NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An accident involving a well-known food truck made a mess of the evening commute on the West Side Highway Monday.

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The Frites ‘N’ Meats truck collided with another vehicle on the highway late Monday afternoon. The truck burst into flames, causing one of the propane tanks in the vehicle to explode, CBS 2’s Joe Biermann reported from Chopper 2-HD.


The collision forced authorities to briefly shut down a stretch of the highway and hampered drivers from getting to the Brooklyn-Battery and Holland tunnels.

Two workers aboard the food truck were injured and taken to a local hospital.

The truck’s Twitter account states that the two men injured were “burned” and “bruised up,” but would be “ok.”

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  1. FTW says:

    crystal28 and/or Kate obviously don’t know personally or aren’t friends with or possibly related to any of the guys involved in this business endeavor…Why on Earth would they possibly be defending a food truck so vehemently. And BTW, telling a person to go eat a fatty greasy hamburger and fries in one breath and then calling them a smelly couch dwelling potato chip eating troll in another is quite possibly the stupidist thing I have ever read. Go eat a salad you freak.

  2. sheky says:

    Serves them right for sending out undercooked burgers to families with small children at the Touch a Truck event in Park Slope on Sunday. Karma’s a 8itch…aint it?

    1. arparp says:

      No, you are, you sad sociopathic animal.

      1. sheky says:

        I’m a sociopath because I object to paying $35 and waiting 45 minutes for obstensibly raw meat on a bun intended for my toddler? I feel bad that the guys got burned…but all I said was that karma’s harsh. My friend, you just sound like a fool.

    2. crystal28 says:

      @shecky ur a loser and a hater!!!

      1. sheky says:

        I know you are but what am I….seriously. I didn’t take aim at anyone specifically. I said that Karma is a harsh mistress…you serve raw meat to kids, your truck suddenly blows up! Coincidence?

        @crystal28 If I’m a loser and a hater…why am I not calling anyone names or spelling their name wrong or using inapropriate punctuation? I’m simply stating that these guys (and anyone for that matter) who wrongs people…get smacked when it comes around to them. It’s happened to me before, it’ll happen to you too. I don’t hate these guys…they seemed nice. I hope their burns heal quickly.

      2. sheky says:

        And while I’m at it Crystal…Would I still be a hater or a loser if these guys had inadvertantly caused a salmonella outbreak and accidentally sickened or even worse, killed a bunch of kids at a school sponsored event? Rule #1 for cooking any meat is to make sure it gets tot he proper temperature before serving it. They would have been shut down if they got caught doing what they were doing that day.

    3. j says:

      no.. it really doesn’t serve them right. sad of you to say that.

    4. rachel says:

      Wow. Obviously they should be aware of how they’re cooking their meat, but insinuating that some universal forces caused their truck to crash and catch fire because you received an underdone burger is pretty ridiculous. . . besides the fact that I’m sure plenty of people would say you probably shouldn’t be feeding a toddler greasy ground beef on a (presumably) white bread bun that’s served out of a truck in the first place.

  3. Hornet Montana says:

    It hit a Bangers & Mash truck?

  4. socko2u says:

    that truck was made by Food Cart USA no doubt!!

    1. FoodCart USA says:

      Put a sock in it Socko2u ! Do your research first, before saying false statements. This truck was not built by FoodCart USA. Our prayers go out to the crew hope everyone is ok.

  5. Shan says:

    More like “Extra Crispy!!”

    1. crystal28 says:

      these guys are young entrepreneurs that run a great concept. i have lunch @ fritesnmeats twice a week and they got amazine burgers.. wish them the best

  6. lisa says:

    This is just another hazard of food trucks. They are driving around with flammable explosive material in the truck. When they idle, they are polluting our air with their diesel generators, and when they are driving around, they can potentially blow up. Nice to know the city is regulating them (not).

    1. Kate says:

      Really? The guys who own that truck are great people. What a tactless thing to say when they were hurt. A car can explode too if it’s struck by another vehicle.

    2. crystal28 says:

      @lisa u should try having a meal @ the FRITESNMEATS, BISTRO, OR THE UNCLE GUSSYS TRUCK.. do that then tell NYC what u think about food trucks.. until then lay back on ur smelly couch and enjoy ur potato chips,,,

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