this ahole.

  11. Lindy says:

    For alll the knowledge that Shannan had of life in this profession, if she was that scared of her encounter with her “client” at Oak Beach, they might not want to let him out of their sight.
    I lived at GIlgo and know at night, especially during the winter how desolate it is, which is why many non residents use Ocean Parkway to avoid traffic.. on Northern and Southern.
    They used to say the Coast Guard base was haunted, maybe someone should check it out if there is anything hanging around after the base was torn down.. .. .

    1. T says:

      You are a nutcase. Are you Indrid’s 10th personality? Roy? Can you hear me?

  12. Jimmy says:

    Maybe IBM’s Watson could solve this case.

  13. Joe says:

    Ingrid right Suffolk police lack in solving homicides and are not experienced enough. I think they need f b I help

  14. El Palo Gordo says:

    i think ingrid should write for cbs news….cuz that was a hell of a post!! holy cow!!! lol

  15. Roy says:

    Yes indeed,I agree with Indrid Cold, whatever she might have said!

  16. SuspiciousOne says:

    I think the person who wrote the long post should be investigated first thing. No, really.

  17. danny says:

    WOW! Indrid, your post is longer than the article.

  18. Indrid Cold says:

    I am certain the police are doing all that they can to find the killer. Of course they are. The question, however, is: Will it be enough? Fortunately, or unfortunately for this case, Long Island is not exactly RIFE with serial killers. I am not certain our police have the experience needed to apprehend someone who has, quite apparently, been at this for quite some time. I would hope they would welcome the cooperation of FBI personnel from Quantico trained at handling this type of crime.

    No, I am not surprised someone has ‘gotten away’ with this for so long, especially not here. Long Island is becoming increasingly overcrowded, and it is beyond naive to assume that all of the residents are nice, decent, or even sane. As I understand it from news reports, these victims were from out of the area, and chosen, perhaps, from a segment of society where thier disappearance may not, if noticed, have caused undue concern. Adding that fact with the increasing ‘isolationism’ of the population – one can live for years on a street or in a complex without ever truly knowing one’s neighbors, and it becomes even more probable. Serial killers, for the most part, are rather intelligent individuals. One experienced in committing this type of crime, who has kept to themselves and presented an outward appearance of normalcy could very well go undetected within the population for quite some time. Obviously, with eight bodies out of an undetermined number found, the individual has had more than a bit of success in doing so.

    I would urge the police to remain focused, accept whatever outside help is offered, consider all possibilites, even the smallest and most insignificant of clues, and do not become discouraged by the inevitable outcry from press and public that enough is not being done, nor accomplished in a timely manner. I have every confidence, should they proceed in this way, that the killer will eventually be caught and brought to justice.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Where’s the Behavioral Analysis Unit when you need it?

    2. liz says:

      Dear Mr. Cold,

      Serial killers are not abnormally intelligent. In fact they often have an average intelligence but have an abnormal psychology. Nothing special about these individuals except in their own twisted heads. Personally, I believe he wants to get caught or at the very least receive some recognition and fame. The frequency at which he is dropping bodies makes it highly probable that it is just a matter of time and he is becoming more unstable. He ain’t special he’s just twisted and I see nothing special , unique or intelligent with what he’s done. He has made himself highly visible at this point and it’s just a matter of time before the authorities bring him into custody and then he will fade away into the system. I am sure when they find him like most “serial” killers he’s never done anything remarkable in his life. How do you spell serial killer ….. LOSER.

    3. Clarice says:

      “for the most part” is correct.

      Nothing is special about the ability to pull the wool over the neighbor’s eyes. We all do it daily, we all have deep, dark secrets. There is nothing different or exceptional about being unable to control yourself either. It’s weak and unimpressive.

      Years from now, no one will be spending their time pouring over his “work” while he serves his. Unfortunately for him, he’s his biggest fan and his 15 minutes is almost up. Soon, no one will care once again.

      I, too, noticed the name as the caller from Mothman.

    4. fred says:

      mr indrid cold look up the colonial parkway murders the fbi sock

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